Kate Middleton continues to be crafty about hiding her baby bump


Kate Middleton horse races Joseph coat

Photography by Samir Hussein/WireImage

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Kate Middleton does have a royal baby bump—she just doesn’t want you to see it. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a surprise outing today (that is, they attended a public event that wasn’t part of their working royal duties) at the horse race festival at Cheltenham. Kate has actually attended the race almost every year in the past and other royals, like Zara Phillips and Princess Anne, were at Cheltenham earlier in the week.

But back to the baby bump. Lest you think that Kate Middleton is experiencing a magical pregnancy that keeps her looking trim at all times, the eagle-eyed readers of What Kate Wore were quick to notice that she’s altered her coat to allow for more room. The buttons on her dusty-rose Joseph coat (which Kate last wore during her pre-Duchess days) have been moved—though the structure of it still allows for prime bump hiding. As for the rest of her outfit, Kate complemented the rose coloured coat with chocolate-brown accessories, including the John Lock & Co hat she wore in Switzerland a few weeks ago, Cornelia James gloves, her brown Emmy clutch and boots by Stuart Weitzman. Another interesting sartorial fact, courtesy What Kate Wore: Kate Middleton had on a new pair of Kiki McDonough drop earrings, featuring citrine and diamonds. No speculation yet, however, if they were a gift from a certain royal husband.

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  • Eleanor

    for the life of me I can’t see any bump..its all smoke and mirrors!!…at five months I was poppin’ buttons and quite large..She should eat more for the sake of the baby’s health

  • Linda

    Really??? Come on Eleanor….maybe you should have eaten less!!! I didn’t show with my first until well into month 7, so QUIT judging!

  • isabella

    And why shouldn’t she? Modesty is always a virtue! Looking wonderful! No reason to flout it! This is the way it should be!

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