The elusive bra fit: Expert tips and shopping picks for finally, finally getting it right


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Ladies of the world, listen closely: Your breasts are your friends, nay, your family, and should be treated with the love and respect they deserve. Would you leave your best friend hanging low? Never. Lift them, ladies! Lift them up as high as you can. Love your breasts. Because though they may begin to droop with age, they’ll be with you forever. Today, along with the help of veritable bosom expert Jennifer Klein, owner of Secrets From Your Sister bra fitting boutique, I come to you in hopes of guiding you and through the often daunting world of properly-fitting lingerie and finally, finally teaching you how to get the perfect bra fit.

I hail from a family of big-busted women. At 13, when most of my friends were still wearing their training bras underneath their Old Navy tees, I was already stuffing my pint-sized “breasteses” (as I preferred to call them at the time) into an underwire demi-cup. One would think that after so many years of bra wearing I would be well-versed in all things fit and size. Alas, it wasn’t until I turned 18 and stepped into the warm and welcoming arms of the staff at Secrets from Your Sister that I finally understood the freedom of a proper bra fit. Since then, spending a few extra bucks (expect to shell out at least $50) on my undergarments has always seemed worthwhile, and my breasts stand loud and proud beneath my favourite wardrobe staples. “The perfect dress can’t do its job without the proper undergarments,” laments Klein. “Our bra is the base of all our clothing. It gives us confidence and comfort.”

It’s commonly believed that 75-80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. No wonder we started burning them. (Well, that, and liberation from the oppression of a male-dominated society.) An ill-fitting bra can be as uncomfortable as wearing barbed wire, and can leave you looking and feeling saggy and squished. Liberate yourself with these easy tips to finding the perfect bra–from sports and strapless to fashion and frills. With the help of our fitting expert, you’re about to embark on a journey that will change the way you feel about your breasts. Maybe even your life.

In the following pages we will be categorizing breast size by Small, Medium, Full, and Fuller. Below is a quick guide.

Small (also known as “shallow”): C32 and down, B34 and down, A36 and down and AA’s including 28 and 30 band sizes
Medium: C34-E34
Fuller: E36-GG32
Much Fuller: GG34+

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  • Karin

    Interesting Secrets From My Sister didn’t publish prices. Expect sticker shock. They bring bra upon bra to fitting room out of the box–no prices. I nearly died when paying — over $300 for 2 bras!! Felt obligated cause of all the time spent (stupid me). Hate wearing these bras — one definitely does not fit properly.

  • Colette

    When in doubt go without. Why didnt u ask $? U have a voice use it!

  • Jacquie

    They do have prices on the tags of the bra when they bring them to the change room! I love my secrets from your sister bras. I think it’s worth 100 dollars or more to have a great bra that lasts years.

  • Babs Vermeulen

    I understand that many women don’t want to spend on bras, or have limited funds but as Jen mentioned in the article, a good bra is the foundation of every woman’s wardrobe. I spend less on handbags and haircuts so that I can afford great bras. They make my less expensive clothing purchases fit and look like a million bucks! We think nothing often of spending a$100 on a pair of jeans, shoes, or a night on the town. Prioritizing on bras, especially when you are fuller busted is a must. If you invest in quality pieces, and hand wash (never machine wash your bras!), they can last for years. Also, Secrets From Your Sister has price tags on all of their bras. Perhaps you are confusing them with Melmira Bra boutique, who do not put prices on any of their items.

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