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Top Fall 2014 Trends: 226 runway and street style photos of fashion month’s 10 biggest moments


Fall 2014 Trends

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Your first time at any international fashion week will teach you a valuable lesson: You need a fur. And not just any Margot Tenenbaum style granny hand-me-down. A fur so intricately patterned, multi-layered and artificially coloured, that it has to be designer. Given its place at the apex of the top Fall 2014 trends, you’d think recessionary times were long gone—it’s virtually everywhere, from a hyper colour mink at Altuzarra to a fluffy red dress at Prada. Wear it with caution or as Dior prescribes, dangle it over your arm like it’s no big d. Let the fur fly, scruples or otherwise.

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It’s all about the statement eye in Paris: 3 knock-out beauty looks from backstage at the Fall 2014 shows


Paris fashion week Fall 2014 beauty

Dries Van Noten and Lanvin photography by Peter Stigter; Dior photography via Instagram/allure_magazine

It’s all about the statement eye in Paris. Leading the charge—as usual—is Pat McGrath, whose latex-painted eye launched a thousand Instagrams from backstage at Dior this morning. If you’re as obsessed with glitter as we are, you know that the beauty at Dior is the place to be (hello, lover) and the two eye looks she created for Fall 2014 certainly surpassed our expectations.

The first was a shimmering assortment of “urban khaki” shades, applied heavily to the upper lid with just a trace trailing down from the inner eye. But the second look—the blue!—was the standout. According to Allure, McGrath traced the shape first with eyeliner, then applied latex makeup paint topped with a shimmer. Eyelashes were also painted with a matching blue mascara. This thick, vibrant-blue look makes us want to start mixing our own makeup mediums, pronto.

However, if bright blue glitter isn’t your thing, you can still get in on the statement eye trend with the looks from Dries Van Noten and Lanvin. Read more »

Street Style, Paris: 20 beautiful shots of models and fashion week stars outside the Fall 2014 shows


Street Style Paris Fashion Week

Photography by Team Peter Stigter

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After Milan’s colourful and delightfully wacky getups, the street style from outside Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014 is practically sombre in comparison. We mean that in the best way possible. A lack of pastel coats and flamboyant suits just seems to play into that effortlessly cool Parisian style—slouchy pants and sci-fi garb never looked so good.

With all of the blockbuster shows going on, many models were out and about in between shows. Fresh off the Dries Van Noten runway (we’d recognize the show’s dramatic eyeliner from a mile away) Hanne Gaby Odiele was spotted, first on the street and later taking it all in from the comfort of the back seat. Fellow catwalk star, Canadian model Grace Mahary, was feeling especially sassy in leather on leather, creating a good-humoured stick-up with her finger guns. Soo Joo Park was equally playful swinging her coat tails about, showing off her impossibly long gams in high waisted shorts and over the knee socks.
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Paris Fashion Week: Fall 2014 is anything but ordinary at Dries Van Noten and Rochas


Dries Van Noten Fall 2014

Photography by Peter Stigter

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I’m thrilled to have escaped the snow for sunshine in the city of light. A balmy 8 degrees makes show hopping a breeze. A few takeaways from day one:

The minimalism and simplicity shown in New York is nowhere to be seen during Paris Fashion Week for Fall 2014. Jewellery designer Eddie Borgo‘s new designs are more technical and complex than ever. Buffed to a shimmering shine, sandstone on cuffs and rings bring a new sense of colour and dimension to his work, while rows of red string tassels make a bold statement on layered necklaces. Dries van Noten proved yet again that he’s the master of mixed materials, incorporating foil flowers, felted stripes and a sea of sequins on his designs. Rochas, helmed for the first season by Alessandro Del Acqua, held nothing back in terms of embellishment. Giant gems and heavy appliqués adorned stiff, voluminous fabrics. These clothes will be wearing you, in the best possible way.
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Spring Beauty 2014: 109 photos of the top trends and must-have products this season


spring beauty 2014 trends

Photography: Runway by Peter Stigter; Product by Carlo Mendoza

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Ready to refresh your makeup bag? The beauty trends for Spring 2014 are all about colour, texture and letting your skin shine. Gone are last season’s moody berry shades, deep lips and velvet skin finishes. For Spring 2014, the top beauty trends include popsicle-orange lips, eyeshadows in every pastel shade under the sun and a whole lotta love for gold pigments. For those less inclined to pile on the product, good news: the no makeup makeup look is also trending this season. Read more »

Heroine Chic: Fashion fables take centre stage in this Winter issue photo shoot


Heroine Chic Winte Issue Photo Shoot

Photography by Chris Nicholls. Styled by Zeina Esmail. Hair by Justin German for Makeup by Sabrina Rinaldi foré/M.A.C. cosmetics. Manicure by Leeanne Colley for Prop styling by Suzanne Campos for Plutino Group. Fashion Assistant, Eliza Grossman. Animals provided by Phil Gaidy animals in action and Sundance Meadows petting zoo.

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The stars of our favourite childhood tales help tell the story of a season full of fashion character. In this photos shoot from our winter issue, we merged the Princess and the Pea with the likes of Chanel and recreated a fantasy version of the Paper Bag Princess complete with Givenchy logos. Take a high fashion trip back to the days of innocence.
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Lady in waiting: Lisa Cant stars in this boudoir-inspired photo shoot from our Winter 2014 issue


Winter 2014 Lisa Cant Boudoir Photo Shoot

Photographed by Gabor Jurina. Styled by George Antonopoulos. Hair by Justin German for Makeup by Greg Wencel for Fashion Assistant, Audra Harris. Shot on location at the Cadillac Motel, Niagara Falls.

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Satins, slips, feathers and lace allow femininity and romance to have a not-so-secret affair. In this retro photo shoot from our Winter 2014 issue, Canadian model Lisa Cant stars as the glamorous mistress awaiting her paramour’s arrival. Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Dries Van Noten’s shared Fall 2013 boudoir focus is the perfect aphrodisiac.
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Top Spring 2014 Trends: 200 fashion week photos


Spring 2014 Trends

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With the end of fashion week in Toronto marking the close of Spring 2014 show season, it’s time we looked back at all the trends that emerged. As much as the runway sets the pace for what’s to come for the top Spring 2014 trends, the streets play a major role as show-going trendsetters give us the relatable breakdown of how to wear what’s hot next season. Prints take two spots on our top Spring 2014 trends list through those with a painterly quality and those influenced by international cultures. At Hérmes, Rousseau-inspired water lily florals were printed on luxurious fabrics while at Diane Von Furstenberg, dresses and skirts depicting an African wilderness roared. As for fashionable time travel, prepare to keep reminiscing about the youthful 1990s, which haven’t ceased to get reincarnated season after season. Designers like Rodarte, Balmain and Jason Wu have reinvented the decade’s essentials yet again. To help with your daydreaming of long sunny spring days we’ve compiled the ultimate gallery of top Spring 2014 trends as dictated by the runways and our favourite street style stars in New York, London, Milan, Paris and Toronto! Feel free to let this be your guide to budgeting and creating closet space for next season’s must have pieces.

View by trend: 1. 1990s | 2. Art-Inspired | 3. Athletic | 4. Blue | 5. Crop Tops | 6. Embellishment | 7. Metallic | 8. Pleats | 9. Sheer | 10. Worldly
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