Inside last night’s Picasso opening gala at the AGO: Nude models, bright couches and Kim Cattrall!

Last night, the Art Gallery of Ontario was filled with some of the country’s grandest doyens and doyennes (Mulroney! Eaton! Weston!) for the official kick off to the gallery’s Picasso exhibit, which opens to the public next Tuesday, May 1. Infusing the Gehry-designed space with a bit of Barcelona-meets-Paris flavour, the room was decked out with brightly-hued bohemian essentials, which were certainly not limited to the nude models being sketched (in Pablo’s famed style, of course) in plain view. At the centre of it all? Kim Cattrall, looking as va-va-voom as ever in a printed tie-neck blouse, and slimmer-than-slim black pants. If only Samantha had been there to make an off colour nakie remark…

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