What’s in your bag, Milly designer Michelle Smith?


Photography by Michelle Nunes

Photography by Michelle Nunes

Go inside Milly designer Michelle Smith’s tote bag here »

In celebration of Milly‘s exclusive collection for Banana Republic, we got to rendezvous with designer Michelle Smith when she hit Toronto last week. Only hours from just getting off the plane from her Memorial Day long weekend vacation, Smith was all smiles while greeting media and diehard fans that eagerly anticipated her visit. With no time to clean out her bag from her holiday travels, we got an honest and filter free look into what the designer carries with her from day to day. From Smith’s daily cravings (granola bars) to her Instagram obsession (follow her @MillybyMichelle) to her love for science, we got see a whole new side of this designer mom’s life through the items in her bag.

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