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Outside Lands style snaps: Our 10 favourite looks from San Francisco’s hippest music festival


Outside Lands 2012, Music Festival Style

Photography by Sharlene Chiu

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The Outside Lands festival celebrated it’s fifth birthday this past weekend in the legendary Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and over 65, 000 people a day grooved to the tunes of Stevie Wonder, Jack White, The Kills, Bloc Party, Tanlines, Of Monsters and Men and Santigold. Known for SF’s obsessed foodie culture, Outside Lands’ food trucks almost stole the show with to-die-for fried chicken ‘n’ waffles, bacon funnel cakes, and pork belly buns. Style notes: the temps are chilly so expect at least three layers consisting of tank, sweater, leather jacket plus scarf, hat and gloves, all of course done in an effortless SF cool with a tinge of southwestern boho chic. See our favourite looks from the weekend.
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Sharlene Chiu’s guide to shopping and eating in NYC


Dan and I in Central Park

Whenever I’m in Manhattan for a few days of shenanigans, it usually goes down like this: brunch, shop, eat, drink…and repeat. Whether it’s a couple of days or a couple of weeks, it’s just never enough to conquer all the shops and restaurants New York has to offer. You can drive yourself nuts trying to hit every new “hot spot”—for me, I prefer to sprinkle in a few places that I’ve never tried before (whether or not it’s in the latest New York Times) along with my tried-and-true standbys.

As any serious shopper/eater knows, the key to a successful day relies heavily on efficiency and stamina. So, by neighbourhood, here are some of my favourite shops and the delicious pit stops I make to refuel.

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Sharlene Chiu’s FASHION + music pick: “What About Us” by Handsome Furs


Sharlene Chiu

Start your weekend off steamy by checking out the new video by sexy Canadian electro-pop couple Handsome Furs (Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry). “What About Us” is the first single off their new album Sound Kapital, released by Sub Pop. I actually just flew back home from Lisbon, where I was shooting the next Sharlene Vs. episode. There, I got to guest on Radar FM (Portugal’s alternative radio station) with DJ Pedro Ramos, and picked “What About Us” as my Canadian request. It was a super-rad experience, and as I’m catching up on my music news in a jet-lagged haze, I’m stoked that there’s a video for the track now. Yes, the video is absolutely NSFW, as it drips with intense passion and sex, and I can’t help but feel compelled to throw on a pair of heels and hit a sweaty dance floor. Sound Kapital is the first Handsome Furs album written exclusively for keyboards, and the strong catchy beats burn brightly throughout the album. Get ready to be turned on.

Sharlene Chiu’s FASHION + music pick: “Dirt” by WU LYF


The members of Manchester’s WU LYF (which stands for “World Unite! Lucifer Youth Foundation”) are barely in their 20s and until a recent Guardian interview, they’ve pretty much remained a faceless mystery. On their striking website, they describe themselves as, “Four dumb kids calling out heavy longings for a place to call home,” and in an age when we’re able to access unlimited amounts of information about any band at any given time, the fact that WU LYF avoided press for such a long time gave them an unplanned anonymity within the music world, which, of course, only made people more curious. WU LYF cites bands like Black Flag, Fugazi, and Minor Threat as inspirations to their “F**k you, mainstream” mentality—they opt for a more DIY, fan-favoured approach to the way CDs are released and shows are put on. Their debut album Go Tell Fire to the Mountain was self-released on June 13 in the UK/Europe and will be available on August 22 in North America. In the meantime, check out their captivatingly raw video for “Dirt.”

Sharlene Chiu’s FASHION + music pick: “Calgary” by Bon Iver


Bon Iver’s gorgeous follow-up to 2007’s For Emma, Forever Ago, simply titled Bon Iver, will be released on June 21, but I got my lucky hands on a copy a couple of weeks ago and it’s been my nightly soundtrack ever since. I’m a huge sucker for a good falsetto, and singer/songwriter Justin Vernon’s angelic one always sends me straight to sweet slumber. “Calgary,” the lead single from the new album, just got the music video treatment and although there’s a lot going on visually, it’s hard not to be swept away by the simple, powerful emotion that pulls throughout the song. Bon Iver just does it right—every time.

Sharlene Chiu’s FASHION + music pick: “The Morning” by The Weeknd


“The Morning” is the latest song from The Weeknd’s House of Balloons haunting mixtape to receive an “unofficial” music video. “The Morning” is one of my favourite tracks from the mysterious Toronto outfit, headed by singer-songwriter Abel Tesfaye. The video for “The Morning” perfectly matches The Weeknd’s emotional space and achingly smooth croon with visualizations of themes that run throughout the album—sex, lust and drugs are taken to whole new level.

Sharlene Chiu’s FASHION + music pick: “Gucci Gucci” by Kreayshawn


Whether you like it or not, there’s no doubt that you’ll be hearing California native, 21-year-old Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci” all summer long. Her video for this addictive track has already garnered more than 1.5 million YouTube hits, tagging her as the next internet music sensation and sparking rumours of a million-dollar record deal with Sony. For those of you wondering if this is just a big joke, the pixie-sized rapper has cred to her name—she shot music videos for the BasedGod Lil B (among others) and is friends with members of Odd Future (Left Brain and Jasper appear in the “Gucci Gucci” video). Take a look and get acquainted with what will inevitably be a part of your summer soundtrack this year. Everybody now, “Gucci, Gucci, Louis, Louis, Fendi, Fendi, Prada…”

Sharlene Chiu’s FASHION + music pick: “You” by CREEP


CREEP is Brooklyn’s DJ/producer duo Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard. These two make sleekly haunting music with clean electro beats with enough space for you to fall right into the song’s heart. If you find yourself going through the xx withdrawal like I am, you should check out CREEP’s “Days” which features the xx’s Romy Madley Croft’s hypnotic vocals. Apparently, “Days” was the first track written by Flax and Dillard while in bed and you can definitely hear the intimacy. CREEP’s recent single, “You”, features vocals from Nicole and Natalie Albino of Nina Sky and has a trip-hop, R&B feel, but the sheer darkness that links all of CREEP still permeates. Check out the minimalistic black and white video (dripping blood included, of course) for “You” that’ll leave you in a wicked double-take.

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