Nail Corner: Bright floral nail art inspired by Temperley London


Floral Temperley London Nail Art Fall 2012

Considering just how much Temperley London was worn by Kate Middleton during her recent Diamond Jubilee tour of Southeast Asia, the label was top of mind when it came time to seek out this week’s nail art inspiration. It also helps that Temperley London’s Fall 2012 collection opened with an exquisite embroidered dress (worn by former FASHION cover girl Anais Pouliot, no less) that was basically begging the nail art treatment. For this design you’ll need a handful of colourful nail polishes, as it’s all about the contrast between the light-taupe background and the floral detail work. (I almost wish there had been more need for the dark, hunter-green shade I used, which was one of the Nars Andy Warhol polishes. It will certainly make a reappearance!) So, grab a nail art brush and a dotting tool and read on to see how this floral Temperley London manicure is done!

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