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Girls recap: We meet Tally, Hannah’s hot for teacher and Marnie’s not hot for Hannah (yikes!)


Well, last week Marnie finally got that girl-on-girl college experience she missed out on by dating Charlie. We’re grateful it was with Jessa, who didn’t let it become what the experience is usually about: a parlour trick for getting guys’ attention. Jessa may suck at being a Crack Spirit Guide, but Break-Up Spirit Guide is something at which she excels. In the throes of relationship bliss, Hannah risked rocking the boat by scolding Adam for his bad behaviour and was rewarded with genuine contriteness.

This week, the girls put on their party frocks and head to a book launch feting their former classmate, Hannah’s nemesis. Here we see the girls’ different outlooks on post-college success: Hannah is jealous (moreso because it’s in her field), Shoshanna is awestruck (though she is still a student so probably anyone with a nine-to-five job gives her the wows), Marnie is impressed and Jessa, as per usual, is bored. What the book really does though is prompt each girl to reevaluate where they are with their post-college goals and growth. So let’s see what those questions are…

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Mad Men Recap: Making light of the fact that something TERRIBLE happened (and Sally got her period…)


Photography courtesy of Jordin Althaus/AMC

In the antepenultimate episode of Mad Men, some game done got changed. Namely, Peggy made a power move and left SCDP for the greener (and by “greener” we are referring to money) pastures of CGC as their chief copywriter. Joan slept her way to a five per cent share of the agency (and let’s be honest, we’re sure her skills helped land them the Jaguar account), Pete showed what a schmuck he is (again), Lane brought up the bonus (again), and Megan struggled with an audition and Don’s lack of support. But we’re getting close to the end here, so let’s see whether Peggy’s move will be the big shake up or if there are bigger exits ahead…

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Girls Recap: Hannah and Marnie switch places, Adam becomes a boyfriend and this is why you should always delete your ex off Facebook


Image courtesy of HBO

If LMFAO had songs about the kind of party we saw on last week’s Girls, we’d be more likely to buy their albums—and we’re not just talking about singing “girls, girls, girls” instead of “shots, shots, shots.” Can’t there be an off-kilter techno hit about a girl in sequins who runs through the streets in a heart-pounding panic, with a verse about a girl who sees a new side of the guy she likes and finally gets him to commit? We’d dance to that.

This week on Girls it’s all Magnum condoms, cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter and home videos in bed for Hannah and Adam, while Marnie’s trying to tune out her roommate’s loud sex while agonizing over Facebook vacation pictures of Charlie and his new girlfriend. This is the least problem-strewn episode for Hannah, as she’s happy with Adam: there’s an ice cream truck parked outside of her house and they’re doing coupley things like jogging. Her only worry is taking a shower—at least we think that’s what she’s written on her hand? Shoshanna is M.I.A. (maybe not recovered from her crack use, or busy giving nonsexual massages on street corners to pay for more?) and Jessa, well, she’s looking for sympathy. But let’s see if she gets it or gives it…

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Mad Men Recap: SCDP pitches Jaguar, Pete makes an indecent proposal and our hearts bleed for Joan and Peggy


Photography by Jordin Althaus/AMC

Previously on Mad Men, we worried about Lane’s money problems, saw Harry reconnect with a Hare Krishna’d–out Paul and discovered that Roger knows he’s Kevin’s dad. Most importantly, we were treated to the delightful punchline of “a guy and a bombshell walk into a midtown bar” as Don and Joan got business-drunk and bonded. In this episode, we see that Don was serious about his promise to work on Jaguar around the clock: we pick up with him and some freelance creatives hunkered down in the boardroom plastered with inspiration boards. So let’s see what they came up with…

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Girls Recap: Everyone from Brooklyn and two thirds of Manhattan go to a party, someone smokes crack and Hannah maybe finally gets what she wants from Adam?


Photo courtesy of HBO

Last week was more Girl than Girls, as we focused on Hannah’s solo trip home, which concluded with no rent money for her and a sex injury for her dad. This week, it’s back to full on Girlsdom (or Girls-dumb, as it were) as they go on a group outing to Bushwick. While I have been to many parts of Brooklyn, Bushwick is not one of them. So I can’t speak with authority about what the rest of it looks like, but the party they go to seems to be like if Burning Man was unpacked off a barge in an industrial area. Looking at what each girl is wearing it’s clear they had different expectations of this party: Hannah appears to be going to a barbecue, Shoshanna is out for tea with her aunt (the one who thought her place was the perfect bachelorette pad), Marnie is attending an Upper East Side lady’s handbag launch and Jessa is auditioning for whatever the bird equivalent of Cats on Broadway might be. But let’s see just what they got dressed up (or down) for…

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Mad Men Recap: In which we talk all too much about Hare Krishna and Don and Joan’s chemistry


Last week we got another measured dose of Betty, but once again the Francis household is nowhere to be seen. Instead it’s back to a plate of SCDP and agency hard times. Last we saw Lane, his Jaguar buddy got caught with gum in his pants that led to boardroom fisticuffs with Pete. Don and Megan pop up for some bickering, but it’s not as bad as the underwear party clean-up and Howard Johnson gelato spat, and seems to stem from his dissatisfaction at work. Joan is finally hearing from Dr. Harris about the future of their marriage that she ended, just as her long-ago ex, Sterling Cooper’s smug copywriter Paul Kinsey, is popping back into Harry Crane’s life.

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Girls Recap: Hannah heads home to Michigan to ditch her parents, date a pharmacist and blame everyone else for her boredom


Last week we saw what was hopefully the final nail in the coffee table that was Charlie and Marnie’s chemistry-free relationship. There was also Hannah quitting her job after an ill-fated attempt at a workplace affair and subsequent lawsuit threat, and Jessa exploring her unsmotability while Shoshanna watched on in horror. This week we’ve left behind the mess of the big city to go to Michigan, so Hannah can celebrate her parents’ anniversary with them. Of course, her selfishness tarnishes the lovely weekend that her parents have planned. Hannah thinks that her boredom is a byproduct of hanging out with her parents and being in her old hometown, but really it’s the result of spending so much time thinking about herself. Who wouldn’t be bored with only one thing to think about constantly? Lucky for us, watching Hannah self-obsess isn’t boring, especially when it involves a pre-date pep talk in front of the mirror.

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Girls Recap: Marnie gets pathetic in a cubbie, Jessa man-eats while Shoshanna watches and Hannah proves that she is really unfit for any and all paying jobs


Last week’s episode ended with a well-executed vengeance song that made us wish our friends’ boyfriends were in bands so we could get them to sing pages of our diaries. There was also a former camp counselor that refused to do a kitchen raid on Shoshanna’s virginity and Jessa lost her charges but gained some Jeff sympathy. This week delightfully picked back up at Marnie and Hannah’s apartment and showed us the further destruction created by the latter’s diary. It also gave us a glimpse into Charlie’s apartment that is as neat and organized and boring as we imagine the inside of his head to be. But most importantly, we had a sexual harassment stand-off between Hannah and her boss that we’re sure she wanted to sound like Disclosure but came out more Nine to Five.

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