Lupita Nyong’o's top 10 red carpet looks


Lupita Nyongo Top 10-Red Carpet Looks

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After winning an Oscar for her breakout performance in 12 Years a Slave and becoming the international face of Lacôme, Lupita Nyong’o is capping off a successful few months by being named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Person 2014. Is there a more befitting head to place that crown? We think not.

Not only has Nyong’o become a fashion icon in her own right, she also continues to question and change beauty standards around the globe. In her cover story, the actress told People Magazine that she never dreamed she would be deemed the “most beautiful,” equating beauty with “light skin and long, flowing hair,” as a child.

Nyong’o is known for exploring the colour spectrum when walking the red carpet, giving us kaleidoscopic hits in Calvin Klein white, Dior green and Ralph Lauren red. Here are Lupita Nyong’o's top 10 red carpet looks thus far.
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What’s in your bag, Jacquelyn Francis?


Jacquelyn Francis

Photography by Colin Gaudet

What’s in your bag, Jacquelyn Francis? »

In the magazine world, they say it takes a village to send any given issue to print. Here at FASHION, it takes Jacquelyn Francis. Our too-cool executive editor holds the reins on production, making sure that everyone’s dotted their Is and crossed their Ts with fashionable flavour to boot. In this edition of “What’s in your bag?”, she gives us a bit of insight into what keeps her in tip top mental shape on a day to day basis. First clue: Prada.
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What are hydrosols? Everything you need to know about this all-natural beauty booster


what are hydrasols

Photography by Andrea Victory-LaCasse

What’s a hydrosol? Commonly called floral waters, hydrosols are becoming increasingly popular in all-natural and organic beauty products. Less concentrated and more mellow than essential oils, hydrosols still possess the healing and aromatic applications of aromatherapy and are often used in place of water in natural products. By boiling plant materials (petals, roots, leaves, you name it) with water, oils and essences are released into the steam as it rises and collects in a separate container. Once cooled, the oil that remains is essential oil, and the steam that settles becomes a hydrosol.  Read more »

Afternoon Delight: H&M’s dreamy off-the-shoulder lace top


HM Conscious Exclusive

Hello, Rococo! I am living for this look from H&M’s just-released Conscious Exclusive collection. If Dolce & Gabbana married off their imaginary Spanish daughter, I Imagine she’d be wearing something like this.

H&M Conscious Exclusive off-the-shoulder lace top ($70, available at select H&M locations)

Kate Middleton attempts DJing! (In Alexander McQueen, no less)


Kate Middleton Elizabeth Australia DJ

Photography by Arthur Edwards/Pool/Getty Images

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After yesterday’s glamping experience, Kate Middleton was back to her typically regal ways as the Royal tour of Australia continued in Adelaide. Arriving at Edinburgh RAAF base this morning, Kate wore a pastel pink peplum top and skirt by go-to Alexander McQueen as she greeted the latest batch of eager onlookers and a 6-year-old girl from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were then driven to the suburb of Elizabeth, which was named for the Queen in 1963. The two visited youth workshop Northern Sound Studio, where Kate basically made GIF history faux-spinning some records and persuading Prince William to follow suit. Later, the Duke and Duchess greeted with more Royal fans while unveiling Prince George Square.
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Best celebrity bangs: 10 fringe-focused hairstyles to inspire your next cut


best celebrity bangs

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Cutting your bangs may be a drastic beauty move (and hard to maintain at times), but there’s no question it’s an instant way to change your look. Bangs work with any hair length (long, shoulder-length, pixie—you name it!) and can transform your style from sweet to edgy in a snap. But, as with any beauty trend, sometimes you need a little A-list encouragement to make the cut. From blunt to side-swept to wispy layered fringe, we tracked down the 10 of the best celebrity bangs from recent red carpets. These pictures are the ones you’ll be taking to your next hair appointment, we’re sure. Read more »

Spring 2014 editors’ picks: 8 real-life buys inspired by our favourite runway looks


Spring 2014 Editors Picks

Forget sports: We’re all about a fashion fantasy draft. FASHION’s editors share their favourite runway looks and the real ways to wear them come springtime.

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Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne to guest star on Girls


Taylor Swift Cara Delevingne Girls

For anyone who’s wasted productive hours trying to decipher which of the “ladies” is their favourite: things are about to get more complicated. It’s being reported that both Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne are being written into the upcoming season of Girls. Swift, a.k.a. beholder of more best friends than humanly possible, has been courted for a cameo “for ages” and has finally agreed. Meanwhile, Delevingne is also being worked into the show as she is Lena Dunham’s “girl crush.” While it’s hard to imagine anyone could top the boss chops of Jenna Lyons, the new besties will no doubt add some GIFable flavour to season four.

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