Spring 2014 Report: 3 trends, 24 must-have accessories


Spring 2014 Must Have Accessories

For those of you who ain’t the type to completely trend-ify your wardrobe, let your extras do the talking with this list of 24 accessories for the foolproof freshen up.

View by trend The ’90s | Athlete | World
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Beauty Fix: At-home laser hair removal that really works, the best multitasking products and more


Beauty Fix

Every week our Beauty Fix columnist takes on your questions about makeup, skincare, hair and more. Have a beauty question we haven’t answered? Email us at beautyfix@fashionmagazine.com.

I feel like most serums I come across are meant for anti-aging purposes. Does anything exist for acne-prone skin?
Anti-aging skincare accounts for a significant proportion of the products available on the market, and we’re always told it’s never too early to start exploring the options available to us. However, when you’re preoccupied with acne concerns, it can seem like every advanced product out there is for anti-aging. Not so! Estée Lauder Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum ($64, esteelauder.ca) will become a mainstay in your skincare routine because in addition to refining pores, calming skin and reducing redness thanks to algae and caffeine, it will use salicylic acid to stop breakout cycles from reoccurring. The serum works in a gentle way on a daily basis, giving you more even and balanced skin with continued use. Read more »

How to rock the Canadian tuxedo: 5 Style Panel tips for wearing all over denim


all over denim

Ah, the Canadian tuxedo. Some love it and wear it well, others live in constant fear of looking like Britney and Justin when doing an all-demin look. Well, this week the Style Panel is all about converting any Canadian tuxedo naysayers into advocates for the look. The number one tip for trying all-denim is to make sure there’s some colour mixing going on. If you’re wearing dark jeans, pair it with a light-wash chambray shirt. And should you think this is a weekend-only look, think again: sharp tailoring and modern silhouettes can make all over denim a welcome mid-week style.

Question 99: How do you wear all over denim? Read the answers now! »

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Afternoon delight: René Furterer Dry Shampoo


Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo

In this new shopping column, our editors share the daily must-haves they’re lusting for IRL.

Dry shampoo is a must when you colour your hair as often as I do (the less you reach for actual shampoo, the better!) but not all are created equal. Inexpensive drugstore brands get the job done, sure, but when you’re in the mood to splurge, René Furterer should be your go-to. It’s softly scented—somewhere between a luxe fragrance and essential oil—so you’ll never feel overpowered by product. Most important, however, is how well this baby works. Grease? Gone. Volume? Enhanced. Sticky, gritty texture? Nope. I’m tempted to call it the Cadillac of dry shampoos.

René Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo ($24, amazon.com)

Sydney Fashion Week: The top 7 designers and moments to write home about


Emma Mulholland Spring 2015

Photography by Stefania Yarhi

See the top 7 moments from Sydney Fashion Week »

If last week’s street style shots taught us anything, it’s that fashion is fun, bright and thriving in Australia. The annual Sydney Fashion Week is a powerhouse of young unbridled talent, packed with 75 designers—most of them up and comers—trying to carve a niche. Everyone’s buying with national pride in mind, not to mention a demand for seasonless dressing as determined by the country’s high temps.

We travelled Down Under to see what all the big fuss was about and rounded up the 7 top designers and moments to write home about from Sydney Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015.
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Afternoon delight: UNIF’s ying yang and paisley Zippy bikini


UNIF Zippy BikiniIn this new shopping column, our editors share the daily must-haves they’re lusting for IRL.

This weekend’s spring-like temperatures had me thinking of the next best thing: summer. I’m in the market for a new suit and am so into this “Zippy” bikini by Los Angeles-based label UNIF. High-waisted without feeling too retro, its ying yang-infused paisley print is so ideal for the ’90s-inspired poolside times I envision happening all season long. It’s also perfect for Rihanna devouts (me) with stomachs nowhere near as flat as hers (mine).

UNIF “Zippy” bikini top ($48, unifclothing.com) and bottom ($45, unifclothing.com)

Forget your Saturday night: Alexander Wang for H&M was announced at Coachella


Alexander Wang HM Coachella

Photography by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

However cool you thought your Saturday night was, Alexander Wang probably has you beat. Again. The designer announced his upcoming collaboration with H&M last night, which in and of itself is a big deal. He’s the first-ever American designer to collaborate with the brand. He’s also just a liiiitle busy lately, but hey. Why not make top the major with more major—a throw down dance party at Coachella featuring surprise performances by Iggy Azealea, Major Lazer and Diplo. The designer also used the announcement to launch his Instagram account, which previously stayed update-less for two years. “We were really waiting for the right moment to do something with it and find the right project. We kept it going and it kind of accumulated followers without any posts and we thought, what a great idea for the first post to be this, so we did a really fun video,” the designer told WWD.
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From the April 2014 issue: Herieth Paul stars in our ultimate spring statement photo shoot


April 2014 Spring Statement Photo Shoot

Photographed by Gabor Jurina . Styled by George Antonopoulos. Hair by Justin German for p1m.ca/Pantene. Makeup by David Allan Jones for p1m.ca/Stila Cosmetics. Manicure by Melissa Forrest for p1m.ca/Sally Hansen. Body painting by Patrick Rahmé for p1m.ca. Prop styling by Jason MacIsaac for p1m.ca. Fashion assistant, Eliza Grossman

See the spring statement photo shoot »

Whether it’s a wordy print, an arty pattern or an accessory that will get them talking, make a heartfelt statement this spring. Nude male model: optional.
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