Beauty fix: How to get the most out of your summer beauty products and make them last in the heat



Every week our Beauty Fix columnist takes on your questions about makeup, skincare, hair and more. Have a beauty question we haven’t answered? Email us at or ask away in the comments below.

What’s a summer beauty product I can splurge on?
Treating yourself doesn’t have to mean splurging on something that serves little to no purpose. Instead, get major bang for your buck and buy something that can be used in multiple ways. Aerin Beach Cream ($50, can be used as a post-sun body hydrator, leaving behind a hint of bronze tint with incredibly subtle shimmer, or it can be applied to hair as a conditioning treatment while you’re still in the sun, as heat activates the treatment, leaving hair soft and shiny. If you’re in a pinch, a tiny dab can be used on cheekbones for a bit of radiance. The cream is infused with rose-based floral fragrance that will help you freshen up after a day in the sun.
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Perk up without coffee! This energizing morning skincare routine will keep you going all day


Energizing Morning Routine

Photography by Andrea Victory-Lacasse

Need to freshen up in a snap? Here’s an energizing morning skincare routine featuring hits of citrus and mint that’ll have you singing and buzzing all day long – no caffeine injections required!
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Exploring the magic of a Marc Jacobs and Sofia Coppola collaboration at the Daisy Dream launch



Photography: Coppola and Jacobs by Rindoff Petroff/Dufour/Getty; Wisteria by iStock; bottle by Carlo Mendoza

When Marc Jacobs and Sofia Coppola take the stage at the launch for his fragrance Daisy Dream (from $85, Hudson’s Bay) at New York’s Dia Center for the Arts, you want to study them the way a zoologist watches animals in their natural habitat. You’re compelled to scrutinize not only their behaviour but what they’re wearing—she’s in slim, cropped black pants, a coral sweater (both by the designer himself) and black ballet flats, while he’s in a suit paired with dingy Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. Being in such close proximity makes the impenetrable sphere of cool that surrounds them all the more apparent; you fantasize about what their conversations must be about, what clothes he designs with her in mind and whether they share current iPod playlists.

They’ve been friends since the early ’90s, and Jacobs has enlisted Coppola over the years for various projects, from modelling in the ad for his very first fragrance to advising on shoes and bags for Louis Vuitton. He tapped her once again for directorial duties on the TV commercial for Daisy Dream, and it sounds like it was an effortless task. “We have similar tastes in music and photography, so I felt like I knew how to approach it,” says Coppola. “How Marc sees women is something I identify with.” As a feature film director, she embraced the opportunity to not have to deal with dialogue. “I think in the way that a fragrance is sort of abstract, I liked not having to tell a story, but more a mood or an atmosphere.”
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Afternoon Delight: Kevin Murphy Shimmer.Shine is a bottle of sparkles and happiness



Are you into sparkles, joy and things that smell good? If yes, then you’re in luck today because you can buy all those things in pretty little bottle. (If not, I’m not sure what advice to give you, honestly.) Kevin Murphy‘s Shimmer.Shine is a finishing spray that smells musky yet sweet, and is enriched with Vitamins A, C and E, Baobab, Immortelle and Bamboo extracts, so it treats your hair as it styles and maintains smoothness. It’s essentially a leave-in conditioning spray (so skip your oil treatments if you’re using it) that has light-reflective technologies to make your hair shimmer in the sun.

Kevin Murphy Shimmer.Shine Spray ($28,

Perfume horoscopes: Your signature scent is already written in the stars


perfume horoscopes

Read about all 12 perfume horoscopes »

If I were to add up all of the hours of my life I’ve spent searching for the perfect signature fragrance, the results would surely be alarming and disturbing. I know I’m not alone in this lifelong quest, and yet the answer has been right in front of me (and you! us!) the whole time. Well actually, it’s been right above us. More and more people these days are looking toward the stars to better understand their personal sense of style and their preferences when it comes to hair, makeup and, yes, fragrance. With that in mind, I turned to the zodiac to find out more about perfume horoscopes.
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Curly vs. straight hair: 6 Beauty Panel tips for straying from your natural texture in the summer


curly vs straight hairstyle beauty panel

At one point or another, we’ve all wished for hair different than what we were born with. Which straight-haired gal hasn’t deemed her hair lifeless some mornings and prayed for bouncy curls? And show us a curly-haired lady who hasn’t dreamt of effortlessly sleek strands? Let’s face it; we all want we don’t have. With celebrities these days, being the hair chameleons that they are, rocking envious curls one day, and silky smooth, straight hair the next, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t totally jealous.

But without a hairstylist on hand 24/7, jumping from one spectrum to the other on our own is no easy task. Sure, many of us have learned to be okay with the fact that our hair tends to do what it wants , but when you feel determined to step over to the other side, we’ve turned to our panel of beauty gurus to help you out. So, for those who are born with curly hair, Beauty Panel has tips and tricks for keeping it straight. And for those with straight hair who like it curly? Don’t worry, we’ve got the answer to that too.

Challenge 70: How do you maintain a hair texture that isn’t the one you were born with ? See the answers now! »

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10 celebrity ponytail hairstyles you can do in 60 seconds or less (probably)


celebrity ponytail hairstyles

Find out which celebrity ponytail hairstyle you should try »

Like braids, the ponytail has been around for as long as we can remember. While this look may seem like the boring option when it comes to choosing a updo (after all, it is a go-to hairstyle for bad hair days and the gym), celebrities have shown us that this ‘do is anything but boring. Find it hard to believe? We’ve rounded up 10 celebrity ponytail hairstyles that work for everything from running errands to going all-out glam. And to show you that there is a ponytail for everyone out there, we went ahead and matched a personality to each style, because we care.

For the bombshells out there, Laura Vandervoort’s sleek ponytail is the look you should go for when you’re heading out for date night. Invited to a high school reunion and want to show off your unbelievable confidence? Who better than to channel Blake Lively’s Amazonian braid and ponytail hybrid for the ultimate professional-chic look? And if you just want to take a cue from Cara Delevingne and work an It Girl attitude, then her messy high pony is one you need to try. Whoever coined the term “let your hair” down clearly never laid eyes on any of these chic and easy hairdos. Here are 10 celebrity ponytail hairstyles we love. Read more »

Beauty fix: The lazy girl’s guide to summertime skin treatments


Beauty Fix skin treatments

Every week our Beauty Fix columnist takes on your questions about makeup, skincare, hair and more. Have a beauty question we haven’t answered? Email us at or ask away in the comments below.

I don’t have too much time or money to commit to regular pedicures, so what can I use to keep my feet looking their best?
As indulgent as regular pedicures can be throughout the summer, they can get expensive, not to mention tricky to fit into your schedule between work and play. Fortunately, the Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation System ($230, is a quick addition to your daily shower routine, and it delivers pretty substantial results. The system consists of a sonic device with two interchangeable device heads (one brush for wet/dry buffing, one disc for smoothing calloused areas), foot scrub (full fruit acids), foot balm (no-slip formula with shea butter and honey to hydrate) and foot peel (a fluid full of glycolic and lactic acid to gently break down dead skin cells). It may sound complicated, but it’s as simple as using the buffing brush daily with the scrub in the shower, followed by the balm and applying the foot peel or using the smoothing disc a couple times a week. Read more »

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