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Emma Stone’s hair evolution: 15 of the star’s best looks, from red to brown to blonde and back again


Emma Stone hair

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Frequently changing your hair colour is no easy feat, but Hollywood’s funny girl Emma Stone has it down pat. Stunning as a blonde (her natural hair colour, fyi), redhead and brunette, she does no wrong when it comes to rocking a variety of shades and styles. Read more »

Why you should forget you ever knew that Kristen Stewart dyed her hair orange


kristen stewart orange hair

Uh oh. Kristen Stewart dyed her hair orange this weekend, but it seems like that was maybe something we were not supposed to know. The bright dye job was for Stewart’s upcoming role in the indie film American Ultra, which is currently filming in New Orleans. Hence, Friday’s Instagram update from a NOLA hair salon, which showed a smiling, orange hair-hued Stewart giving the peace sign while posing next to a stylist. Read more »

Nicole Richie vs Katy Perry: Which star does candy-coloured hair best?


Nicole Richie Katy Perry hair

Photography by Araya Diaz/WireImage

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Brightly coloured hair, don’t care! It took less than a day for Katy Perry’s new “slime green” dye job to make an appearance on the red carpet and we have to say… we’re pretty into it. Sure, the ends may look just a touch fried and if you squint you could easily mistake her hair for part of the background foliage, but her almost-neon style is pretty eye-catching and, well, flattering.

Perry was out with a few other notable names (Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie) to support California congressional candidate Marianne Williamson. Fun fact: Williamson, who is best known as the author of the Oprah-approved A Return to Love officiated Elizabeth Taylor’s last wedding, which was held at Neverland Ranch in 1991. Needless to say, Williamson has some pretty influential people in her rolodex, hence the star-studded press event. Read more »

Luminous skin and Lorde-esque dark lips make for a strong beauty look at Bellavance Fall 2014


Bellavance Fall 2014 beauty

Photography courtesy P&G

If Bellavance designers Nolan Bellavance and Ava Hama had told us that of-the-moment pop star Lorde was the beauty inspiration for their Fall 2014 show, we’d make no objections. At last night’s presentation at The ShOws, dark lipstick à la the New Zealand singer’s signature look was the biggest beauty statement. “She’s kind of this girl that’s breaking out from the mould—so instead of that classically beautiful like bare face, she’s gonna go strong, deep with a colour that you’re not naturally drawn to,” said Cover Girl makeup pro Veronica Chu of the deep-plum lipstick with a distinct brown undertone. Read more »

Bright hair for all! Demi Lovato, Nicole Richie and Kate Bosworth have all made dramatic colour changes



Forget the paparazzi! When you’re a celebrity with thousands upon thousands of Twitter followers, a selfie is the best way to announce a new hair colour. Change is clearly in the air right now, as Nicole Richie, Demi Lovato and Kate Bosworth all debuted bright new looks this week. Subtlety doesn’t seem to exist in any of their vocabularies either, as all three stars have made a dramatic change to their hair colour.

Demi Lovato may be the least surprising of the bunch, as she’s rocked almost every hair colour you can imagine, from platinum blonde to raven black to navy blue. However, fans on Lovato’s Facebook page were freaking out yesterday when she posted a photo with the caption, “So…. This happened…… Oops. #NEONLIGHTSTOUR.” The photo showed an electric razor alongside a pile of pink hair and a snipped off ponytail, prompting speculation that the singer had gone mega short. However, Lovato soon uploaded a selfie debuting her new look, a side-shaved hairstyle alongside the cheeky caption “IDGAF”. Either Lovato was feeling that YOLO attitude or perhaps she took inspiration from Rihanna, who championed the side-shaved look while on her 777 world tour. Either way this feisty new haircut matches perfectly with the singer’s rock-star stage persona. Read more »

Jared Leto’s beauty secret: His Oscars hair was all about the second-day style

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Jared Leto hair oscars 2014

Photography by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

If you’re looking for volume or planning on styling an updo, chances are you know that second-day hair is the way to go. Freshly washed hair can look too squeaky-clean and doesn’t hold its shape as well, plus there’s also a gritty, cool-girl factor that only second-day hair can provide. However, should you think this is a hair secret only used by women, think again. According to Vidal Sassoon hairstylist Chase Kusero, Jared Leto’s winning hair at the 2014 Oscars was all about the second-day style.

Should you want to copy the look (hey, those beachy waves would look just as good on a lady as they do on Leto) or get your guy on the edgy, long hair train, here’s how it was done. The night before the Academy Awards, Chase prepped Leto’s wet hair with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Waves Primer Spray and Pro Series Waves Pomade. Read more »

Spring Beauty 2014: 109 photos of the top trends and must-have products this season


spring beauty 2014 trends

Photography: Runway by Peter Stigter; Product by Carlo Mendoza

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Ready to refresh your makeup bag? The beauty trends for Spring 2014 are all about colour, texture and letting your skin shine. Gone are last season’s moody berry shades, deep lips and velvet skin finishes. For Spring 2014, the top beauty trends include popsicle-orange lips, eyeshadows in every pastel shade under the sun and a whole lotta love for gold pigments. For those less inclined to pile on the product, good news: the no makeup makeup look is also trending this season. Read more »

Lobs for all! Taylor Swift is the latest star to embrace the cropped cut trend


Taylor Swift Short Hair

Photography courtesy of Instagram

Late last night there was some beauty magic underfoot. After hitting the stage one last time in London, Taylor Swift was feeling a little adventurous and got a haircut. No, not a trim. We’re talking real haircut. Taking a cue from her Victoria’s Secret bestie Karlie Kloss, the country pop sensation chopped off her signature long curly locks into a wavy bob.

Hitting just under the jaw line and finished with side swept bangs, the look certainly reminds us of Karlie’s shocking chop pre-Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012. Shown on Instagram in a pic with Ellie Goulding, Taylor also released a teaser video showing her entire entourage keeping watch as she did the deed. Perhaps Taylor is hoping to attract a new beau to go along with the new do or maybe it was her new-found friendship with Cara Delevingne that had Taytay feeling more adventurous than usual. Either way, we’re a fan of the new look.

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