Prada casts second black model for its Spring 2014 ad campaign


Prada Spring 2014 Ad Campaign-01

Photography by Steven Meisel

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So. Many Faces. Prada has released its Spring 2014 ad campaign and it’s hard to focus on just one beauty as a large model troupe “holds us in their collective gaze, looking forward in a united vision.” Explained via press release, the Steven Meisel-shot photos are meant to reflect the independent spirit of the collection, which this time around means mural-covered party dresses, illustrated furs and bedazzled sport sandals.

Glossy side parts, feathered headdresses and crowns frame a fresh crop of faces like Gracie Van Gastel, Maggie Jablonski, Julia Bergshoeff, Anna Ewers and Lexi Bolling. Continuing with last season’s introduction of the brand’s first ever-black model Malaika Firth, Prada adds to the diverse assortment with French-born Cindy Bruna, who most recently walked the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in November. Keep it coming, Miuccia!

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  • Snoozefest

    This ad is very weak. I thought they attached the head of one white model to different bodies. These girls look the same and it’s getting boring. Aren’t we already tired of this faux diversity? One new black/non white model per season. How narrow minded can a so called creative industry be? Booking models of different races will not chase customers away and threaten Prada’s exclusivity. It shows how conscious that brand is. People are loyal to brands that reach outside of themselves and connect with people. This is white fantasy is played out and should perish for eternity. What era are we in? Non whites aren’t aliens you know? Do better, be smarter, stop being stuck up, and connect with reality. I was taught that businesses thrive with their hearts and heads. Is privilege really obstructing one from seeing how pathetic this fashion industry is when it comes to accepting the reality that there are different races in this world? Are people scared of speaking for fear of not getting invited to exclusive fashion events anymore?

    I knew these uninspiring creatives will repeat the same tired formula they used when they got praised for finally booked Malaika. I bet this is a historic and progressive moment for them. *rolls eyes*

    And celebrating the presence of one black model in the midst of many white models in 2014 is absurd. Fashion Magazine, do better.

  • FashionMagazineisStupid

    Really? Really Fashion Magazine? Are you this ridiculous to not have done your research? In the longstanding existence of the Prada brand, this is the 2nd black model they’ve ever cast in their longstanding history. Please just because they’re being 1% racist than they normally are does not mean one should give them kudos!

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