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MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette

I have undereye darkness that just looks grey when I cover it with the concealer that works on the rest of my face. I feel like I never have a product that matches both my face and eye area. How can I find something that will work for me?
You are not alone! The primary fact here is that the face isn’t one uniform colour, so you probably will want to reach for different products to address your different concerns. You’ll also need to accept that it’s fairly normal to have different colour options for different seasons, knowing that we’re all inherently a bit darker in the summer months and fairer (read: ghostly pale) during the cooler months. Regarding covering up undereye darkness, the reason the area ends up looking grey when it’s covered with concealer is because a standard concealer usually isn’t the right colour to counteract darkness. Undereye darkness tends to have tones that are blue or purple, and these shades are counteracted and neutralized by pink and peach colour correcting products. Knowing that you need options to conceal different ailments, thank your lucky stars that M.A.C has just created a Pro Conceal and Correct Palette ($48,, which contains four shades of Studio Finish Concealer (two cool-toned shades and two warm-toned shades) as well as two Studio Finish Correctors. These concealers and correctors can be mixed to create custom shades so that the palette is usable year-round, and the concealers can double as contouring colours in a pinch.