Introducing Style Panel: Canada’s best dressed It girls share their unique style know-how in answer to your toughest how-to-wear questions


Style Panel | Summer Prep

FASHION’s got a brand new bag! Well, eight of them to be exact. Introducing Style Panel, our carefully selected group of Canada’s best dressed It girls who know a thing or two about how to put a knockout outfit together. (Want proof? Their blogs, Instagram and Twitter accounts provide plenty of evidence!)

The Style Panel will share their unique style know-how each week through photographs and answer your toughest how-to-wear queries. Got a question for the gals? Send ‘em through to and watch as your most irritating styling problems are solved.

Check out full profiles on our correspondents at and read up on their first challenge here:

Question 1: How can you wear a summer outfit before the weather is ready for it? Read the answers now! »


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  • Joanne

    It’d be nice if you got bloggers from Halifax and Ottawa too! (Canada’s CAPITAL isn’t completely devoid of style, and neither is the east coast!) It just seems its always the same old same cities…

  • Randi Bergman

    We’re looking for bloggers in as many cities as possible! If you have suggestions feel free to share.

  • Alex

    Je n’aime pas du tout. A Montreal il y a 1000 fois blogeurs plus styles. Tres surpris de la selection (((

  • Sandra

    I have to say, that Lolitta Dandoy has absolutely no style, if I was ever to ask for a styling
    advice, she would be the last person on my list.

  • David P.

    I am an owner of one the trendiest Montreal boutiques and I 100%
    disagree on that girl that represents Montreal “best dressed”.
    Montreal can offer a much better person that will represent the most
    stylish…. There are many fashion bloggers in the city with much better
    style that can represent our city.

  • Dinara Thomas

    “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language. ” – Miuccia Prada
    That is what you should consider when choosing the next “Canada’s best dressed It girls”, especially the one from Montreal…. Bad selection, you should have done a better research.

  • amy

    wow these comments! kudos, fashion! happy to see canadian bloggers being supported! i’m so tired of seeing the same american bloggers in our canadian magazines when there is so much talent here! *applause*

  • S.D.

    Yay Vancouver! A Haute Mess and The Haute Pursuit are easily two of the most popular blogs from this city and probably in Canada, and they both have such cool and unique style. It’s so refreshing when so many people out west wear the same boring Aritzia uniform! I’ve been a fan of them for a few years now!

    Congrats ladies!

  • Karen Pottruff

    may be interesting

  • marie

    If you’re criticizing the selection, then why please suggest some other bloggers?
    Also, there’s no need to be rude.

  • marie

    why not suggest some other bloggers* sorry for the typo

  • Joanne

    Check out these bloggers while you’re at it:

    OTTAWA: ericawark[dot]com
    OTTAWA: popchampagneblog[dot]com
    OTTAWA: chameleonic[dot]co
    OTTAWA: sincerelysabrina[dot]com/
    OTTAWA: jjjanuary.blogspot[dot]com/
    OTTAWA: lovek[dot]org

    Why is the capital city NEVER represented?

  • Vanessa

    Congratulations to the entire style panel, especially your Montreal pick (who I have been following professionally for over a decade). Respect. Thanks FASHION Mag! xo

  • Jessica

    This lady has amazing style! I’m from Montreal and I feel that she’s an awesome choice. She has a unique fashion sense, wears a lot of vintage pieces, and dares to wear a lot of unique pieces that stand out. Her online has online store (which is her closet) has so many beautiful unique pieces that you’ll fall in love with.

    I like her because her style is unique and she’s doesn’t succumb to trends, she’s a trend setter, not a trend follower. She also dresses her age and I like the fact she doesn’t look like shes hitting a night club 24/7!

  • Lara

    Shocking selection, especially considering her body shape and her outfit – if she wears that for a picture that is representing her style, than I will never dare to ask her for styling tips. I am a full figured woman and I will never wear knee high tights with a short skirt or a dress. Vulgar. Is that the word that represents Montreal Fashion savvy ladies?

  • Tim Style

    “Finally, you can show your spring attitude by wearing slutty tastless outfits”…. Don’t let her dictate the rules of what to wear. She needs a stylist herself!

  • Jessica = Dandoy

    Jessica = Dandoy

  • veronica

    @Lara first off who are you to be judging Lolitta on her body shape? Second, Chloe Wise is also wearing a short skirt with thigh highs, is she vulgar as well? There are many looks out there that don’t work for everyone, there is no need to be passing harsh judgements and calling people names. I think you should ask her for some styling tips you might be surprised.

  • marie

    Agreed with Veronica. Many of you who leave rude comments make the internet a place much worse than it needs to be. If you have nothing positive or good to say, just keep it to yourself. You are doing nobody any good by being rude.
    If you’re unhappy with the selection, just recommend other blogs.

  • laura base

    can see where the product was sold?

  • Alex

    So, we must be always positive and if I don’t like I can’t say it?

    I recommended few blogs, but admin deleted my comment.

    What happen with this site?

    We can’t express?

  • Sarah

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  • Custom Dress Shirts

    Style depends upon mood. Good post.


    Agreed! I’m sure there are a lot more credible ones you can include from the capital and the east coast!


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