Downton Abbey recap: The Christmas Special teaches us to confess our true love, use Ouija boards, pick up new parents, and not to lock dogs in sheds


By Randi Bergman and Paige Dzenis

We almost jumped off a ledge when we thought that last week’s two-hour marathon finale would be the last that we’d see of the Abbeyers for quite some time, but alas, there was still a Christmas miracle in store! In February, no less. Last night’s holiday special taught us that it’s still okay to wish on stars, and eyelashes… and Santa—because our wish came true. Matthew and Mary finally got together! In the snow, no less! And now, for the rest of the seemingly inconsequential details:

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  • Erika

    Love the intrigue of British television! 

  • Andrea Bilec

    Unfortunately I have not seen any of Season 2 as I only finished Season 1 yesterday.  I would love to own both of these lovely Seasons as this is my new favorite show!  The acting is superb and I recognize Thomas (the Cad) as Liam from Coronation St!

  • Marlibu

    To be honest. Ive never scene it but i do love the drama. Lol. Your synopsis is awesome and this sounded like super fun series to watch.

  • Margaret in Toronto

    I got hooked on this series when the plane I was on for 15 hours only had non-english subtitled movies (a chinese movie subtitled in japanese = double non-understandable) and the first four episodes of Downtown Abbey.
    From your synopsis of the Christmas episode it sounds like the characters have really developed since those first few episodes!
    I’d love to win the DVDs and savour every moment.
    Thanks Margaret aka @torontoviewer

  • Bev Bergman

    Is it just me or does anybody else out there think that Bates did murder his wife????????  I think season 3 is going to give us a shocking reveal!

  • Julia Grant

    I really missed Sybil in this episode. And I’m sure that there will be trouble ahead for Matthew and Mary (perhaps in the form of the American grandmother, to be played by Shirley MacLaine).

  • April

    Although I have been a fan of masterpiece theatre for many years, this series captured the essence of the human experience , and I have to admit I became obsessed with it!We view family conflicts, greed, love, war, justice, redemption, and hope, all within the historical context of a tumultuous time where cultural barriers were being broken not unlike our current time. We as Americans seem to be attracted to English settings and stories of the wealthy. In Downton Abbey we have both as well as superior acting.

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