Online Store of the Week: ASOS Salon is back for a second season of the prettiest party dresses a couple hundred dollars can buy (or less, with our exclusive discount!)


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The shop: If you don’t know what ASOS is, please invite me to your Amish-Leninist compound some time? The Internet’s massive answer to H&M/Zara/Topshop has evolved from doing cheap knock-offs to doing less-cheap knock-offs, plus selling lots of real-deal designers and fresh contemporary brands in between. Now, one of the more recent additions to this UK e-tailer’s in-house ouevre—ASOS Salon—is back for a second season of the prettiest party dresses a couple hundred dollars can buy.

The goods: Clicking through the dozen-plus frocks on offer at ASOS Salon, a higher-end take on fancy-dress trends, two words come to mind: Carey Mulligan. From the Christopher Kane-a-like coruscating pastels to the Jil Sander-meets-Erdem florals to the Daisy Buchanan-y tea dress, the Salon is so her (red carpet) style. (The exception: a stiff silvery playsuit that feels like something Zooey Deschanel would wear to her barista’s wedding. I hate it.) This collection is one-note, but what a high, sweet note. Prices are more high than sweet, especially compared to regular ASOS, but better construction—albeit same discount viscose-type materials—and loads of texture give these pieces a worthwhile heft. NB: I went to see a few picks in person to make sure I wasn’t lying to you about this. I’m not.

The shipping: Last time I ordered from, the piece arrived promptly in five business days and no-frills packaging. Expect no different: the whole thing of mass retail is being predictably good enough. If you want it faster, pay $12 for express shipping and get it in two biz days maximum. Plus, free returns! Always.

The deal: Shop ASOS until midnight on May 24, 2012 and receive 15% off regular priced items by using our exclusive code FASHIONMAGCA.* Free standard shipping (within nine days), CAD$15 for express shipping (within four days).

*Valid on deliveries to Canada only.

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