Beauty Fix: Why you need to try a steam blow out, how to shop for serums and more answers to your beauty questions

Clarins Double Serum

I’m considering adding a serum to my skincare routine. What’s a good one to start out with?
We put our skin through a lot of different conditions and elements, so it’s fair to assume that it needs a bit more attention than a facial cleansing wipe and a basic moisturizer can offer. Serum is not necessarily a step that everyone feels essential in a skincare regimen, but it can be incredibly beneficial in many ways. Above all else, serums can be interpreted as vitamin cocktail for the skin. They generally contain concentrated forms of nutrients and ingredients that can help hydrate, moisturize and help firm the skin, especially when applied prior to moisturizer and sunscreen, and most formulae tend to sit well under makeup. An excellent starter serum is Clarins Double Serum Hydric and Lipidic System ($85, This serum contains two lipid forms housed in separate chambers that are mixed together when pumped out of the container. It also contains a slew of ingredients to firm (green banana), moisturize (marshmallow and burdock root) and boost radiance (arnica), making it an excellent option for anyone new to the category.