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The perp behind the curtain: The long-awaited fall of American Apparel’s Dov Charney


Dov Charney

Photography by Johannes Kroemer/Getty Images

Oh, the stories I’ve heard about working at American Apparel. The “casting calls” instead of interviews; conference calls from Dov that felt figuratively endless, store visits from Dov that were literal handfuls; the employee discount that was almost always five-fingered; the mirrored table in the staff room that would have made Tony Montana proud. It’s the stories about American Apparel that have always been American Apparel’s most valued currency. The stories proved American Apparel was cool, hot, fun, funny, subversive, edgy, sexy, and if you had a problem with American Apparel then you were none of those things.

A very brief overview: The now 45-year-old Dov Charney founded American Apparel in 1991, a company with a slow burn masquerading as an overnight success. It took twelve years for Charney to move the company from wholesaling in Montreal to a vertically integrated retail empire, and by 2005 the company had produced over $200 million in revenue. Charney quickly became just as noticeable as the stores that were popping up everywhere, famous enough to have Fred Armisen play him on Saturday Night Live.

The stories about Dov Charney’s peculiar proclivities became rumours, and then the rumours became gossip, and then the gossip became fact, an inseparable truth from any other story on American Apparel. As the company grew and grew throughout the first decade of the millennium, Charney became legend, and not necessarily the bad, notorious kind; fawning profiles, like this 2000 one by Malcolm Gladwell, seemed charmed by a man so honestly leading his business by his boners. Business was booming despite—and maybe because of—these stories, so why fix what wasn’t broken?
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Understanding summer 2014 fashion trends: Where they came from and how to wear them

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Crop top

Meet 5 of summer 2014′s fashion trends »

For better or worse, fashion is a revolving door of must-have items. Each season, a subtle shift in silhouette represents a shift in covetable items—the mini skirt made way for the midi skirt last fall, bringing with it the advent of the flat slip-on, the cropped jacket and so on and so forth.

This season, a few items emerge as must-haves to match summer 2014 fashion trends. Some are retakes on last year’s bets and some are wholly new. Here, we break down what they are, where they came from and how to wear ‘em. For good measure, we threw in some shopping suggestions too.
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How to dress for freelance life: 5 wardrobe tips that take the homebody out of working from home

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How to dress freelance

If you’re one of the almost 20% of Canadians working from home, you’ve likely faced what we like to call the “Outdoor Dilemma:” Part-timing it as an entrepreneur, mommy blogger or cam girl (just kidding) all day long and realizing at some god-forsaken hour that you need to exit the house. You’re out of groceries. The Pringles stash must be replenished. You reach one hand up to your ratty, tangled nest of hair and one hand down to your no-pants and realize this is impossible. Hungry and cold, you settle into bed without dinner, starved by your own lack of world-ready attire.

No more. I’m here to tell you: You can dress like a comfortable human while easily transitioning from “reclined in my office space/Girls viewing theatre” to “elegant coffee shop patron.” Here’s how to dress for a chic freelance life:

From the October 2013 issue: We explore this season’s coat trends with an experimental photo shoot

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October 2013 Coat Photo Shoot

Photographed by Gabor Jurina. Styled by George Antonopoulos. Hair by Cody Alain foré Hair Care. Makeup by Simone Otis for Fresh Cosmetics. Manicure by Melissa Forrest for Hansen. Fashion assistant, Eliza Grossman.

See the photo shoot images »

Covering up for the cold has never been more exciting or provided more options. Just take a cue from our October 2013 issue which explores Fall 2013′s many coat translations from big and boxy to textured, mannish and beyond. There’s a coat for everyone this season, just pick your poison.
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Kristen Stewart Style: A chronological guide to the star’s best fashion moments


Kristen Stewart Style

See Kristen Stewart’s style evolution »

It doesn’t take being a Twihard to be a fan of Kristen Stewart’s style. Since starring in her breakout role as Bella Swan in the first Twilight installment back in 2008, Stewart has gone from awkward late teen to high fashion mainstay.

Known for her decidedly anti-glam approach, the actress has been known to turn heads on the red carpet, only to change out of her heels or outfit right after posing for photos. As such, Kristen Stewart’s style varies heavily from day to night. When snapped at airports, in bars or with on-again-off-again boyfriend Robert Pattinson, she is often wearing her signature grunge combo of dark jeans, a basic T-shirt, grey toque hat, thick-rimmed glasses and Chuck Taylor sneakers. On the red carpet, she’s worn everything from Rodarte and Proenza Schouler to Balenciaga, the label for which she acts as campaign face. She’s even shared a front row with fashion staples such as Kate Moss and Rihanna, but she’s never one to flash the megawatt style. She favours skin-baring numbers by Zuhair Murad, whom she’s worn outside fashion shows and to film premieres. We feel as if we know her booty quite well.
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Swim 2013: Dive into this season’s trends with 30 runway-inspired bathing suits

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2013 Swim

See our swim 2013 picks »


Finally, summer is just around the corner and surf, sand and sunscreen are words we’re thrilled to bring back into our vocabulary. We’ve got four glorious months of swimsuit potential just around the corner and to help you prep, we’ve got 30 must-have new styles for the swim 2013 season. While we can’t promise to make the changeroom experience any easier, we can take the guesswork out of choosing a suit that will make the biggest splash poolside.

Look to the runway for inspiration and test the waters in a brand-new bather. From bright shades to solid stripes, we are drawing inspiration from Rochas’ dainty outing to Burberry’s metallics.

On the runway, Michael Kors showed us a sporty take on stripes with a lake-ready colour-blocked style. At Moschino Cheap and Chic, the theme was floral, with hints of Hawaii. And if colour ain’t your thing, Jason Wu made us want to buy a one-way ticket to Saint Tropez when he sent a glammed up little-black-one-piece down the runway with an ultra-feminine cover up worn over top.
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How to dress for a festival: 10 picks that will balance your Coachella fashion wants with your practical needs


coachella fashion asos ruffle shift dress

See how to dress for a festival, Coachella style »

In the last ten years or so, music festivals have morphed from sweaty acquired tastes for music diehards to ultimate destinations for the world’s trendiest denizens to flock to. Coachella, the biggest of the bunch, has doubled in size, now offering its same stellar lineup for two weekends in a row. Beginning this Friday in Indio, California, and including such acts as Blur, The XX, Grimes and Metric, Coachella 2013 is sure to be as epic as ever.

But while summer music festivals seem to conjure thoughts of major style statements, take it from someone who has been around the festival block a few times: you’re about to be more uncomfortable than you’ve ever been in your life. Between the blazing hot temps and too-close-for-comfort crowds, you’re best prepare your wardrobe with some practical wisdom. How to dress for a festival? Here’s 5 foolproof tips:
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The best jeans for your body type


Jeans for your body: Boyfriend Jean

Few things in life can evoke the sheer panic that I experience when it comes time to search for a new pair of jeans, and if I do, chances are that many women out there do too. Jeans are at once the simplest wardrobe staple and the most conundrum-inducing item to shop for. Scarred by years of flood-pants, protruding love handles and other similar style blunders, I tend to avoid this shopping experience like the plague. And while 30 Rock’s Jenna Maroney might make a killing off her Muffin Tops, this zaftig gal tends to prefer to keep hers under wraps.

Unless you happen to be blessed with a perfectly proportionate figure (for which I likely will hate you), there are a plethora of issues you can experience when trying to find the best jeans for your body type. And even those with the seemingly perfect parts are unlikely to walk into a store and presto perfect fit! There are pinches in unwanted places, hemming nightmares and an unholy amount of spandex.

Fear not, dear readers, all is not lost. The denim-gods were not so cruel as to prevent us all from joining in on casual Friday at the office. For every fail there is a fix and the perfect denim duds are out there for you. Our advice?

Step one: take a deep breath and jump in. Though the hot, un-flattering fitting room lights are capable of throwing even the calmest women into a tizzy, the key is to just relax. Know that you’re not the only one with this dilemma. Take the time to find the perfect jeans for your body. Consider fit before going for the trendiest pair. As much as I may have coveted these ridiculous Maison Martin Margiela for H&M boyfriend parachute pair, I had to accept that they just weren’t for my hourglass figure.

To help you out, we’ve scoured through the racks of pudge-pinching, ill-fitting nightmares to find six essential jeans for every body shape and size. May this put the final kibosh on your recurring shopping nightmares.

See the 6 best jeans for your body now! »

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