What to wear to a wedding: 5 street style-inspired outfits and tips for every summer occasion

What to wear to a wedding

You will reach an age, dear reader, when you skim through the pages of your summer planner, and suddenly find that every weekend is filled with bridal showers, bachelorette parties and weddings. Wedding season, and all its costly accoutrements, will make your bank account hemorrhage funds, making finding the right outfit even more essential—something versatile enough to make it through your dad’s fifth wedding, your best friend’s first and every one in between.

Shopping for versatile pieces that will last all through wedding season can definitely be a challenge, but fear not, we’re here to provide your wedding style bible complete with 5 stunning street style-inspired looks that work for each style of event. From an edgy, former rock star’s nuptials to your cousin’s synagogue nuptials we tell you how to dress for a wedding from head to toe. “Look for something that could dress up or down,” says Stephanie Brownlow, merchandise manager at popular Toronto boutique Jonathan + Olivia. “It doesn’t need to be black to be versatile.” The perfect item for a summer wedding? “Something comfortable! Breezy, fun and not uptight.”

When it comes down to it, just “do you.”

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