Project Runway All Stars Recap: The final three compete in their version of The Hunger Games. But no one dies!

I was trying to find a mystical quotation about endings or journeys coming to an close, but damn if Rumi didn’t talk a lot about love! Which means that it’s up to me to provide some eloquent gloss on last night’s events—the night where Project Runway All Stars came to its complicated, emotional conclusion. To you I say: This is not a day to feel bereft, or lost or unduly abandoned—this is a beginning for us all! And when the winner is announced, and he receives his (BOW NOW NA NA NA NOW!) $100,000 cheque and embroidery studio and whatnot, we too will all be set free—granted, without an HP Digital Suite courtesy of L’Oréal Paris—and yet, free to pursue our own long-sought dreams, like The Hunger Games, or a hot dog.

And in a shocking template modification, I will not award/unaward measly points for things that miffed and/or pleased me based on my own impossible metric. Instead I will strive to provide the most charitable and non-petty remarks on this utterly momentous event—the first ever finale of the first ever season of Project Runway All Stars!

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