SNP’s word of the day: Blackgeoisie


Illustration by Lewis Mirrett

Word: Blackgeoisie

Meaning: A “new” class of African Americans with money and “fashion power.” (Just typing this, I shuddered.)

Usage: “But if in 2012 the “black-geoisie” has integrated all the white codes, it does not [do so] literally. [There] is always a classic twist, with a bourgeois ethnic reference (a batik-printed turban/robe, a shell necklace, a ‘créole de rappeur’) that recalls the roots.” — a French Elle writer named Nathalie Dolivo in “Black Fashion Power

You should know it because: Even for French fashion elitists (oui, the people who brought us Lara Stone in blackface and “slave earrings” as a hot Spring 2011 trend), this Elle piece is beyond the pale. It’s downright white supremacist. “Chic has become a plausible option for a community so far pegged to its codes of streetwear,” Dolivo writes, blithely flaunting her ignorance of American history. Um, what about the OGs in their oxfords and fedoras? What about ’70s collegiate-meets-Afro style? What about millennial dandies? Her point is too silly even to refute, yet too hateful to ignore. And “black-geoisie?!” This bloody woman finds the idea of stylish African Americans (e.g. the Obamas, whose names she repeatedly drags through her racist nescience) so utterly revelatory and unprecedented that it merits a neologism, one that’s nothing short of appalling. Dolivo’s career should meet its fate at the guillotine.

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  • btruboo

    I’ll never forget when Barbara Walters worked at NBC, I was in junior high school at that time.  She was interviewing Beverly Johnson.  Beverly Johnson used to live in the Lincoln Projects in New York, Harlem.  My cousins lived there too.  Beverly Johnson was older than I, however, I admired her.  I watched the show.  I couldn’t wait for the interview to take place.  And to my surprise Barbera Walters said in the interview, “Black Americans are beginning to learn how to dress, now …, yatta, yatta, yatta!  That made me upset.  My father was a painter who painted buildings and apartments he and my uncles.  We lived in Brooklyn at that time of Barbara Walter’s interview.  I use to dress in clothing that came from Jewish store.  I use to go to thrift shops and buy clothing that was from stores that came from 5th Avenue.  When we lived in Harlem, there were young ladies that went with (dealers) and dressed their butts off.  Now, as for all of Black Americans, all the children in the schools I went to always wore nice clean clothing.  As for their parents they were properly dressed as well, even the senior citizens that was always on the stoops watching us play.  Why is it important for us to be considered as a people that don’t wear nice clothing.  Dem there Bitches are so dam stupid!  Why is that important.  Isn’t it education and learning about God who created us important.   People in general as well as important wants always want to compare us with what suppose to be the “Normallcy, The Right thing, yadda, yadda, yadda.”  Yet they don’t want us to escallate!   There were Top models that couldn’t even get a job with a lot of the “Proper and Right agencies”  that wouldn’t even hire a Black model.  Now they want to compare OBama to Englans Kate.  Give me a break!  As for television, now they will only hire heavy weighted Black women to do commercials and have a part in acting.  Forget if you are darked skinned and have a whole lot of beautiful long hair.  Just about every one of the people selected must wear a wig too!  As far as a handsome gorgeous hunk of a talented Black male actor, he isn’t getting the part too.  The man have to be very dark skinned and slightly distorted looking in the face.  Nothing Black females as well as you know who too would want to dream about.   Another thing just watch Project Runway and Bravo’s station, listen to how Andy Cohen is knit picking and meticulously dissecting each member of the cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.   Project runway doesn’t ever select Black designers and Top Chef isn’t too.  Now the Spanish speaking is beauty, and now the Asian, Chinese, Philipean, etc.  is the class of people to select as the minority to win.  See for yourseves.  Who the hell cares about something that will always exist.  It is merely people that still don’t like you.  Move on!  Who cares.  I don’t have no time to waste my established self esteem myt parents grounded for me to make me feel inferior to such down the century hatedred.  Only God is going to change the Hurt!  See, See, See, See, See!

  • Anonymous

    My sis bought the “elle” magazine and when I read this article I was litteraly choked by the “black goisie” term and the rest of this article.The journalist talked about black people in general not only african american but also africans,european african,west indian,and people who’s black mixed.As an african but born and raised in France I was so disguted but I’m not that surprised because french people (especially in fashion industry) tends to put down black women saying they have bad hair,that they are in the “criterias” they’re looking for,bla bla, I have friend who is gorgeous tall and have everything for being  model but french people don’t want her,people from abroad approch her not french people,french people are hypocrite,and I’m pissed off when other people thinks verything is beautiful and nice and chic in France (especially Paris).If you’re black and want to work in fashion or art industry don’t come in France they don’t want us,they don’t like us.There’s also discrimination in fashion blogging.What a beautiful country.Black people are strong and beautiful we have to keep focus on our own fashion magazines and go on showing the world who we are.

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