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Massive Party 2014: 35 photos from inside the AGO’s poptastic anniversary bash


Massive Party 2014 AGO

Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

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As we predicted, last night’s tenth annual Massive Party at the Art Gallery of Ontario was sexy, stylish and the perfect start to spring party season. Sprawling much of the gallery’s 480,000 square foot space, it was one big ole Warholian ode to modern day pop art complete with larger than life dice, donuts and ironic hashtag banners. Guests were encouraged to bring their sartorial best, and awarded as such by a troika of hipster Joan Rivers who flashed everyone 10s as they entered past the red carpet.

Further inside, we were treated to a performance by the permanently moto jacket-clad Joseph of Mercury, who swapped his signature white mid-performance for a gold version designed by stylist Sarah Jay. Also in gold was The Collections’ Mel Ashcroft, who wore a lamé vest designed by Toronto designer Sid Neigum. And while many went wedding apropos (go big or go home, we s’pose), others kept it streetwise in X-ray imprinted fingerless gloves that were given out by scantily clad cigarette boys. A surrealistic post script: Mayoral candidate John Tory was there.

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What to wear to an art party: 10 partygoers prep for AGO Massive Party


DJ Filthy Gorgeous

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After last week’s epic induction at Holt Renfrew, spring party season ramps up with the Art Gallery of Ontario’s annual Massive Party this Thursday. In its 10th year, the bash is a stylish, sexy night at the museum, complete with installations, performances and open bars a’plenty. And while our RSVP status is most definitely “yes,” our outfit selection is a little less set in stone. To help us with some inspiration, we turn to 10 Massive Party organizers, performers and partygoers for tips on what to wear.

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David Bowie at the AGO: 33 photos of guests channeling their inner rock gods at the exhibit’s opening party


David Bowie AGO Opening Party

Photography by Kayla Rocca

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On Friday night, the Art Gallery of Ontario went full on Bowie for the opening party of its costume retrospective celebrating the gender bending rock star, David Bowie is. Some guests took his various personas literally, while others used them as jumping off points to let their inner freak flag fly. Bowie style makeup jobs were everywhere, from Aladdin Sane’s classic lightening bolt to Ziggy Stardust’s shimmering gold forehead globe. As for the clothes, Bowie inspirations ran the gamut from Style Panelist Leah Gust‘s gold onesie, to AGO publicist Laura Banks‘ pink animal print getup. While many of the evening’s guests spent hours poring over the exhibit (the recommended exhibit time is 65 minutes, but we barely escaped all that beautiful excess at the 120 mark), others partied on the main floor to the Bowie-esque spun sounds of Odessa Paloma Parker, who played DJ for the night in head-to-toe glam garb.
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Inside David Bowie is: Our interview with co-curator Victoria Broakes


Bowie Earthling Album Cover

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The Art Gallery of Ontario is on a rock god roll as of late and its latest exhibit, a costume retrospective examining the transformative performance gear of David Bowie, is its crowing moment. Originating at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London earlier this year, David Bowie is (September 25-November 27, 2013) spans five decades of Bowie-isms, including 300 objects from the pop culture chameleon’s personal archive including stage costumes, hand written set lists, diary entries, sketches, photographs and video excerpts.

The exhibit attempts to take a deeper look at the importance Bowie places on his costumes as an expression of his various personas (one cannot separate Ziggy Stardust the character from Ziggy Stardust the album, for one) with various tableaux dedicated to those looks. It’s a sensory overload so lauded by international press and museum visitors alike that it’s sure to be a bang on success in Toronto as well. In anticipation of today’s opening, we interviewed co-curator Victoria Broackes on all things Bowie is.
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Patti Smith lights up the AGO: 48 photos of the high priestess of punk and her legions of adoring (and stylish!) fans


Patti Smith AGO

Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

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Patti Smith is taking Toronto by storm. Body and soul, too. With a solid-week of press conferences, appearances and sold-out shows in support of her exhibit “Camera Solo” at the Art Gallery of Ontario, the once reluctant high priestess of punk has morphed into a veritable art shaman, worthy of the same worship she attaches to the figures she features in “Camera Solo” through photographs and objects of their belongings, abodes and resting places.

Last night, the 66 year-old singer took to the makeshift stage in the AGO’s Frank Gehry-fied centre court for the first of two back-to-back sold-out performances as part of the museum’s monthly 1st Thursdays art party program. Along with her daughter, Jesse Paris Smith on piano and guitarist Tony Shanahan, she lit the night with renditions of songs like “Ghost Song,” “Pissing in a River” and “Because the Night” as well reading excerpts from her book Just Kids. The excerpts, which seemed to tie in with the canonizing theme of the exhibit, included tales of Allen Ginsberg and a poem for Robert Mapplethorpe.” He didn’t live to read it, so I’ll read it to you,” she said.
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The Weekend To Do: We’re hitting up Toronto’s new Monocle outpost, catching A$AP Rocky in Vancouver and screening the new Diana Vreeland documentary


Weekend To-Do October 19

With FASHION’s 35th Anniversary blow-out party behind us and Toronto Fashion Week ahead of us, we’re going to be indulging in a lot of R&R this weekend, with an emphasis on beauty sleep. Take it easy peasy with a trip to the Art Gallery of Ontario, a shopping trip to Monocle and a documentary about Diana Vreeland.

Fancy hats and the future of art: Go inside last night’s Massive Party at the AGO!


Photography by Erin Seaman

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Art lovers and party enthusiasts alike flocked to the Art Gallery of Ontario last night for its eighth annual Massive Party fundraiser. Spread throughout many of the gallery’s floors, guests mingled among works of art from the AGO’s collection and special exhibits that played off the party’s theme of “LIGHT SOUND OBJECT PAST PRESENT FUTURE.” While this message was projected as part of a light show on the very-coveted third floor, it might not have resonated with all the guests. “I think the theme is high school?” one attendee said after getting pinned with a “2nd Place” ribbon by a team of mock cheerleaders dressed in blue and white. (Their cheer? “Second is the new first!”) Read more »

Inside Jeanne Beker’s personal art collection: LaChapelle, Gaultier, Saint Laurent, and more!


Photography by David LaChapelle

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Jeanne Beker’s lifelong romance with fashion has been widely broadcast over the years, but did you know that she’s also an art lover? The Fashion Television host has been collecting contemporary art since 1980, beginning with her first painting from artist Marion Perlet. “Starting a collection seems daunting because it sounds like you’re making a commitment to a certain style or form or sensibility or type of work,” says Beker. “Art is all around us and exists in so many wonderful, different forms and at so many different price points.”
Beker was invited by the Art Gallery of Ontario to share several works from her diverse collection as part of the gallery’s Collector’s Series. FASHION got a one-on-one tour of her favourite pieces, along with some tips for would-be art aficionados. “Buy something that really speaks to you at the moment,” she advises. “And don’t ever buy anything just because you think it’s going to look good over your couch!”
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