Dîner en Blanc hits Edmonton! 25 all-white photos that prove a little rain never hurt anyone


Diner En Blanc Edmonton

Photography by Carmyn Effa

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We may have arrived a little late to the party, but we certainly had a fashionable debut. For the first time ever, the secret, all-white mystery picnic, Dîner en Blanc, landed in Edmonton. Made famous by the city of Paris 25 years ago (and now taking place in cities all over the world), the rain-or-shine event forged on honorably last night through what my waterlogged white dress can only inflate to a mid-summer deluge.

If it sounds like I’m complaining, I am (or was). After all, we had to go shopping for a head-to-toe white outfit, bring our own white tables and chairs, plateware, stemware, napkins and flatware. The food we packed in our white picnic baskets had to be gourmet. We had to leave work early! In the thunder and rain!

Sometimes, if you’re willing to put in a little bit of effort, you get something extraordinary. Equipped with all of the above, upwards of 1,200 people descended on Louise McKinney Park (the secret location is only revealed at the very last minute) and it was some kind of magical.
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When fashion girls wed: 7 inspiring summer weddings of some of the most stylish girls in the biz


Amy Burstyn Fritz Graham Smith

While most of the female population breathes heavy during episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, us fashion folk have, shall we say, finer taste. For those who a layer cake of taffeta doesn’t exactly scream “fantasy,” look no further than the summer weddings of these seven Canadian stylemakers. From a larger than life ceremony at the Art Gallery of Ontario to a City Hall visit in Doc Martens and dark jeans, these inspiring gals prove that thinking outside of the box pays off.

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How I stopped worrying about my bikini body and learned to love summer

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Chubby Summer

I have never loved summer. Growing up as a chubby teen bookworm with an as-yet-undiagnosed sun allergy, I dreaded it. It’s a time when nerds will invariably be forced into outdoor physical activity, summer camp and other allegedly halcyon seasonal staples we are just not very good at. I just wanted to hang out in the shade, reading or chatting to other dorks who, like me, were easily winded and didn’t like mosquitos.

Back then, summers made me feel deficient: I never had enough enthusiasm, speed, energy or sunscreen. Counselors and parents would offer their well-meaning but ultimately, to me, horrifying encouragement from the side of the pool or on the trail, or wherever else: “Come on, it’s fun!” “You’re doing great!” Or, worst: “Good try!” And I did, eventually, kind of try. I got used to carrying SPF65 everywhere I went and figured out the kind of gentle camp activities I could get behind: canoeing, archery, arts and crafts. I felt like an interplanetary explorer, boldly going where to be honest everyone else already had been and was enjoying themselves. Like a chubby Neil Armstrong in Northern Getaway, I was exploring summer.

But as our bodies changed and their meanings changed with them, so did the meaning of the season. All of a sudden I wasn’t lacking; I had too much. Too much stomach, too much leg hair, too much ass. The enthusiastic (if demoralizing) screams of well-meaning camp counselors encouraging me to be more, do more, try more were replaced with a more insidious whisper: be less, wear less, take up less space. I was doing it all wrong again, for entirely different reasons.
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Swimwear trends 2014: 5 styles that will ensure your booty is trending this summer


Swimwear Trends 2014 03

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For those who’ve grown tired of the itsy bitsy polka dot bikini, there’s a new swimwear game in town. Well, actually there are several. From the runways at swimwear fashion week in Miami to celebrity poolside #selfies, swimwear designers are upping the ante on a new season of waterproof wonders.

Wearing a shirt to the beach is a childhood buzz kill but designers and celebs alike are reclaiming this UV-safe style. Rihanna’s recent long-sleeved beach look is proof that beach shirts—long and short sleeved—are no longer a cool girl faux pas. Mutli-coloured designs that combine Aztec and kaleidoscope styles are this summers pattern of the moment. Jessica Simpson recently showed off her new fit bod in a colourful kaleidoscope Mara Hoffman one piece. One piece suits are synonymous with a modest style but Kim Kardashian’s epic bum selfie in her white onesie proves that plunging onesies are in a league of their own. Mesh cutouts are no longer strictly for the edgy beach bum. L.A based Minimale Animale took a softer approach to the style pairing mesh with pastels and florals. Pushing crochet swimwear to the limits Canadian designer Anna Kosturova creates handmade suits using new crochet styles sure to please the modern bohemian beach babe.

Finding the ideal suit is never easy but we have some trend inspo to help take the guesswork out of which styles are this summer’s best.

What to wear to work this summer: 8 Style Panel tips for keeping it classy at the office


what to wear to work this summer style panel

Hot days call for tank tops and destroyed denim, but what happens when your summertime destination is more deskside than beachside? The perfect weekend outfit may be fun to style, but deciding what to wear to work this summer takes a little more thought. And although it may be humid outside, our workplaces often come with air conditioning on full blast! What’s a temperature-confused girl to do? Figuring out what balances staying cool in the heat yet warm in the office, is no easy feat. And because crop tops and short shorts will probably get you sent home, we asked our Style Panel to give us the scoop on solving all your officewear dilemmas. Read more »

A guide to cultural appropriation: Why Native headdresses are offensive and when to skip the trend


Cultural Appropriation

In today’s hyper-globalized world, the sharing, discovery and, hopefully, education of various traditions from around the globe is being made even easier. From food to music to holidays (who else dove into a margarita during Cinco de Mayo?) we’re all borrowing from each other.

But how far is too far? When does appreciation of a culture that’s not your own become not okay? Let’s start with a term you’ve probably heard a lot lately: cultural appropriation. According to Wikipedia, the term is defined as “the adoption of elements of one culture by a different cultural group, often by a dominant culture from a minority culture. These elements, once removed from their indigenous cultural contexts, can take on meanings that are significantly different.”

Trendsetting meanings, too. From the bindi to the headdress, cultural appropriation has become a big part of fashion, for better or worse. Here, we present a primer to some of fashion’s most potentially offensive cultural appropriation trends.

Naked truth: The 10 most iconic nude celebrity magazine covers of all time


Nude Celebrity Covers

Photography via Twitter/wmag

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In honour of National Nude Day (yes, it’s a real thing!) we figured it was the perfect time to roundup the best nude celebrity magazine covers to date. While we’re obviously obsessed with everything related to celebrity fashion, who doesn’t like some good ol’ nudity once in a while? Not that we came into the office sans clothes, but we totally dig this bare-it-all day. From Beyoncé to Kim Kardashian see which iconic nude celebrity magazine covers top our list.
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What’s black and white and chic all over? Oh, just the Lottie Moss for Calvin Klein campaign


lottie moss for calvin klein

Photography by Calvin Klein Jeans X Mytheresa.com The Re-Issue Project

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There’s a new Moss in town. Lottie, Kate’s 16-year-old sister, is following in the fashion footsteps of the iconic model/designer by starring in a series of photos for the Lottie Moss for Calvin Klein campaign. In collaboration with Mytheresa.com, the brand resurrects its most iconic designs for limited edition releases for the Re-Issue Project, in which little Moss simply stuns. Shot by photographer Michael Avedon and featuring boyfriend jeans and the iconic CK logo tees, we have a feeling minimalism (and Lottie Moss) is here to stay.
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