Beauty fix: How to lighten up your summer makeup routine


Beauty Fix summer makeup skincare

Every week our Beauty Fix columnist takes on your questions about makeup, skincare, hair and more. Have a beauty question we haven’t answered? Email us at or ask away in the comments below.

What should I use to define my brows that will last through a day at the lake or beach?
Even if you’re in a less-is-more mood for summer, brows still need to have a place in your summer makeup routine since they are so integral to facial structure and appearance. If you find your usual pencil or powder doesn’t stand the test of time when heat comes into play, try Anastasia Dipbrow Brow Pomade ($23,, which essentially replaces a pencil, powder and wax in one genius pot. Use an angled brush to apply for cleanly defined brows that will stay put, even in high humidity, thanks to the waterproof formula. Available in 8 shades means you’re bound to find a match to carry you through the summer. Tip: run a spoolie through brows after applying for a softened, natural finish. Read more »

Four eyes forever: The Bobbi Brown eyewear collection + how to wear makeup with glasses


Bobbi Brown eyewear

See what makeup you should be rocking behind your frames »

In the 1970s, Sissy Spacek became an unlikely beauty inspiration for makeup artist Bobbi Brown; she had just seen Spacek host Saturday Night Live wearing round wire frames and was immediately drawn to them. Serendipitously, Brown failed an eye test and was told she needed glasses but they weren’t mandatory; she jumped at the chance to wear a pair. “They were not that popular at the time,” recalls Brown over the phone from her New York City office. “It was just about this cool hippie girl, which I really wanted to be.”
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How to pack for a road trip: 3 foolproof tips for a green beauty routine on the road



 See what you need on your green beauty on the road packing list »

Going green with skincare and makeup can feel similar to going gluten-free or eating raw; it’s all a piece of (flourless chocolate) cake until you leave home. With a little pre-planning, some smart packing and a free-spirit focus, green beauty on the road is easy.
Here are three easy steps to determine what natural beauty loot to take and what to leave behind when hitting the road for summer fun.
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Office beauty looks: 4 Beauty Panel tips for staying chic and professional in the workplace this summer


office beauty looks beauty panel

It’s no easy feat to apply makeup for work during the summertime, especially when heat often results in runny makeup and super shiny skin. Who wants to spend a ton of time putting on makeup in the morning only to have it messed up after a short walk from the subway to the office? Piling on makeup to hide those little imperfections when it’s so hot outside is definitely not ideal, and unfortunately not many of us can rock the “I woke up like this” look for the office. So, how do we get the best of both worlds? Well this week, Beauty Panel tackles the office beauty look for the summer and show us tips and tricks on how to stand out while still looking professional.

Challenge 71: What is your office beauty look this summer? See the answers now! »

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How to tip: The dos and don’ts of gratuity at salons



Photography by Peter Stigter

We’ve all been there: you’ve just spent several hours at a salon or spa; you’re in a haze of pampering-induced endorphins and it comes time to settle the bill. Figuring out beauty service tipping can be overwhelming (not to mention how it totally messes with your hazy beauty vibe). And though salon admin are characteristically pleasant, the coy “it’s totally up to you” answer doesn’t help either (we need answers, people!). Well, you can rest your pretty heads, beauty-lovers, because we’ve compiled some guidelines to take the guesswork out of beauty service tipping.
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Lazy girls, rejoice: Cheat your way to great nails, hair and skin with these 6 beauty wipes



Photography by Peter Stigter

See our favourite beauty wipes »

They say that cheaters never prosper, but we like to think that this new crop of beauty wipes proves otherwise. Known as cosmetic cheat sheets, these next-level wipes offer refreshing and insanely easy shortcuts to luxury and convenience. For those who want to get glowing without sun damage, we found a wipe for that. And for those who know better than going to bed without washing their faces but don’t always manage to do so, we have a wipe for you, too – and there’s no rinsing necessary. Ranging from natural wonders infused with argan oil to varieties blended with amino acids, these high-performance wipes haven’t always received the praise they deserve. But we’ve noticed a new batch that can’t be missed, and we’re spotlighting our six favourites.
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How to wear bright eyeshadow: 15 celebrities who rock every colour of the rainbow


how to wear bright eyeshadow celebrity

See how to wear bright eyeshadow like your favourite celeb »

Lips may be seen as the go-to when it comes to statement beauty looks, but some of our favourite celebrities prove that that’s not always the case by demonstrating exactly how to wear bright eyeshadow. Every so often, A-list stars dabble in the art of statement eyes on the red carpet by experimenting with bright eyeshadow, and obviously, it makes us beauty junkies positively giddy. But mastering the statement eye is no easy feat, especially when it comes down to zeroing in on what colour works for your individual skin tone. But before you pass on this celebrity beauty trend, we’ve rounded up 15 of the best statement eyes to show you exactly how to wear bright eyeshadow the right way. From Elle Fanning’s striking yellow eyeliner to Olivia Wilde’s flirty purple eyeshadow, we present you the best statement eyes out there in every colour of the rainbow! Read more »

Goodbye, uniboob! Nike introduces its first ever athletic bra collection


Nike Pro Bra

By now, you’ve probably heard that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. (Nope? Head here!) Ensuring the perfect fit has been the modus operandi of many intimate brands lately, but what about your athletic bra? Never thought about it? Us either.

Nike’s flipping the switch on uniboobs everywhere by introducing its first-ever athletic underwire bra. The collection of five new styles ensures a jiggle-less workout, with 25 sizes to choose from and each designed with a specific workout in mind. (Like headstands, which you’ll obviously never fall out of ever again!)

So, how can you ensure you’ve got the right fit? Head over to Nike’s Bra Pop-Up at 548 Richmond Street West in Toronto until July 31, 2014 for a fitting and the opportunity to try out the bras at NTC workouts twice daily! If that didn’t sell you, there’s a juice bar.

Visit to make your Nike Pro Bra appointment. The Nike Pro Bra collection ($40-$75) is sold at Nike stores, Sporting Life, Sport Chek and sports retailers across Canada.

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