Hate wearing a winter hat? 11 Style Panel tips to making your beanie, toque, fedora and headband work (minus the hat head)

Winter Hat: Alexandra Nikolajev, I'm a Little

Alex Nikolajev, 27
Toronto | I’m a Little

How do I say this without sounding like a crazy person? Hats are my jam. Perhaps it’s my oversized head or the unruly, hippie hair I tend to rock for weeks on end but any way it’s sliced, I love a good hat day. And what a better time for hats? It’s cold and I definitely don’t want to wash my hair 24/7, only to have it freeze in the chill of the morning commute to the subway. While I have a variety of head accessories for every occasion (think: headbands for the slopes and berets for work attire) this Hello Kitty one has to be my favourite piece to pull out of the ol’ tickle trunk (I may or may not have named my dog after said hat’s character). Simply paired with a cream leather jacket (not shown), I always love using it to add a little playfulness to a plain outfit. It is the perfect winter accessory for a casual look and one that lends a bit of fun & fervour to a laid-back winter night out!