Far from frump or farmer: Alberta’s top 10 style bloggers

By now, most of us can recognize the many hours it takes to curate a decent fashion blog, and we’ve spent enough time perusing said blogs to know the value in finding a unique voice amongst the noise. Case in point: despite an overzealous cowboy rep (I’m talking the Calgary Stampede, of course, though there’s nothing wrong with rocking a good pair of cowboy boots), and a smothering from what was, at one point, the biggest shopping mall on the planet (I’m talking West Edmonton Mall, of course, though there’s nothing wrong with being a front-runner for immigrating brands like J.Crew), the prairies churn out some die-hard fashion addicts who are both independent thinkers, and far from frump and farmer. We’ve rounded up the top 10 personal style bloggers from Alberta who aren’t afraid to wear floral print pants, mix and match patterns from head-to-toe or seize outdoor photo-ops in subzero temperatures—bare-legged if they must—just for the frill of it.

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