What are hydrosols? Everything you need to know about this all-natural beauty booster


what are hydrasols

Photography by Andrea Victory-LaCasse

What’s a hydrosol? Commonly called floral waters, hydrosols are becoming increasingly popular in all-natural and organic beauty products. Less concentrated and more mellow than essential oils, hydrosols still possess the healing and aromatic applications of aromatherapy and are often used in place of water in natural products. By boiling plant materials (petals, roots, leaves, you name it) with water, oils and essences are released into the steam as it rises and collects in a separate container. Once cooled, the oil that remains is essential oil, and the steam that settles becomes a hydrosol.  Read more »

Best celebrity bangs: 10 fringe-focused hairstyles to inspire your next cut


best celebrity bangs

See the 10 best bang hairstyles »

Cutting your bangs may be a drastic beauty move (and hard to maintain at times), but there’s no question it’s an instant way to change your look. Bangs work with any hair length (long, shoulder-length, pixie—you name it!) and can transform your style from sweet to edgy in a snap. But, as with any beauty trend, sometimes you need a little A-list encouragement to make the cut. From blunt to side-swept to wispy layered fringe, we tracked down the 10 of the best celebrity bangs from recent red carpets. These pictures are the ones you’ll be taking to your next hair appointment, we’re sure. Read more »

Beauty Fix: The low down on cleansing conditioners, the best blush technique for oily skin and more


Beauty Fix

Every week our Beauty Fix columnist takes on your questions about makeup, skincare, hair and more. Have a beauty question we haven’t answered? Email us at beautyfix@fashionmagazine.com.

I like blowdrying my hair, but don’t love how it looks immediately after styling it. What can I use to give it a more lived-in look?
Sounds like you’re looking to achieve a style that falls right between squeaky-clean and second-day hair, which is surprisingly attainable when you reach for the right product. Try a dab of pomade, but don’t recoil in horror at that term! Pomade is traditionally a little heavier and gel-based, but it’s just a matter of finding a formula that delivers the effect you desire. Try a cream-based pomade, like Drybar The Chaser Shine Pomade ($28, sephora.ca), to give your hair a soft, tousled look after a fresh blowout. This sandalwood-scented formula adds shine and improves the condition of hair thanks to hibiscus extract. Be sure to concentrate your application through the lengths of hair for a piece-y, relaxed style. Read more »

Natural deodorants that really work: 3 tried and tested picks worthy of your armpits


Natura Deodorants that work

Photography by Andrea Victory-LaCasse

Ever wonder why your super strong deodorant gives off a kind of sweat-mixed-with-fragrance smell on stressful or hot days? It’s not your sweat that smells: it’s the bacteria that’s mixing with it. Add to that the strong fragrance of a deodorant—which does little more than attempt to mask the smell—and you may find that by the end of the day your shirt is soaking and you’re keeping your arms as close to your sides as possible to avoid blasting co-workers with your own Eau de Ew.

However, given that there’s a pretty common misconception about how effective natural deodorants are, it’s hard to convince naysayers to give non-chemical options a try. If you think that you could never replace your drugstore antiperspirant or deodorant because you simply sweat too much, you’re in for a surprise. Read more »

Why refrigeration is key for organic, raw and all-natural beauty products


Odacite Beauty Fridge

Photography by Andrea Victory-LaCasse

Natural beauty is more than the sum of a few drops of the hottest new ingredient. The real stuff—the good stuff—is about freshness; using products designed with active ingredients within a particular timespan so that the ingredients retain all of their freshness and efficiency.

Consider it as you would your food: The fresher the product, the more beneficial the results. However, food obviously differs from cosmetic concoctions—it’s unlikely you’d be eating the same banana over six months. Products containing organic, raw, and pure ingredients need to last longer than the average head of lettuce, but to keep the formulation free of chemicals, it often means removing many mainstream preservatives and replacing them with natural ones. It also means a shorter use-by date. Hence, refrigeration. Read more »

Exclusive: Yadim is the new global makeup artist for Maybelline New York


Maybelline Yadim

Photography courtesy Maybelline New York

Maybelline New York has been full of big news lately: first came the announcement that British model Jourdan Dunn is its new global face, and now 30-year-old Yadim has been tapped to be the brand’s new global makeup artist, replacing Charlotte Willer. Now based in New York, San Diego-raised Yadim grew up hanging out with club kids and drag queens in downtown L.A. He’s brought his creative sensibility to ad campaigns for Balmain (with a glowing Rihanna), H&M (featuring a wave-splashed Gisele) and the Gap (the much-discussed shot of Waris Ahluwalia and Quentin Jones), as well as runway shows such as Emilio Pucci, DKNY and Haider Ackermann, and editorial shoots with Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga. Read more »

Cat-eye redux: 3 tips from the Beauty Panel for changing your approach to eyeliner


cat eye

A good eyeliner can work beauty magic. It can quickly change a daytime look into one better suited for night, add some oomph when your mascara’s not cutting it or provide a splash of colour in an otherwise neutral look. However, even a product as versatile as eyeliner can become routine, which is why this week’s Beauty Panel is all about changing up the way you do a cat-eye. On the Spring 2014 runways, makeup artists did up graphic eyeliner looks that ranged from geometric masterpieces to larger-than-life swooshes of black. Whether you swap out your usual liner for one in a bright colour or opt to end you cat-eye in a square shape, these looks are sure to inspire.

Challenge 58: How do you make the cat-eye look new this season? See the answers now! »

Have a beauty question you want to see the panel answer? Send it our way at beautypanel@fashionmagazine.com. Read on for the answers to this week’s challenge and for more goodness, get to know all contributors on our Beauty Panel hub page.


Jourdan Dunn is the new global face of Maybelline New York



Big model news: Maybelline New York announced today that Jourdan Dunn will be the new global face of the brand. After being discovered by a model scout in the sunglasses section of a British store in 2007 (the dream, right?) Dunn’s impressive career has included walking the runway for top designers like Oscar de la Renta, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga, as well as appearing in print campaigns for Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry and Rag & Bone. The London native (and BFF to Cara Delevingne) will be gracing Maybelline New York’s print and television campaigns beginning this month.
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