Emma Stone’s hair evolution: 15 of the star’s best looks, from red to brown to blonde and back again


Emma Stone hair

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Frequently changing your hair colour is no easy feat, but Hollywood’s funny girl Emma Stone has it down pat. Stunning as a blonde (her natural hair colour, fyi), redhead and brunette, she does no wrong when it comes to rocking a variety of shades and styles. Read more »

Spring nail trends: 5 fresh, minimalist approaches to nail art


nail trends spring 2014

Photography: Product by Bryan Lockyer (Styling by Sandy Harris for Judyinc.com); Model by Elizabeth Lippman

Nail art’s not quite dead, but the baroque period is definitely over, as these five fresh-from-the-runways trends show. We’re in a minimalist phase, embracing subtle detailing, a more subdued palette and considerably less sparkle.


Spa Week is back and bigger than ever! Indulge in a day at the spa for just $50


WaySpa Spa Week 2014

If the high cost of going to the spa is keeping you from enjoying frequent afternoons of relaxation, have we got news for you. WaySpa, the online spa marketplace, is back with another edition of Spa Week, running April 21-27, 2014. Think of Spa Week as Summerlicious for your mind, body and soul: luxury spas offer premium treatments for just $50—but for one week only.

That’s right: you can book a facial, massage, manicure, pedicure and more at some of Canada’s top spas for only a fraction of what they usually cost. Even better, this year Spa Week has expanded to more Canadian cities, with Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa joining the roster that already includes Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. That’s a whole lotta spa treatments! So what are you waiting for? The complete Spa Week by WaySpa list is available here and we suggest booking ASAP—especially if you have your eye on more than one.

JOMO is the new FOMO: Why we need to stop being so busy


JOMO is new FOMO

Photographed by Gabor Jurina. Styled by George Antonopoulos.

In an age when it is socially unacceptable to have loads of free time, Olivia Stren wonders why being busy has become the ultimate symbol of success.

“How are you?” a barista asked me recently. “Super busy?” He was presumably too busy frothing almond milk for another customer to wait for my answer.

“Yeah. SO busy. Crazed!” I replied. And lied. I wasn’t crazed that day (at least not from busyness). Granted, I was busy feeling guilty, a low-grade panic about not being busy enough. But I was hardly going to shame myself by revealing the vacancy of my calendar to my barista (especially as he was clearly too busy to care). I fetched my latte and proceeded to check my iPhone with a socially acceptable sigh of tension and frustration. (See George Costanza in Seinfeld: “When you look annoyed all the time, people think that you’re busy.”) Today, being busy is code for being important, successful and valid, and admitting to not being busy is admitting to hopeless loserdom. Read more »

How do you look good in a selfie? 4 Beauty Panel tips for camera-ready makeup


selfie makeup

The selfie is having quite the moment. First it was crowned the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year, then it made Twitter-breaking records at the Oscars and we dare you to try and get “#Selfie” out of your head after one listen. But despite it’s popularity, taking a picture-perfect selfie (see what we did there?) can still be a challenge for many. Pose choices, lighting and photo editing apps aside, sometimes all you need is a little bit of makeup to make all the difference. Which is why we’ve turned to the Beauty Panel for their tips on how to look good in a photograph. With a few easy tricks (primer, your fave mascara, an extra dab of gloss) you’ll look like a selfie pro in no time! And, as an added bonus, all these tips work for looking good in all other types of photos, too.

Challenge 57: How do you look good in a selfie? See the answers now! »

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Proenza Schouler for M.A.C: An exclusive chat with Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez about the beauty collab


Proenza Schouler MAC

Photography by Carlo Mendoza

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They say that youth is wasted on the young, but Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez haven’t frittered theirs away. In 2002, at only 23, they launched Proenza Schouler, which has gone global. But in spite of running one of the most coveted labels in the world, they retain an air of boyish charm.

Seated in a suite in London’s Claridge’s hotel, both are in rumpled clothes and sneakers: Hernandez’s are New Balance, McCollough’s are Adidas. They’re here to discuss their partnership with M.A.C, a brand that has paved the way for designer makeup collaborations—Alexander McQueen, Rodarte and Gareth Pugh are a few it’s teamed with. “We don’t even think of them as collaborations,” says James Gager, senior vice-president and group creative director. “My attitude is these are just people who are part of our brand.” Given that M.A.C has been the beauty sponsor for Proenza’s shows since 2008, it’s a wonder it didn’t happen sooner. Read more »

Why you should forget you ever knew that Kristen Stewart dyed her hair orange


kristen stewart orange hair

Uh oh. Kristen Stewart dyed her hair orange this weekend, but it seems like that was maybe something we were not supposed to know. The bright dye job was for Stewart’s upcoming role in the indie film American Ultra, which is currently filming in New Orleans. Hence, Friday’s Instagram update from a NOLA hair salon, which showed a smiling, orange hair-hued Stewart giving the peace sign while posing next to a stylist. Read more »

Skin finish fixes: How to get dewy, matte or luminous skin

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Skin Finish Fixes

Product photography by Carlo Mendoza; Model photography and makeup by Dallas Curow; Model: Angelika/The Rock Agency

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One of the easiest (and often overlooked) ways to switch up your makeup look is by changing the finish of your foundation. It might seem like a small thing, but skin finish—the texture and amount of luminosity of your foundation—has a big effect on any look. In fact, many eras of beauty are in part defined by the skin finish that accompanied them, for better or for worse. Where full-coverage, matte foundation accompanied the brown beauty palette of the mid-90s, shimmering skin went hand-in-hand with the lavish application of bronzer in J. Lo’s early-aughts heyday.

Of the many variations on skin finish, three stand out as classics: luminous, dewy and matte. Let’s explore these different variations, learn which products you need to pull them off and how to pair them with complementary makeup for best results. Read more »

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