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Afternoon Delight: The Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray that we’ll never part with


bumble-and-bumble-surf-sprayThink the Olsen twins originated slept-in, second-day beachy waves? Well, that is very upsetting and you should think these things through before you nod along. I prefer to credit the look to Courtney Love, legendary rockstar and overall fascinating human. Today is Love’s 50th birthday (!) and in honour of the icon’s signature look, I present you with my all-time favourite hair product for achieving that look, Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.

The saltwater-based spray, which includes seaweed and kelp extracts, has achieved icon status of its own, and for good reason; a couple spritzes into damp or dry hair and you’re left with sexy, Courtney-esque waves (like you just got off stage after playing Lollapalooza, if you will).  If you’re a messy hair-wearer like myself, this recommendation might be less “what?!” and more “duh,” but isn’t it nice to pay tribute to what we Love?

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray ($28,

Beauty Fix: A game-changing set of makeup brushes, your best bet for boosting volume in flat hair and more

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Beauty Fix

Every week our Beauty Fix columnist takes on your questions about makeup, skincare, hair and more. Have a beauty question we haven’t answered? Email us at

I want to overhaul my beauty bag with a new set of makeup brushes. What should I look for in terms of brushes that will help create a natural look and finish?
Cosmetics are so effective in enhancing your features and brushes are an excellent way of using and manipulating different products to further boost what you already have. Go beyond traditional brushes and try something new with M.A.C’s Masterclass Brush Collection (from $30, These brushes—which, admittedly, look like a cross between a hairbrush and a toothbrush—may be intimidating at first, but are a game changer once you get them in your hands! The super-soft synthetic bristles are tightly packed to achieve a very smooth finish when applying cream products. They’re also fantastic for packing on powder pigment (with a heavier hand and buffing motion) or diffusing colour for the softest, most natural finish (by using a gentle, sweeping motion). And thanks to the ergonomic handles, these brushes are extremely user-friendly for anyone, from makeup novice to makeup maven. Read more »

Christmas Gift Ideas, Stocking Stuffers: 60 clever picks under $25


christmas gift ideas stocking stuffers


See all the Christmas stocking stuffer gift ideas »


When it comes to Christmas gift ideas, stocking stuffers sit at the top of our list. These sometimes cheap and always cheerful items can make or break the Christmas morning experience—we’re certainly not the only ones who get just as much joy from unpacking a carefully curated stocking as we do in unwrapping presents, right?

To help with your stocking stuffer gift ideas, we’ve compiled 60 items to that will suit just about everyone on your list. Whether you’re paired with the hardest-to buy-for coworker in your office Secret Santa exchange, have a laundry list of relatives in need of gifts or want to find an unforgettable item for your significant other, we have you covered. Most importantly, all our stocking stuffer gift ideas are under $25. (At that price, you should probably pick up a few extras to ensure you’re ready for any last minute holiday get-togethers.)
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Fall Beauty 2013: 94 photos of the top runway trends and must-have products of the season


fall makeup trends 2013

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Spring’s bright lips, clean skin and dainty hair accessories were fun, but the Fall 2013 beauty trends give us much to be excited about. From ombré lips to decadent glitter, designers are embracing individuality with fall makeup, giving artists free reigns to experiment with the extremes. Lipgloss was layered on eyelids instead of lips, jewels adorned ears as well as eyes and sleek wigs were cropped into edgy bobs. Click through to see the best hair and makeup trends from the Fall 2013 runways as well as all the products you need to achieve the look. Read more »

Noticed: Playing cards, pastel hairnets and clips of all colours were popular backstage at the Fall 2013 shows


hair clip trend fall 2013

Photography: Runway by Peter; Product by Carlo Mendoza and Michelle Nunes

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Backstage at the fall shows, we spotted all manner of ways to keep hair off the face and crease-free, from playing cards to pastel hairnets. Bow-and leaf-shaped clips are stylist Guido Palau’s signature, while Bumble and Bumble coiffeurs keep a handy supply of logo’d cards. Read more »

Beauty Fix: A concealer to hide all sorts of blemishes, the trick to at-home facials and more answers to your beauty questions


Beauty Fix

Every week we take on your questions about makeup, skincare, hair and more and provide all the answers. This week we’re taking on questions about concealer, at-home facials and overnight skin treatments. While these may seem like very different concerns, the goal is all the same: How can you brighten your complexion? From multi-colour concealer palettes to a skincare regimen that will boost and brighten, read on for the full fix. Have a question we haven’t answered? Email us at

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7 steps to Lana Del Rey: Our DIY costume guide complete with big hair, big lips and pointy nails


Lana Del Rey halloween costume fashion

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There are seven days until all hollow’s eve and if our suggestions for becoming Kristen Stewart or Marc Jacobs weren’t enough for you, today we bring you the easiest Lana Del Rey costume possible.

To truly become the sultry songstress, this look is all about volume. Who would Lana Del Rey be without the poutiest pout around and biggest hair on the block? Just another gal, that’s who. So keep your shorts small, your t-shirt tied in a knot, your hair huge and you’ve got the look. Or, to make it super legit, add a biker gang to emulate her latest video.


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Pack light for the long weekend: 5 travel-sized hair products you’ll want to add to your suitcase


Long weekends can throw some beauty curveballs. (What do you mean there’s no running water in the cottage?) Hair can be the biggest challenge, because, yes, you want your go-to products with you, but not if it means dragging around a hockey bag’s worth of them that makes you look like Guido Palau ready for a day on set. We’ve found some pint-sized versions made for summer travel so you can covertly deal with everything from frizz to flatness.

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