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Men’s Fashion: The 5 best Fall 2013 collections from the rest of New York Fashion Week


Mark Mcnairy Fall 2013

Photography via

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Well, that’s all she wrote. No more blurry runway pictures in your Instagram feed this season. Orange you kind of bummed?

It could be it caught our eye most because it’s the swatch of choice for safety vests, but it seemed we saw a whole lot of that colour for Fall 2013 at Men’s Fashion Week in New York. We’re not talking about the same neon hue we might have seen a couple years back, like that Jil Sander suit (you know the one). This was a burnt orange, and it was everywhere from a Mackintosh at Mark McNairy New Amsterdam to a window pane on a grey double breasted suit at Michael Bastian.

Speaking of the devil, one of the preppiest collections got a little moodier this year. Bastian’s designs were kind of like looking into Ichabod Crane’s closet, if Ichabod Crane was an Eighties arts student (Paging Baz Luhrmann!) Wide-brimmed hats and baseball jackets got plenty of runway time across the board and expect to see a lot more green suits for Fall 2013.

Men’s Fashion: The 5 best Fall 2013 collections so far from New York Fashion Week

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Gant Mens by Michael Bastian Fall 2013

Photography courtesy of Gant

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Though the runways are walled up in tents and studios, New York’s take on men’s fashion is more about the street. If European houses are about the fantasy, then New York Fashion Week is about keeping it real. And while a glance at the atmospheric photos coming out of New York Fashion Week will tell you just how frigid it was through the weekend on those very streets, we’ve brought you the 5 best hits to enjoy while keeping warm by the Internet’s glow.

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