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New Year’s Eve beauty: 10 hair and makeup essentials to get you through the night and into 2013

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New Year's Eve hair and makeup beauty products

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Three, two, one, Happy New Year! 2013 is almost here and we’re asking: What are you doing on New Year’s Eve? Whether you consider it a night to go all out or prefer to keep celebrations more low key, it’s a holiday that deserves a little extra prep and primping. In order to help you look your best while counting down the final minutes of 2012 we’ve rounded up ten hair and makeup products that are essentials for New Year’s Eve—a roadmap for looking your best, if you will.

We have the best new glitter nail polish, a last-all-night lipstick and a curling iron that will keep your hair styled well into the beginning of 2013. Our beauty picks also include the best products to keep tucked in your purse, from a pocket-sized concealer to a makeup artist-approved method for refreshing your look between parties. (And if you’re looking for further inspiration for New Year’s Eve, may we suggest our holiday hair and makeup tutorials?) Even better, our beauty essentials are also helpful once the party has ended: from the absolute best way to remove your makeup while you’re crawling into bed to a next-day face mask you’ll love, we have you covered. The countdown to midnight is on: read on and get ready to start primping for 2013!
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Fall/Winter 2012 fashion trends hit the holidays: 75 shopping picks to help you ring in the new year in style


Fall Winter 2012 Fashion Trends for Holiday

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It’s nearing the end of the year, and with that comes the ultimate end of year party, New Year’s Eve. Choosing what to wear on this occasion—or for any holiday parties–can be tricky, but there were many strong trends that stood out on the Fall 2012 runways that can help you stylishly ring in 2013.

Deep, rich burgundy clothes were seen on the runways of the likes of Peter Som for Fall 2012, but if you want to opt for something other than red around Christmas, then go for crisp, clean white clothing and accessories. Popular on runways such as Prabal Gurung’s, pair a white piece of clothing with a pop of emerald green and some gold jewellery and you’ll be looking festive and on-trend in no time.
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Kate Middleton opts for a low-key Christmas look while spending the day with her family


Prince William and Kate Middleton attend Christmas Day services in Berkshire England

Photography via

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Christmas time is family time at its best—a sentiment that was especially embraced by the Duchess of Cambridge, who opted to spend her last Christmas before motherhood with her own family at their home in Berkshire alongside Prince William, rather than with the rest of the Royal Family who gathered at Sandringham with Queen Elizabeth.

For the Middleton family’s visit to St. Marks church (caroling was involved!), Kate opted to wear some old favourites, including the brown wool Celeste coat by Hobbs she previously wore while on visit to Liverpool last February, her matching brown suede Aquatalia boots and her green amethyst Kiki McDonough earrings. Her hair was pulled back into a simple low bob, which while uncharacteristic for the Duchess, must have been her wanting to be comfortable.

The Duchess amped up the festive spirit with the red Hugo Boss pashmina she wore last summer while on visit to Prince Edward Island and a red Gucci clutch she’s been carrying of late. Red seemed the accent colour of choice for the Middleton family, with Carole and Pippa opting to accessorize in the same shade.

While the rest of the day was a private affair for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Middleton family, we can only hope for clues inside Pippa Middleton’s entertainment book, Celebrate.

DIY Gifts: 3 quick and easy accessory ideas all under $10!

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DIY Gifts

Photography by Stephanie J. Algieri

By Nicole Seymour

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and instead of braving the malls alongside last minute shoppers, we’ve got 3 quick, easy and super cheap (they’re all under $10!) DIY gifts that would make ideal stocking stuffers, thank yous or even add-ons for your most stylish friends. For the statement-maker, a bright read sparkly barette gives just the right festive touch to any holiday party look. For the elegant lady (or lady in training), a chic twisted pearl headband adds that classic touch to any outfit. And for your most fashion forward friend, chain-linked collar tips take any simple button-down to the next level. So whether you’re rushing to craft the perfect last minute gift for a friend or creating a simple holiday accessory with lots of pizazz, these 3 DIY ideas should thrill in quite literally no no time at all.

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Holiday hair: Learn how to halo braid your hair in 6 easy steps


Holiday hair tutorial braid halo updo

Hair and makeup by Margot Keith. Model: Angela/Ford Models. Photography by Stephanie J. Algieri.

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Braid enthusiasts, this one’s for you! The halo braid (otherwise known as a milkmaid braid or braided updo) takes practice but is beyond impressive once it’s mastered. From Erdem to Valentino to Emerson, halo braids keep showing up on the runways season after season, and the red carpet has followed: Keira Knightly, Scarlett Johansson, Ashley Olsen and Elle Fanning have all embraced halo braids. So when it comes to holiday hair (think: New Year’s Eve hair!), this style is certainly a showstopper.

If you’re confident in your French braiding skills this will be an easy holiday hairstyle to master. But newbies, don’t fret! Our step-by-step guide was developed in conjunction with Toronto-based hairstylist Margot Keith and takes all the confusion out of this complicated style. If you dream of doing a halo braid for New Year’s Eve, dedicate one of your lazy holiday afternoons to practicing your braiding skills. After a few test rounds we promise you’ll get the hang of it. And, like all of the styles in our series of holiday hair tutorials, the halo braid works well beyond Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s Eve parties. (So be sure to right-click save our handy one-page guide for future reference!) Ready to start braiding? Read on to see how this holiday hairstyle is done. Read more »

Holiday Makeup: 3 step-by-step tutorials for festive party looks and New Year’s Eve celebrations


Holiday makeup tutorials

With the year’s end on the horizon, social calendars are filled to the brim with holiday parties of all sorts—and you’re suddenly tasked with finding new and creative ways to primp. Taking a nod from beauty trends on the runways and red carpets, we’ve created three scene-stealing holiday makeup looks that will be the perfect accompaniment to both your sky-high heels and cozy cashmere knits. In fact, you can wear all of these looks to any type of festive event, so whether you’re heading to an intimate house party or a glittering gala, our tutorials will have you covered—and make sure you stand out in a sea of cocktail dresses.

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Holiday Parties: 3 of Canada’s most stylish women share their wardrobe and hosting tips

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Holiday Parties

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Glitz and glam reigns supreme during holiday season. From twinkling lights to shimmering dresses, three of the country’s most stylish hostesses show us how to bring it on home when hosting a New Years bash or Christmas dinner party. Jacquie Somerville, Krystal Koo, and Eva Hartling‘s inspired holiday ideas will have you dreaming up ways to perfect your holiday gathering. These women turn up the heat in the kitchen (or hire someone to do so) as well as in their closet with their party appropriate shopping picks. While their holiday parties may differ in style, it’s indisputable that each lady knows how to throw a chic bash with a healthy dose of holiday sparkle.

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Holiday hair: Do a twisted chignon updo in just 7 easy steps


Holiday hair tutorial simple chignon twist

Hair and makeup by Margot Keith. Model: Zahra/Ford Models. Photography by Stephanie J. Algieri.

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If the word “updo” is something you normally associate with a visit to the salon, think again! While there are indeed complex styles that require the assistance of many hands, many updos are simple to do at home and take only a few minutes to master. The chignon—which can refer to any gathered hairstyle that sits at the nape of your neck—is ideal holiday hair because, based on your skill level and the event you’re attending, it can be perfectly polished or left loose and messy. But however you style it, compliments are sure to follow. (And isn’t that what holiday hair is all about?) Read more »

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