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How to wear bright eyeshadow: 15 celebrities who rock every colour of the rainbow


how to wear bright eyeshadow celebrity

See how to wear bright eyeshadow like your favourite celeb »

Lips may be seen as the go-to when it comes to statement beauty looks, but some of our favourite celebrities prove that that’s not always the case by demonstrating exactly how to wear bright eyeshadow. Every so often, A-list stars dabble in the art of statement eyes on the red carpet by experimenting with bright eyeshadow, and obviously, it makes us beauty junkies positively giddy. But mastering the statement eye is no easy feat, especially when it comes down to zeroing in on what colour works for your individual skin tone. But before you pass on this celebrity beauty trend, we’ve rounded up 15 of the best statement eyes to show you exactly how to wear bright eyeshadow the right way. From Elle Fanning’s striking yellow eyeliner to Olivia Wilde’s flirty purple eyeshadow, we present you the best statement eyes out there in every colour of the rainbow! Read more »

How to wear white eyeliner: 3 Beauty Panel tips for bringing back this ’90s trend


white eyeliner how to

Ah, white eyeliner! If you came of age in the mid-’90s, white eyeliner was basically the only makeup necessary. While we may have layered it on in a thick, not-quite-cat-eye swipe with little interest in technique or precision, white eyeliner was popular because it’s really so forgiving. No matter how you use it, white liner or shadow is guaranteed to make your eyes pop. Which is precisely why it appeared on so many runways at the Spring 2014 shows. From a soft wash of all-over white at Altuzarra to graphic lines at Kate Spade to BCBG’s romantic white cat-eye, it’s clear this makeup trend is back and better than ever. And our Beauty Panel certainly agrees!

Challenge 60: How do you wear white eyeliner? See the answers now! »

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Afternoon delight: This eyeshadow palette takes all the guesswork out of doing a smoky eye


smashbox full exposure

You may be thinking that this looks like any other neutral eyeshadow palette out there. While this Full Exposure Palette does indeed have a range of colours that eyeshadow lovers are quite familiar with, Smashbox gives you a whole new way to use them. Along with the sample-sized Full Exposure mascara, the kit comes with a handy how-to pamphlet that has 18 (yes, 18!) mini-tutorials on how to get your best day, night and defined look. The reason there’s 18 is because each tutorial is customized for a different eye shape: almond, round, upturned, downturned, monolid and hooded. So genius! And also so, so easy to use.

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette ($58,

How to wear red eyeshadow: 9 Beauty Panel tips for mastering this dramatic fall makeup trend


red eye makeup

Spring may have brought back cool blue tones for eyes, but this season the trend is something much more dramatic: red eyeshadow.

Essentially drama meets punk chic (think Kristen Stewart at the 2013 Met gala), red makeup may be one of the hardest colours to master when it comes to the eyes. However, with Gucci’s cranberry-red shimmer and Emporio Armani’s subtle-yet-flirtatious red eyeliner, we can’t help but want to give this look a try. But before we jump to the punch and risk looking too costumey, we asked the Beauty Panel to share some of their tips and tricks on how to make red eyeshadow work.

Challenge 27: How do you wear red eyeshadow? See the answers now! »

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How to complement your eye colour with makeup: 6 Beauty Panel tips for blue, brown, hazel and green eyes

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makeup matc eye colour

The beauty of makeup is in its ability to transform. While full-on makeovers may come to mind, the use of one just product—an eyeshadow, mascara or blush—can alter your appearance in the most subtle way. And when it comes to enhancing your eye colour, there’s no better way to make your eyes pop than with a swipe of complementary shadow.

But how do you know what makeup shade will complement your eye colour best? Do you turn to a colour that matches your eyes or choose one that’s the opposite? Blue eyeshadow may have been a favourite colour on the Spring 2013 runway, but for some of us it may not necessarily be the best choice.

Before you start testing every eyeshadow in your makeup bag, read on. Whether your eyes are blue, green, brown or hazel, the Beauty Panel is here to share their expert tips on makeup that makes eye colour stand out.

Challenge 20: How do you complement your eye colour with makeup? See the answers now! »

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Beauty Fix: Why you should use an antioxidant with your SPF and more answers to your beauty questions

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Beauty Fix

Every week our Beauty Fix columnist takes on your questions about makeup, skincare, hair and more. Have a beauty question we haven’t answered? Email us at

What kind of mascara formula leads to more volume? I’m not in love with my current tube and am looking for a replacement.
As we’ve discussed before, finding the right mascara is a personal thing that involves many factors, such as your own lashes, mascara formula, mascara brush, application and the effect you’re looking to achieve. Generally, you’ll find that mascaras that aim to lengthen lashes have a wetter formula, while more voluminizing formulas are drier in consistency. A just-launched mascara with a drier consistency formula (which also means it will set faster and be less resistant to smudges) is Cover Girl Flamed Out Mascara ($10, at drugstores). The hollow bristles of this hourglass-shaped brush pick up way more product, meaning you’ll get healthy coverage with every stroke. The dryer formula also makes layering ideal—you can keep “pumping up” each lash with product until you have the desired amount of volume. The end result will certainly be impressive enough to keep this tube in your rotation! Read more »

Summer makeup: 6 beauty products to start using this season

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summer makeup must haves

See all our summer makeup must-haves »

There are plenty of reasons to switch up the products in your makeup bag. From a friend’s suggestion to a sale at the drugstore, if you’re obsessed with beauty products, almost anything can inspire a change in routine. But if you’re looking to justify the purchase of a new eyeshadow, blush or moisturizer, let the change in temperatures guide you. After all, summer makeup is the stuff that beauty dreams of made of. Bronzed cheeks, dewy skin, relaxed hair and bright colours are all popular this time of year, making it an ideal time to try something new. Read more »

Beauty Fix: How to get curly lashes without an eyelash curler and more answers to your beauty questions

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Beauty Fix

Every week our Beauty Fix columnist takes on your questions about makeup, skincare, hair and more and provide all the answers. This week we share a tip for eyeshadows that will make blue eyes shine (it’s all about complementary colours!) and an equally helpful product for making dull skin look radiant. Plus: We introduce a new way of applying moisturizer that’s quicker than the traditional pump. Have a beauty question we haven’t answered? Email us at

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