Erin Kleinberg Fall 2014: The Coveteur co-founder goes back to her designer roots


Erin Kleinberg Fall 2014

Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

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A week after Toronto Fashion Week, one of the city’s fashion stars made her return to the runway after a three-year hiatus. In case you need a refresh, The Coveteur co-founder Erin Kleinberg used to be a designer. Back in the mid-oughts, she became a bright young thing when stars like Mischa Barton, Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian were spotted in her low-key wares. For the next few years, she sold worldwide at Holt Renfrew, Barney’s, Nordstrom and others until putting the collection on hold to dominate the industry in another way: creeping the designer-filled closets of fashion’s elite.
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Change your look fast: 5 quick makeup fixes


makeup quick fix

Photography: Model by Dallas Curow; Product by Carlo Mendoza

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When life gets busy, it’s easy for a makeup routine to become, well, routine. We fall back on our tried and true methods and take the easy route just make it out the door on time! Luckily, we’re here to help you out of even the deepest beauty rut with a few tiny tweaks that make a big impact.

From brightening up a bold lip to switching up your bronzer application, these quick makeup fixes will breathe some new life into your daily beauty regimen without stealing valuable time. Read more »

Are bloggers and street style stars the new designers? Introducing 9 labels changing the tide


Kastor and Pollux

Kastor and Pollux designers, bloggers Bianca Venerayan and Danielle Roche

Since the explosion of street style back in ’09, there’s been much talk of the fashion industry’s climate change. Bloggers in front row, socialites in head-to-toe runway looks—it’s been a transformation to say the least. Lately there’s been another shift with bloggers and street style stars are throwing it back to the runway, harnessing their fame in full fledged collections and labels all their own.

Here are 9 of our favourite bloggers and street style stars turned designers, including a talented few who are on our Style Panel!
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What’s in your bag, Harley Viera-Newton?


Harley Viera Newton

Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

What’s in your bag, Harley Viera-Newton? »

Last week, one of fashion’s coolest It girls took time out from spinning at Chanel, fronting a Gucci lookbook and collaborating with Dior Beauty to close Rudsak‘s 20th anniversary show during Toronto Fashion Week. A few hours before the show, we got to be ultimate creeps, rummaging inside her bag for daily go-tos. Amongst the items, we found the key to Viera-Newton’s signature look: long lasting beauty products. “Once I start DJing, I don’t really have time to touch up so whatever is on at the start has to stay on,” she said. Take note, working girls!

How do you do normcore? 2 Style Panel suggestions for the anti-trend

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Normcore Style Panel

In a world where excess is lauded and imaginative, and perhaps certifiable, outfit pairings are the norm, it’s nice to have a break from the crazy and a return to reality, or something like it. Introducing Normcore. Inspired by the most unlikely of style heroes, your Dad circa every childhood vacation ever, the latest so-called “anti-trend” sweeping the streets is all about basics. Everything from Patagonia fleeces, to relaxed boot cut denim and Fruit of the Loom tees, to New Balance trainers — everything and anything that isn’t fashion-conscious works. This trend (let’s face it, it is the very definition of the word) is pretty much a godsend for anyone whose feet hurt after half an hour in high heels or can’t see the logic in donning an uncomfortable body-con dress.

Question 96: How do you wear #normcore? Read the answers now! »

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Google Glass sets its sights on fashion with Luxottica partnership


Google Glass Luxottica

Google Glass on the runway at DVF, Spring 2013

For the past few years, we’ve become accustomed to fashion titans like Diane Von Furstenberg and Nina Garcia sporting Google Glass to fashion shows. Even before they hit stands, the first-edition prototypes have become the ultimate in techy covetables at $1,500 a pop. For those who have actually tried a pair though, you’d know that they ain’t so fierce IRL. Clunky and, well, utilitarian, they look more like fourth grade nerd glasses than they do stylish.

That’s all set to change, with today’s Google announcement of a partnership with luxury eyewear conglomerate Luxottica Group. Aiming to bring the Glass to a wider consumer basse, two of the group’s biggest brands, Ray-Ban and Oakley, will be the first to reveal styles in 2015.

“We believe that a strategic partnership with a leading player like Google is the ideal platform for developing a new way forward in our industry and answering the evolving needs of consumers on a global scale,” Luxottica Chief Executive Officer Andrea Guerra said via press release.

Video: Behind the scenes with Beyoncé’s tour stylists


While some might have you believe that the magic of Beyoncé is just that, magic, the queen is revealing the team of stylists that help her prep for daily global domination. The latest installment in a string of behind-the-scenes tour videos released on her YouTube page provides some serious designer eye-candy as we delve into the wonderful world of wardrobe for the Mrs. Carter World Tour. In the video, tour stylists Ty Hunter and Raquel Smith give an up close and personal look at all the different tour outfits and share how looks are chosen, how they come together and some insider details on those quick costume changes (think layers) from Givenchy to Ungaro and beyond. One Versace employee shares how long it took to make that insane white and silver fitted number (spoiler: a paltry 300 hours). For the Crazy in Love segment, the secret to better on-stage twerking is revealed and it includes plenty of ruffled patent leather.
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Beauty Fix: How to heal hair ruined by dry weather, a self-tanner that doesn’t smell (honestly!) and more


Beauty Fix

Every week our Beauty Fix columnist takes on your questions about makeup, skincare, hair and more. Have a beauty question we haven’t answered? Email us at

Nail polish often looks uneven because the natural texture of my nails shows through. Can I fix this?
The visual appearance of our naked nails is actually a significant indicator of our internal health, so it’s important to pay attention to what’s up when they’re bare. It’s normal to have ridges on your nails that run up and down lengthwise, and these are not a huge cause for concern. Buffing nails prior to applying polish may seem like a logical solution, but this can actually weaken your nails. A better solution is to use a ridge filling base coat, such as Joe Fresh Ridge Filler ($6, at Joe Fresh), in order to create a smooth, even surface for polish application. A quick coat of this before you apply your colored polish will balance everything out and make ridges a thing of the past. Read more »

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