Halloween DIY! Create your own Karl Lagerfeld pumpkin in 8 simple steps

Karl Lagerfeld Halloween Pumpkin DIY Intro

Photography by Farzin Ghayour

DIY and instructions by Farzin Ghayour

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Halloween is in T minus 2 days and although that usually means we have to deal with candy and costume addictions, it is also the perfect holiday to get your craft on. Our own Farzin Ghayour did just that this week with our latest DIY. In just 8 simple steps, he carved a boring old pumpkin into the face of the Kaiser himself, Karl Lagerfeld, as well as a lovely nod to FASHION’s 35th anniversary. So get ready to impress the neighborhood with this creative and easy and fashionable pumpkin carving DIY. Who said pumpkins can’t be fashionable? (We hope not Karl…)