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You can’t fake fashion: eBay teams up with 90 top designers in the fight against counterfeit bags


you can't fake fashion

By Monique Loveless

Canadians are being offered a chance to fight fake fashion by bidding on tote bags designed by top American designers including Diane von Furstenberg, Ralph Lauren, Prabal Gurung and the Row. eBay will be selling specially created totes to support original designs and raise awareness of counterfeit bags. This marks the first time eBay has opened this type of auction to Canadians. Log on, bid and snag one or more of the “You Can’t Fake Fashion” totes that were created for this one-time auction.

To nab one of these unique totes log onto eBay today through March 25th at 12 pm (ET) and bid on these must have designs. Auctions start at $100.

Not feeling eBay lucky? Don’t worry you can still fight against counterfeit bags by buying one of the “Buy It Now” standard totes for $50.  Word to the wise, if you plan to play it safe login ASAP, as these totes will only be available until supplies last.

London Fashion Week will pay tribute to everyone’s favourite cartoon muse


A sketch by Richard Nicoll of his Minie Mouse Must Have design

One of the highlights of this year’s London Fashion Week is going to be inspired by an unlikely albeit adorable muse: Minnie Mouse and her famous polka-dotted ensemble will be the sartorial reference point for a whole slew of designers, who will be collaborating on an exclusive line in honour of the fictional mouse.

“Minnie Mouse Must Haves” designs will be unveiled during LFW, with Richard Nicoll, Katie Hillier, Giles Deacon, Terry de Havilland, Lulu Guinness and more contributing Minnie-inspired looks. Like Daisy Duck and the rest of her crew, Minnie had an unmistakable flare for fashion: bows, polka-dotted dresses and white gloves were always in her repertoire (not to mention her big, round ears), so expect the dot trend to hold strong on the spring 2013 runway.
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High-end Toronto jewellery designer Rebekah Price hits eBay for 10 days only!


View six of the pieces! »

Rebekah Price’s high-octane glamour may be more readily associated with luxury meccas like Holt Renfrew, but starting next week the Toronto-based jewellery designer will find a new (albeit temporary) home at
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They said/We said: Miami-based shoppers furious, as Jason Wu for Target stock sells out to resellers


Jason Wu for Target hit the stores and the web yesterday at 12:01 a.m., and much to the chagrin (but perhaps not the surprise) of fashionistas everywhere, so did hawk-eyed resellers.

The reselling phenomenon is by no means a new one—need we remind you of the countless H&M collabs?—but a particularly aggressive couple in a Miami Target has managed to capture everyone’s attention.

The clothes-snatching Bonnie and Clyde managed to buy out the store’s Jason Wu stock, scooping up $7,000 worth of clothing into two huge Costco-sized shopping carts (all very handily caught on video by a fellow shopper). It’s pretty obvious the couple was going to resell (we mean, we love Jason Wu too, but who really needs 20 of the exact same baby-blue blouse?).

It seems that diffusion lines are destined to an eBay fate. As it stands, over 12,000 Jason Wu for Target items are already being sold on the online bidding site. What can really be done, though? Should stores produce more? Some are pushing for a reselling boycott, which we are all for. But at the end of the day, if you really want a Jason Wu striped skirt, you’re going to buy the striped skirt—whether it’s from Target or eBay or Bonnie and Clyde.
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They said/We said: Versace for H&M shows up on eBay a week before it launches in-store


While not-yet-released Versace for H&M wares showed up on Chinese e-tail sites a few days ago, a more trustworthy option has now surfaced for the fast-fashion fans who just can’t wait to get their hands on the collection. With over a week to go until the Donatella-designed pieces are officially available, select styles and sizes of the coveted wares have been popping up on eBay—and with the majority of sellers living in New York City, the main culprits are Tuesday night’s party goers who are selling off their swag-bag items.

The launch party was the only time clothing and accessories from the collection have been available so far, and the gift bags and purchasable items from the party quickly appeared online, marked up by almost 50 percent. While there hasn’t been much bidding action yet, there are still a few days remaining. We can’t wait to see how much the already-popular floral pleated dress is going to sell for—but with the current bid at US$159 we’re sure it will skyrocket.
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Princess Beatrice’s crab-hat scares, hits Facebook, then sells!


Left: The David gets the royal treatment. Image via Facebook. Right: Princess Beatrice shot by Mike Marsland/Getty Images.

I think we’d all agree that Princess Beatrice’s bow-meets-crab Philip Treacy fascinator was amongst the breakout stars of the Royal Wedding. Now, the hat that scared a worldwide audience by peeking out during almost every shot of Will, Kate and Queen E at Westminster Abbey is going on to do more good by being auctioned off on eBay to profit UNICEF UK and Children in Crisis. And with just over a week to go until the bidding closes, offers have already reached $9,600! Haven’t got that kind of cash to spend on such a cherished piece of history? Get thee Photoshop and superimpose that creature atop your head, like the fans of these Facebook pages have done! It’s truly the hat that keeps on giving…
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Fashion news: LC in stop motion, ADR cleans out her closet, PPR goes green


By Renee Reardin and Meagan Wilson

Missing your Lauren Conrad fix—whether you’re willing to admit it or not? Take a peek at the intro that never was, from her cancelled reality show. [Angela+Ithyle] Read more »

Fashion news: Fashion Toast jewellery, Lindsey Wixson will wear Wu to prom, volcanic scents, and more


Lindsey Wixson at Jason Wu's Spring 2011 show. Photography by Peter Stigter

Lindsey Wixson is one lucky 16-year-old: Jason Wu will be designing her prom dress. [Vogue, via Fashionologie]

Rumi Neely of the blog Fashion Toast has teamed up with Dannijo to design a six-piece collection of edgy jewellery. [Refinery 29]

Mongolian granite sidewalks, Prada Hydro wires and a luxury shampoo recycler? The Globe & Mail spoofs Yorkville‘s facelift. (At least we think it’s a spoof.) [Globe and Mail] Read more »

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