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True Blood Recap: We manage to find a few stellar wardrobe suggestions (McQueen anyone?) through the blood and guts of last night’s episode


Last week, our mystery teams found: Russell Edgington at the old asylum (Sookie, Alcide, Eric and Bill), and crazy, fire-obsessed Brian Ellar (Terry, Patrick). Sam and Luna got shot by the same crew (presumably) who shot their shifter buddies; a faery-hungover Jason dream-united with his parents and his pjs; Jessica offered to be Tara’s big vampire sister; and Lala couldn’t shake the brujo so he called on Jesus to help him and got a vision of his dead ex’s severed head in return. This week, it really felt like our characters divided into teams (or solo) to go on their own adventures, so it will be interesting to see how, in the second half of the season, they all start coming together again.

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True Blood Recap: Enough shirtless Alcide to make up for his secondary stripper role in Magic Mike (plus superhero pyjamas, studded bustiers and more!)


The most important developments last week involved a break up and a make out: Pam and Eric severed their maker bond, while a sauced Sookie played tonsil hockey with Alcide after he covered for her with the Pelts (not sure if she’ll also make out with Jessica for doing the same with Andy, though). The Authority killed that Chancellor kid for being Sanguinista. We saw how Terry and his Iraq unit murdered civilians, the major cause of his PTSD. Tara resigned herself to being a vamp and guzzled on a girl. Andy and Jason had a reso at the Fairycat Dolls where Hadley (his cousin) let spill the beans about his and Sook’s parents being murdered by vamps. This week all we want to know is what action Sooks will couch see, so let’s start at first base.

Say Anything
- Sookie does not want to talk anymore, and she and Alcide go upstairs to round some more bases. A big yes to him carrying her up the stairs while she’s wrapped around him — she climbed him like a tree, to paraphrase Megan from Bridesmaids. And how satisfying was the sound of their bare skin slapping together as she wrapped her arms around his naked torso in the bedroom? Well done, sound guys. Makes up for not enough Joe Manganiello in Magic Mike.
- Like those embarrassing stories at the front of YM magazine (“Say Anything”) from the ’90s, Sookie barfs at Alcide’s feet after he whips his belt off and declares: “I’ve waited so long for this.” Unlike one of those YM stories: Bill and Eric watch the whole thing go down.

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True Blood Recap: We take wardrobe cues from what the hot boys (ahem, Skarsgard!) are wearing


Sookie confessed to Alcide about killing Debbie, Tara was frying herself to death, Bill and Eric had trust sex with Salome and Pam flashed back to a 1905 night of lovemaking and wrist-slashing with Eric. This week, there are no flashbacks (would’ve liked to see the fall out from Pam’s change), sex (boo!) or much bloodsucking, but there are friendship necklaces, a Lohan-level car crash and a drunken make-out (yes!)—it all evens out.

Stuntin’ Like My Daddy
- Sookie screeches a plaintive sorry as Alcide screeches out in his truck; Lafayette spazzes at her for spilling the murder beans even though she didn’t mention him, and calls her the “angel of death” for all the death fall out her actions cause.
- Sookie barges in on Jason and confesses to killing Debbie Pelt; he tells her to keep quiet and lay low, there’s no way he’s putting his sister behind bars.
- Jason is way more upset at Sookie for turning Tara into a vampire and as he gives her a major you-done-wrong lecture Jessica pops up to weigh in on what’s going on (and as promised, she’s in sweats for their slumber party).
- At work, hearing everyone at Merlotte’s brains calling her an awful person makes Sookie freak out and hide in Sam’s lodge office.
- Lafayette has clearly not cooled on his anger at Sooks. His shirt has “Eternity” bedazzled on it, and he’s clearly thinking of doing something eternal. He goes all brujo on her cute little yellow Honda and turns it into an evil Herbie the Love Bug.
- Sookie narrowly does the stunt roll out of her car before it crashes into a pole on its own evil accord—Lindsay Lohan is clearly going to use this story the next time (and we’re certain there’ll be one) she crashes her Porsche.

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True Blood Recap: We take wardrobe cues from Bill and Eric’s death harnesses, Pam and Salome’s seductive robes and a…contortionist


So last week we totally thought Eric and Bill were both going to meet the true death at the hands of the Authority, and Tara was going to kill Sookie and Lafayette and the show would just be about Pam, Sam and Terry the rest of the season. No, we did not think that at all, but that’s basically the gist of episode two’s danger scale. Will anyone die this week? Nope, but there is lots of sex, which is way better.

Roman’s Empire
- Back at the bloodsucker boardroom, the chancellors loudly debate what to do with Bill and Eric for not ending Edgington. That little kid chancellor makes us think of those Frosted Mini Wheats commercials where adults who love fibre turn into kids who love sugar—his suit should fit too big or something.
- Roman kicks the squabblers out and gives a speech about Russell being a martyr that will give the Sanguinista movement more momentum, so he needs to be stopped.
- Bill promises to catch Russell or die trying (Eric is, uh, silent). Roman dismisses them for his next meeting with the “new Nan Flan” who is… Steve Newlin. Who else would it be?
- Roman and Steve talk strategy. Steve thinks humans will buy anything he sells. Roman puts his cockiness in check: they’re not just talking meat, they’re vamp ancestors. More talk of Sanguinistas bad, Authority good. We feel like we could teach a theology course on vampires by this point: The Rise of Modern Vampirism.

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True Blood Recap: We’re taking wardrobe cues from Pam’s madame flashback, the authority’s hot new staff members and mama werewolf


We’re back into the thrills and bloodspills of True Blood, and last week we saw season four’s cliffhangers resolved with Tara becoming a vampire thanks to Sookie and Lafayette (and a begrudging Pam), Bill and Eric (and his sister Nora) getting captured by the Vampire Authority trying to escape punishment for their Nan Flanagan execution, Sam almost getting killed by Marcus’s pack until Alcide stepped in and confessed, and the return of a now-vamp Steve Newlin and Russell Edgington (we think). Let’s get our fangs on…

Tara Attack
- Vamp Tara is about to drain Sookie until a joyful Pam puts an end to it—she wants to redeem her future favour.
- Tara whirling dervishes around Sookie’s house, won’t drink any True Blood, until finally Lafayette and Sookie have to force her into the cubby using silver.
- At Stake House (we love stores with punny names), Sookie goes shopping for anti-vamp supplies as the clerk watches Steve Newlin come out on TV: no, he doesn’t announce he’s a gay vampire-American, just a vamp.
- Sookie stops Lafayette from staking a sleeping Tara, explaining to him that all baby vamps have growing pains. (Uh, Tara is seething, not teething, Sookie.)
- A pissed Tara wakes up, stares daggers at Lafayette (he has don’t-be-mad puppy eyes) and Sookie (I-love-my-best-friend eyes) and says she’ll never forgive them before shooting off into the night.

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Girls Recap: Marnie moves out, Shoshanna loses her v-card and that’s one plot twist we didn’t see coming in the season finale!


It’s the final episode: does it feel like Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna have water-birthed their truth yet? Last week, that concept came to us courtesy of Tally, the former Oberlin classmate whose literary success was a catalyst for Hannah to seek out opinions on her own essays, and for the other girls to examine where they are with their lives. The results ranged from juvenile to serious: Shoshanna tried online dating, Marnie flung a toothbrush and insults at Hannah and the two threatened to move out, and Jessa listened as her ex-boss Katherine tell her that the drama she was drawn to was crippling her from becoming the person she is meant to be. But these decisions didn’t manifest action until this episode, which, I have to say was by far my favourite yet (second: that crazy party in Bushwick) and felt like an hour passed because so much happened. So grab a plate of leftover wedding cake and let’s dig in.

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True Blood Recap: We’re back with another season of hilarious vamp (and werewolf and witch) wardrobe suggestions including Pam’s cat pyjamas and Lafayette’s bury-ready sweater!


Are you guys ready for a super summer of supes and Sookie? If you had a hard time following last night, you could read last season’s finale recap to clear up some of the “huh?” moments. Or, here’s a summation in one long-winded breath: Sookie came back from the fae world and fell for an amnesic Eric, but ultimately chose to be with neither him nor King Bill Compton after saving them both from being burned alive by the lonely witch Marnie who, after sharing her body with the ancient witch spirit Antonia, took over Lafayette’s body and stole the brujo powers of his boyfriend Jesus, leaving his dead body to be discovered by Tara who continued on her path of resident victim by getting shot in the head when she got in the way of the bullet Alcide Hervaux’s V-addicted were-ex Debbie Pelt meant for Sookie. And, breathe. There was also some stuff with Jason, Hoyt, Jessica, Sam, Sheriff Bellefleur, Arlene and Terry, but we’ll catch you up as we go.

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Mad Men Recap: Season 5 closes out with more affairs (and hints of future affairs!), more sixties-era psychosis and more punch-outs!


Photography courtesy of AMC

It’s the end of what’s been a season of fights and fat, suicide and stray gum, love affairs and LSD trips. Last week Lane ended it all, Sally got her period and Glen took a drive with Don. But this is the finale, and with the drama of Peggy leaving the agency and Lane’s suicide, what more can happen? Last season’s finale had a surprise engagement for Don and Megan, with Peggy saving SCDP from the brink with the Topaz pantyhose account—will this one give us the opposite, whatever that is?

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