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We’re head over high-top with this season’s 9 best sneaker collaborations



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Thanks to the likes of Phoebe Philo, Isabel Marant and of course, Yeezy, sneakers have been on a fashion upswing for the past few years. No longer just functional, they’ve risen to the top of the heap with the stylish equivalent of bells and whistles: heels, studs, snakeskin and more. Fashion’s sneaker foray has also brought forth some seriously genius high-low collaborations, including Maison Martin Margiela x Converse, Riccardo Tisci x Nike and most recently Versace for Superga. And with the athletic trend showing little signs of backing down, it’s no wonder designers are kicking up their sneaker game for yet another season.

Here, we’ve rounded up 8 amazing sneaker collaborations that have us head over high-tops.
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I don’t do sandals: 5 summer shoes that keep your toes hidden in podophobic style


Keds Taylor Swift

5 summer shoes that keep your toes hidden »

Between bikini waxes, sunscreen, spray tans, and pair after pair of lost sunglasses from fold out tables in the street, summer fun can get overwhelmingly pricey, to say nothing of manicures and pedicures. I’m a big fan of a once-monthly pedi to keep rough feet in check and my nails trimmed, but I’m not too worried about keeping my toes show-ready, mostly because they don’t really get shown.

I’m not crazy about my feet in particular—my big toe looks like a thumb, ask anyone—or anyone’s feet, in general, and I don’t like the pressure to have presentable feet that a wardrobe full of sandals and peep-toed platforms instils. I know I’m not the only podophobe out there, so I’ve put together a basic guide to close-toed summer shoes. They’re out there, they’re fashionable, and they won’t stink up your sheltered winter tootsies no matter how far you bike in them. It’s summer and the time is right for cleavage, just not toe cleavage, thank you very much.

Afternoon Delight: Sophia Webster “Sweet Talk” sandals


Sophia Webster Sweet Talk

While fall tends to rank highest amongst the style-inclined, summer is without a doubt my favourite season for dressing. Its carefree nature extends to a less-is-more wardrobe of fun, punchy pieces that can more easily stand on their own without necessary layering that accompanies colder months. To that end, these Sophia Webster “Sweet Talk” sandals need little more than a sundress to make the perfect summer statement.

Sophia Webster “Sweet Talk” sandals ($315,

What’s in your bag, Tamara Mellon?


Bag Tamara Mellon

Photography by David Pike

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In just over 10 years, Tamara Mellon has established herself as a titan of the fashion world. The former accessories editor turned CEO of Jimmy Choo built the label from the ground up, making it one of the most recognized names in luxury footwear and accessories (and worth upwards of $100 million to boot). After leaving the company in 2012 and penning an ultra-revealing autobiography In My Shoes, Mellon went back to the drawing board, launching a namesake label of her own last fall. Consisting of slick and sexy ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories for the ball-buster inside all of us, the label was an instant sell-out when it launched on Net-A-Porter. This season, the label launches at Holt Renfrew, which the 46-year-old OBE toasted last week in Toronto. While in town, we took a peek inside one of her new bags for a reveal of what a champion accessories designer carries along for a 24-hour jaunt.
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Afternoon Delight: Chiara Ferragni’s red lip bracelet is seriously bad ass


CAIA Jewels eLuxe

The Blonde Salad’s Chiara Ferragni ain’t just stylish—she’s a designer to boot. As well as eponymously named footwear label, the blogger has a line of jewellery CAIA Jewels, which debuted on Canadian etailer eLuxe last week. I’m particularly into this bracelet for its bright colour pop, its attitude and its general awesomeness.

CAIA Jewels red lip bracelet ($205,

Chanel’s craziest handbags: 22 pictures of ice boxes, perfume bottles and more!


Chanel Pre-Fall 2010 Handbag

Photography courtesy of Chanel

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For the past few years, Karl Lagerfeld has made sure each new Chanel collection (and there are many) is cemented into fashion history—first, with stellar clothes, and second, with bags so cheekily out of the box that we can’t help but be spellbound. In addition to the brand’s iconic 2.55, Boy and classic quilt, Chanel has created a tongue-and-cheek handbag ode to pop culture with each season, his latest being the wildest of all.

Tipping his hat to Dubai’s economic past and present, the Chanel designer debuted a quilted, golden, double C-incrusted, oil can handbag. The bag was responsible for its fair share of commentary, offending some while resonating with others. It’s no secret that oil was, at one time, a pillar in Dubai’s economy. Was Lagerfeld alluding to a connection between oil and wealth in the main city of the emirate?
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Afternoon Delight: The clutch that speaks for you!


Zara Start Clutch

This bright, popping clutch pretty much summarizes everything I want to tell spring: Start already, dammit! If carrying this around with will give me any sort of influence on the weather, I’m all for it.

Zara box clutch ($60,

Afternoon Delight: Can you fall in love with a sandal?


Newbark Nadya Sandals

Thanks to The Man Repeller‘s Instagram feed, I’ve got a new shoe in my life. I love these ultra-elegent mules by newish Los Angeles label NewbarK. They feel modern and at the same time, just like something Bette Davis would have put on in between takes.

NewbarK embroidered Nadya suede sandals ($315,

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