Girls Recap: In the second episode problems are solved in magical ways that can only happen on TV

Last week we met the girls of Girls. This week, they’re the “ladies” according to Shoshanna’s self-help dating manual, but mostly we’d just call them clueless. Not in a Dumb and Dumber way where they’re idiots, but in a way that kind of makes us sad.  Have you ever heard the Four Burners Theory of success? One burner represents your family, the second is your friends, the third is your health, and the fourth is your work—to be successful you have to turn one off, and to be really successful you have to turn off two. Well, never mind turning off a burner, at best these girls barely have two turned on! Speaking of getting turned on, there’s not much of that happening this week: sex isn’t bringing any of these girls happiness—so let’s see which problems prompt the girls to camp out at a SoHo health clinic.

Bring on the problems! »