Miley Cyrus’ pixie cut just keeps getting shorter and shorter

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Miley Cyrus shorter hair pixie cut

Photography from Twitter/MileyCyrus

Miley Cyrus is the definition of scissor happy. She first cut off her long flowing locks in favour of a punky pixie cut in August, and now she has revealed an even shorter style.

Last time she cut off her hair, we noted that she resembled Swedish pop-singer Robyn, but now the resemblance is uncanny. Her new haircut is shaved tightly to the sides of her head and a small faux-hawk tuft of hair has been left at the top—like a last, dying gasp of air from Miley’s bun. Her new fixation with punk-inspired haircuts suits her updated wardrobe, which lately has had more of an edgy rocker vibe than former Disney star. (Will Miley Cyrus’ forthcoming album have the same aesthetic and sound?)

As her hair keeps getting shorter and shorter, we wonder when the scissors (and razor) will stop. And with an impending wedding on the horizon, will she opt for a headband veil like Anne Hathaway? No matter what she does, she’s just being Miley.

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  • Luka

    Why do you people care about celebrities so much? The only reason they all wreck themselves this way is because of YOU. YOU GUYS who are stalking and judging everything in their life. YOU GUYS who can’t find enough beauty in yourselves, so you go fish it greedily out of other, more “Exciting” people. If they suddenly do something you don’t like, you bombard them with insults. These people came here to show their talent and you destroyed it. I HOPE you’re happy, consumers. Enjoy your life.

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