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Snapped by Tommy Ton: “It makes you want to go on vacation”


Tommy Ton Carlotta Oddi

Carlotta Oddi shot by Tommy Ton in Milan, June 2013

“August is vacation month in Europe, and most people in Italy go away. So I chose something very summery that many people are attempting right now: the midriff-revealing crop top. I like the idea of Carlotta’s mixed proportions: It’s a crop top over a skirt that has horizontal stripes and is floor-length. She’s able to wear different proportions but also colour—the metallic blue sunglasses match the skirt and the mini Kelly clutch. I know for most women it’s a bit extreme to be wearing those three together, but I think there’s a lesson to be learned in how to play with colour, pattern and proportion. This is a nice end-of-summer look—it makes you want to go on vacation. When I look at this, I think of St. Tropez or Lake Como.”

Kate Middleton recycles, Prince William does normcore at the Commonwealth Games in Scotland


Kate Middleton Commonwealth Games 2014

Photography by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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For those who balk at the thought of wearing your only workout outfit to spinning class each week, look no further than the Duchess of Cambridge, who has made an art out of recycling the same sport-apropos outfit time and time again. At the Commonwealth Games 2014 in Glasgow Scotland today, Kate Middleton went for the good ole skinny jeans (J Brand), navy blazer (Pucci) and cork wedges (Stuart Weitzman) she wore to the Olympics, while on Royal Tour of New Zealand and for various charity events over the past few years. According to guesses from intrepid Kate tweeter What Kate Wore, the uptake in Royal repeats as of late might be a strategic play to offset the cost of Kensington Palace renovations. Also though, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? How many times a week do you wear skinny jeans?
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Taste of Toronto: 20 photos of the city’s top chefs serving up miniature masterpieces on opening night


Taste of Toronto 2014

Photography by Ryan Emberley

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If you’ve spent so much as a day in Toronto, you’d know that it’s a foodie city. With such a diverse population of sophisticated palates to please, the city’s downtown core has become a proverbial playground of top-tier restaurants for those looking to move beyond poutine. This weekend, the playground becomes real with the first-ever Taste of Toronto, a festival featuring the city’s best chefs, artisans and restaurateurs serving up miniatures in marketplace style. Buzzy local favourites like Splendido, The Harbord Room, Rose and Sons and Guu are featured alongside stalls of locally-made organic cheese, fancy hot sauces and the like. Meanwhile, Thursday’s opening night festivities brought stars like Momofuku’s David Chang, Mark McEwan and Roger Mooking to town for the action.
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Kate Upton is lovely, charming and the new face of Express Jeans


Kate Upton Express

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An invite to brunch with Kate Upton isn’t exactly one you turn down, which is why I headed to New York earlier this month to celebrate the launch of fashion’s It girl as the new face of Express Jeans. Despite being the brand’s first celebrity face in over a decade, the model’s connection with the brand is decidedly homegrown, having shopped it for years as a teen in Michigan. I learned a few things about Upton at the event, but have retained little more than a) she’s the walking talking personification of “real girl beauty” b) her curves are real! (she wears a size 6-8) c) she’s hella charming, funny and self-deprecating. Well, what else is there, really?

The scoop on Hermès’ new artistic director, Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski


Nadege Vanhee Cybulski

Photography by Inez and Vinoodh

In the latest edition of high-end musical chairs, Hermès has announced its new artistic director just days after Christoph Lemaire announced he was leaving the label. Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski, a 36-year-old French native with experience to rival those with much higher profiles, has joined the label, with her debut collection set for Fall 2015.

Vanhee-Cybulski’s resume is populated with notoriously press-shy labels like Maison Martin Margiela, where she worked as a member of the design studio from 2005-2008, Céline, where she worked under Phoebe Philo until 2011, and most recently The Row, where she worked hand in hand with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as design director.

“I am delighted to be joining Hermès, a house I so admire and whose values I share wholeheartedly,” said the designer via press release. Likely, that’s all we’re going to get until March 2015.

The 50 Shades of Grey trailer is here


A year after the film went into production and a just under a week after it was teased by who else, Beyoncé, the first 50 Shades of Grey trailer has finally been released. Steamy, mysterious and decidedly monochrome, the two-minute trailer previews the bestseller’s big screen debut complete with satin sheets, whips and clean-shaven Jamie Dornan as the BDSM-happy Christian Grey. What else can we say: WATCH!

What’s in your bag, Zoe Kazan?


Bag Zoe Kazan

Photography by David Pike

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Mondays generally suck, unless you get to spend them hanging with indie darling Zoe Kazan. If the name doesn’t ring a bell (and hell, that last name should), you’d probably know Kazan from Ruby Sparks, the film she not only wrote but also starred in back in 2012, and lately, as the bright-eyed romantic lead opposite Daniel Radcliffe in The F Word. Filmed in Toronto and for what seems like the first time ever, actually set in Toronto, The F Word (or What If? in the United States) tells the story of two friends artfully trying to deny a budding romance while inhabiting the dreaded Friend zone. We snooped the contents of her olive green Miu Miu satchel while chatting about her fave things about Toronto (touring the city by foot), ways to relax in flight (half a melatonin does the trick) and great ways to fall asleep (watch 10 minutes of any reality television show). Now proceed with snooping her bag for further revelations of her charm.
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Goodbye, uniboob! Nike introduces its first ever athletic bra collection


Nike Pro Bra

By now, you’ve probably heard that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. (Nope? Head here!) Ensuring the perfect fit has been the modus operandi of many intimate brands lately, but what about your athletic bra? Never thought about it? Us either.

Nike’s flipping the switch on uniboobs everywhere by introducing its first-ever athletic underwire bra. The collection of five new styles ensures a jiggle-less workout, with 25 sizes to choose from and each designed with a specific workout in mind. (Like headstands, which you’ll obviously never fall out of ever again!)

So, how can you ensure you’ve got the right fit? Head over to Nike’s Bra Pop-Up at 548 Richmond Street West in Toronto until July 31, 2014 for a fitting and the opportunity to try out the bras at NTC workouts twice daily! If that didn’t sell you, there’s a juice bar.

Visit to make your Nike Pro Bra appointment. The Nike Pro Bra collection ($40-$75) is sold at Nike stores, Sporting Life, Sport Chek and sports retailers across Canada.

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