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Perfume horoscopes: Your signature scent is already written in the stars


perfume horoscopes

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If I were to add up all of the hours of my life I’ve spent searching for the perfect signature fragrance, the results would surely be alarming and disturbing. I know I’m not alone in this lifelong quest, and yet the answer has been right in front of me (and you! us!) the whole time. Well actually, it’s been right above us. More and more people these days are looking toward the stars to better understand their personal sense of style and their preferences when it comes to hair, makeup and, yes, fragrance. With that in mind, I turned to the zodiac to find out more about perfume horoscopes.
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Who was best dressed at Fall 2014 Couture Week? Our top 5 celebrity picks


fall 2014 couture best dressed

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For many celebrities, making the rounds on the couture circuit is part of the job description. While there were plenty of A-list stars sitting front row at the latest Fall 2014 Couture week (we spotted Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Pink and Jared Leto!), five of Hollywood’s hottest actresses (who also happen to top best-dressed lists on a regular basis) stood out at the celeb-packed shows. So to celebrate the end of a stellar fashion week, we present you Queen of Fall 2014 Couture Week: A roundup of our five best dressed front row attendees, from J.Lo to KStew.

J’adore Dior’s golden girl, Charlize Theron, pretty much embodied her role as the perfume’s spokeswoman showing up in a glittering metallic-gold mini dress. And with a handsome-looking arm candy in tow (ahem, Sean Penn), we don’t see why she shouldn’t be crowned today’s Couture Queen. But fellow Dior ambassador Jennifer Lawrence, who looked particularly summery thanks to her tan, caused just as much buzz at the Fall 2014 Couture show. Dressed in her second Resort outfit of the summer, she hit all the right notes, from the textured asymmetrical hairstyle down to her two-tone accessories. And as if we couldn’t love her more, this also happened. Read more »

Stylish swimwear: 41 shopping picks to effortlessly match your suit to your outfit


Swimwear shopping picks

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Stylish swimwear has moved from a beach staple to full-on wardrobe inspiration. With many designers putting as much effort into swim trends as their clothing lines, there’s no surprise that this season’s bathing suits are influencing everything from watches to backpacks to printed pants. High on our radar are palm prints, geometric shapes, nautical stripes, and the oh-so-fresh fruit craze. Making your entire summer wardrobe flawlessly matchy-matchy, take some tips from these swim wear trends and you’re sure to make a splash both in the water and out.
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Now trending: 12 perfect pink perfumes that will have you smelling like everyone’s favourite spring hue


Marc Jacobs Pink Honey

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On Wednesdays we wear pink… you just can’t always see it. Warmer weather brings with it a sense of hazy nostalgia and longing for simpler, sweeter times, and that goes for scents as well. We’re putting down the bold, androgynous fragrances that we’ve been infatuated with, and are taking a look at some of the pretty perfumes that always manage to leave us feeling as carefree as ever.

With the exception of the satin jacket uniform that belonged to the Pink Ladies of Grease, pink (especially light pink) has never really been considered a cool-girl staple. However, thanks to the reemergence of the ’90s that’s infiltrated the fashion and beauty world for the past few seasons, baby pink is back in a new way and this time, it’s badder than ever. While the pretty shade once belonged to the likes of teenaged Britney and Christina, these days it’s being accepted by the cool kids, including the original bad gal herself, RiRi.

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Beauty fix: How to protect your hair this summer, a shine-free foundation that actually works and more


Beauty Fix

Every week our Beauty Fix columnist takes on your questions about makeup, skincare, hair and more. Have a beauty question we haven’t answered? Email us at

What exactly is a toning shampoo and what is it used for?
Toner is generally applied to hair that has been bleached in order to bring the colour down to the desired shade. A toning shampoo performs the function of a toner in a shampoo step to refresh and correct the tone of hair that has been succumbed to an undesired shade shift. John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo ($14, works to tone hair colour by absorbing UV light and emitting white-blue light so that brassy tones are eliminated and your hair is returned to its former salon-fresh shade in as little as three washes.

How do I protect my hair from overexposure in the sun and keep it healthy?
Our overall efforts related to a healthy life usually incorporate intense hydration and sun protection—hair is no exception to these efforts. Keep hair hydrated with moisturizing hair masques and be sure to protect hair when in the sun either by donning a hat or using products that contain sun filters in their formulations. If you want to rewind the clock, treat your hair as you would for your face and make sure you’re treating hair to beneficial ingredients! Schwarzkopf BC Hair Therapy Time Restore Rejuvenating Spray ($18, at salons) is a leave-in spray that contains coenzyme Q10, a well-known anti-aging mainstay, which stimulates production of two keratin types that usually slow down in natural production over time. This spray will help hair remain shiny, voluminous and healthy. Read more »

Cannes red carpet retrospective: The top 10 best dressed celebs in the film festival’s history


Cannes Red Carpet Top 10

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Beyond the foamy curtain of the Côte d’Azur lays the scene of cinema’s annual cult gathering—Cannes, a festival like no other. It is an event that has captivated audiences for the past 67 years with its unique and intoxicating brand of Mediterranean glamour.

Besotted by champagne soaked parties, historic hotels, and delectable French fare, it is a veritable paradise of indulgences for the beautiful, rich, and famous (which is at least what reading Assouline books on the topic will lead you to believe). The level of exclusivity on the Cannes red carpet guarantees that only a negligible percentage of the population will ever be granted access beyond its velvet ropes, which of course only adds to its prestigious reputation.
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How to wear jeans at any age: 4 perfect runway-inspired looks


Jeans At Any Age

How to wear jeans at any age »

Maintaining their place at top of modern day wardrobe food chain, jeans reign supreme as the modern day must-have. Here, we prove they’re just as versatile, whether you’re in your twenties, thirties, forties and beyond. Taking runway inspiration from 4 of this season’s hottest looks, we present: how to wear jeans at any age.
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Rihanna goes unexpectedly prim at yesterday’s Dior Cruise 2015 show


Rihanna Dior Cruise 2015 Show

Photography by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Christian Dior

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Who but Rihanna can go from lady to tramp and back again within the span of a week? After baring her bootie at Monday night’s Met Gala afterparty, she appeared atypically prim at yesterday’s Dior Cruise 2015 show in Brooklyn, where the brand took over the Navy Yard with its first New York show. Echoing Raf Simons’ latest collection of on-point Scandinavian femininity, the singer wore a pale pink quilted silk dress with a geo-floral printed Lady Dior bag and painterly swirled pumps. Swathed in updated pearl necklace, earring and bracelet settings, she was every bit of that modern lady seeping into the collective consciousness of late. Long live every single Rihanna mode.

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