Hate wearing a winter hat? 11 Style Panel tips to making your beanie, toque, fedora and headband work (minus the hat head)

Winter Hat: Kayla Short, Short Presents

Kayla Short, 26
Halifax | Short Presents

Here in Halifax the temperatures tend to drop quite significantly, but that doesn’t mean I stop going outside. I live very close to the Halifax oval, and so in order to go skating outdoors I need to bundle up quite heavily. For winter I really embrace knitwear to keep me warm; I love hats, scarves, and especially headbands. My mother has many talents, and knitting is certainly one of them. With a plethora of choices I still come back to headbands time and time again because you can wear them with your hair down with some straight or curly locks, or with you hair pulled back in a sleek ponytail. It’s a win-win: stylish and practical. Love it.

Kayla’s wearing: Skirt, Tommy Hilfiger. Jacket, H&M. Boots, Very Volatile. Tights, Calvin Klein. Bag, Christopher Kon. Scarf, Burberry. Gloves, Ralph Lauren. Headband, handmade by Kayla’s mother.