Rihanna makes the biggest beauty faux pas ever with a French pedicure on the red carpet


Rihanna French Pedicure GQ Men of the Year Awards

Photography by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment

We’ve been preparing ourselves for the return of the French manicure ever since Alexander McQueen and Chanel painted the look on nails for Fall 2012 and Spring 2013, respectively. Both brands did the French manicures on clean, short nails with just a sliver of white on the tips. The message was clear: If you want your French manicure to be on trend, leave the acrylic tips at home. (Think “Kate Middleton at a royal brunch” more than “Snooki at a baby shower.”)

Unfortunately, Rihanna—always one to experiment with nail art—took the new French manicure trend one literal step too far. Last night she walked the red carpet at the GQ Men of the Year awards in a pair of strappy sandals which showed off a French pedicure on (shudder) longer-than-average toe nails.

(We understand if you need to pause and step away from your computer after reading that. We’ll wait.)

Worst of all, the French pedicure ruined what was otherwise a stunning look. Rihanna’s glowing skin, matte red lips and cat eye liner had an old Hollywood quality to it, and side-parted, slicked back hair further complemented her makeup. And do you recognize the dress? It’s a red version of the Calvin Klein dress from that classic scene in Clueless. Perhaps Rihanna was paying further homage to the ’90s with the French pedicure, but to us it’s just unforgivable. What do you think? French pedicures, yay or nay?

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  • tina

    what a dumb article. shut up.

  • Karen F.

    the faux paux is that her big toes are hanging off the ends of the shoes.

  • lilymay

    I am not a fan of the so-called French pedicure but Rhianna looks fabulous as always. She actually has nice feet too.

  • jag

    This is a really dumb article. The woman looks perfect! Her feet are flawless. Who wants to see short stubby nails on toenails?

  • Roz

    really? you think those are long. um ok.
    I think what’s more troublesome is the French pedicure.

  • Doris

    french pedicure a faux pas? so what?
    If she burps will it also be big news?

  • Amanda

    This article is so dumb, who wrote this? Her french pedicure looks fine, there’s nothing wrong with it and it’s not long at all it’s the length it’s supposed to be. What did you expect to be on her toes to complement what she is wearing, neon green? Everything she is wearing is accessorized well and looks good. So stupid.

  • Kim

    Faux Pas? You should learn about nails before you decide to write about it. That’s the only faux pas I see in this article… And Rihanna’s nails are always on point!!!

  • UnCommonSense

    WOW @ the people getting so testy about it… months after the fact (Amanda and Kim are SO not the same navy member). It’s not like they called her a killer, damn, did she give you a kidney or something? Celebrities get criticized, it’s life. The real faux pas is that she never shaves her damn legs! I guess cuz you like her songs, that’s now “perfect” too, huh? If you’re going to make a fool of yourself over someone you don’t know, at least let it be a classy broad.

  • anonymous

    shut up and write an article about something that actually matters.

  • Sage65

    Are u fucking snooty ass people serious??? To think that one would go so far to rant about something so trivial and so weak. GET UR DAMN FASHION GOSSIPING HEADS OUT UR ASSES. I hope that girl purposely dresses up knowing shell piss off jealous ugly people like you. I don’t mean to sound so hateful, I’m not usually like that I just do NOT see how what Rihanna or whatever broke the frikkin law due to her toes. They looked fine. Moving on…!

  • zizi

    this is the stupidest article I’ve read so far. Who cares! I always get French pedicures because I like them and I don’t care what anyone thinks.

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