Nygård seeks damages from the CBC


Image via Racked

Image via Racked

Canadian clothing company Nygård, which owns labels Peter Nygård, Bianca Nygård, Alia and Tan Jay, has filed a complaint against the CBC. For what? Copyright infringement. Why? For recording the November opening of the Nygård flagship in Manhattan. CBC reporter David Common didn’t have an invite to the opening, nor did he sign a media agreement which would have limited his “right to record the event.” After being escorted from the store , Common returned with a camera operator and a Canadian flag-emblazoned camera. Nygård is now seeking damages and asking that the CBC hand over the footage.

Bizarre, no? One would think the company would welcome the publicity (there were other journalists in attendance) and for goodness sakes, there were models strutting down Broadway!

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  • dreamking

    Peter Nygard is hardworking man, CBC are just trying to ruin this man dreams through out the years, find something better to do

  • angelica

    worked there – it is not the most luxurious resort in the world – he is an ego maniac who impresses himself – if you have the money to rent the place – you should know his help is berated and under paid

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