Mega-model and up-and-coming actress Natalia Vodianova talks film, photo shoots and her fall fashion must-haves

Natalia Vodianova My Style

Natalia Vodianova My Style

By Laura deCarufel

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What’s your approach to modelling?
“It’s like acting for me. I always try to understand the inspiration behind the photo shoot—the woman, film or book that we’re translating into a photograph.”

Which photographers do you enjoy working with?
“Everyone who works with Steven Meisel gives 100 per cent of themselves because they know how incredible the result will be. Steven is such an enigmatic person that he makes you feel really important, but at the same time you never quite know what he’s thinking. It’s liberating because you have to learn to trust yourself.”

What is your most memorable photo shoot?
“There was an Alice in Wonderland shoot with Annie Leibovitz [for Vogue] that was magical. Tom Ford, who played the rabbit flying into the black hole, turned up in a picture-perfect suit with white gloves. Then Annie said, ‘Tom, do you mind standing on your head to make the picture work?’ That doesn’t happen every day!”

You’ll be acting opposite Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Belle du Seigneur. What attracted you to the role?
“I’m not a professional actress, so I had to pick a project that really spoke to me. I felt I understood Ariane’s character so well. She’s young and immature, but still so innocent. It’s a beautiful, complicated love story.”

Who are your style icons?
“Audrey Hepburn. I absolutely adore her style, and the way she lived her life was so inspiring. I also admire Marlene Dietrich for always pushing the boundaries of fashion.”