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I like blowdrying my hair, but don’t love how it looks immediately after styling it. What can I use to give it a more lived-in look?
Sounds like you’re looking to achieve a style that falls right between squeaky-clean and second-day hair, which is surprisingly attainable when you reach for the right product. Try a dab of pomade, but don’t recoil in horror at that term! Pomade is traditionally a little heavier and gel-based, but it’s just a matter of finding a formula that delivers the effect you desire. Try a cream-based pomade, like Drybar The Chaser Shine Pomade ($28,, to give your hair a soft, tousled look after a fresh blowout. This sandalwood-scented formula adds shine and improves the condition of hair thanks to hibiscus extract. Be sure to concentrate your application through the lengths of hair for a piece-y, relaxed style. Read more »

How could you choose? 13 Style Panel members reflect on their favourite outfits ever


Style Panel Favourite Outfit

Can you believe it!? The 100th challenge. For nearly two years, our trusty Style Panel has been conquering style challenges from coast to coast.

In honour of the 100th challenge we wanted to look back at the best-of by asking the Style Panel bloggers to chose a favouriite-ever look. This turned out to be the hardest challenge of all, since narrowing it down to a single look is no easy task. (Asking a fashion blogger to choose a favourite piece of clothing is like giving someone a litter of puppies and then telling them they can only choose one—nearly impossible, and sort of mean.)

The Panel, a handpicked group of Canada’s best-dressed fashion bloggers, has been answering your fashion queries using their unique fashion know-how. They’ve helped figure out Canadian tuxedos, taught us how to conquer normcore and fearlessly navigated through pastels. The Panel has been there like fashion seraphs leading through the sometimes-confusing trend terrain.

Question 100: If you had to choose, what would your favourite look be from recent years? Read the answers now! »

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Natural deodorants that really work: 3 tried and tested picks worthy of your armpits


Natura Deodorants that work

Photography by Andrea Victory-LaCasse

Ever wonder why your super strong deodorant gives off a kind of sweat-mixed-with-fragrance smell on stressful or hot days? It’s not your sweat that smells: it’s the bacteria that’s mixing with it. Add to that the strong fragrance of a deodorant—which does little more than attempt to mask the smell—and you may find that by the end of the day your shirt is soaking and you’re keeping your arms as close to your sides as possible to avoid blasting co-workers with your own Eau de Ew.

However, given that there’s a pretty common misconception about how effective natural deodorants are, it’s hard to convince naysayers to give non-chemical options a try. If you think that you could never replace your drugstore antiperspirant or deodorant because you simply sweat too much, you’re in for a surprise. Read more »

JAG Models: The agency putting the “straight size” vs. “plus size” debate to rest


JAG Models Agency

Over the past year, a select few plus-size models—think: Robyn Lawley, Candice Huffine, and Ashley Graham—have been making breaks for the spotlight in mainstream fashion. From Vogue Italy to Ralph Lauren, these women have nabbed some of the biggest typically straight size (definition: 0-4) jobs in the biz. Though their work is a step forward for all women, plus-size models haven’t been accepted into high fashion as a whole.

The limited exposure of plus-size women in the market often makes it seem like there are only a handful of plus-size models working in the industry. On the contrary, there are a number of plus-size agencies with an even bigger number of curvy models working in New York’s modeling mecca.

To shed some light on these women, we’re setting out to profile the top up-and-coming plus-size models to watch within profiles of agencies that recognize their beauty. Today, we take a look at New York agency JAG Models’ top five girls on the rise.
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Afternoon delight: You may look weird wearing a sheet mask on a plane, but your skin will thank you


Holika sheet mask

Tomorrow I’m flying to Dubai and while the journey is sure to be comfortable (thanks, Turkish Airlines!) not even the roomiest seat can combat the dry, dry, dry airplane air. I’ve given heavy-duty moisturizers and facial mists a go on previous long-haul flights, but it’s time to try something new: a sheet mask applied mid-flight. The Holiday Vita A mask from South Korean brand Holika Holika caught my eye, as it nourishes and hydrates skin and there’s 10 per package, meaning I can keep using them daily throughout my trip—I’ll be checking out Le Château’s new store in Dubai—and on the flight home. Sure, I may get strange looks from my seatmates when I cover my face in a sheet, but it does mean that no matter what turbulence may occur, all that hydrating goodness is staying on my skin.

Holiday Vita A sheet mask ($9,

Never leave us, nineties! Betsey Johnson launches a vintage capsule at Urban Outfitters


Betsey Johnson Vintage Urban Outfitters

See the Betsey Johnson Urban Outfitters collection »

For those who revel in the recurrence of nineties fashion, get ready to yelp like your kiddie self. Betsey Johnson a.k.a. mistress of the floral slipdress, has launched a capsule collection for Urban Outfitters which features retakes on her classic ‘90s pieces. Ranging from $89 to $350 for a pooftastic pepto prom dress, the collection is Courtney Love-meets-Kelly Taylor, which is basically our most comfortable state as of late.
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Step into Spring with our Style Profiler (Sponsored)


Ready to play dress-up? Choose your favourite Spring 2014 pieces using the Hudson’s Bay Style Profiler to see what your selections say about your style.

Try now!

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Kate Middleton wears Roksanda Ilincic again in Australia and the Cambridges go glamping


Kate Middleton glamping Australia

Photography by Scott Barbour/Getty Images

See Kate’s look up close »

Kate Middleton may wear many vibrant colours (bright blue being at the top of that list) but we’re quite fond of her other favourite go-to: dove grey. Today she wore two different dresses in shades of grey while out exploring the Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park, home of the awe-inspiring Uluru/Ayer’s Rock. While the Duke of Cambridge spent the day in an all-khaki ensemble (fitting for a very hot day spent in the desert) Kate started the day in a custom Roksanda Ilincic dress. The sleeveless, asymmetrical dress is similar to the one Kate wore upon arrivial in Los Angeles in 2011, but less formal in both fabrication and silhouette—making it ideal for an afternoon spent at the National Indigenous Training Academy, watching your husband learn how to handle a two meter long traditional hunting spear. Read more »

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