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What’s in your bag, Jacquelyn Francis?


Jacquelyn Francis

Photography by Colin Gaudet

What’s in your bag, Jacquelyn Francis? »

In the magazine world, they say it takes a village to send any given issue to print. Here at FASHION, it takes Jacquelyn Francis. Our too-cool executive editor holds the reins on production, making sure that everyone’s dotted their Is and crossed their Ts with fashionable flavour to boot. In this edition of “What’s in your bag?”, she gives us a bit of insight into what keeps her in tip top mental shape on a day to day basis. First clue: Prada.
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What’s in your bag, Charlotte Olympia Dellal?


Charlotte Olympia Dellal

Photography by Peter Jensen

Explore Charlotte Dellal’s bag »

Designer of darling shoes and handbags—Kitty flats, Lobster t-straps and Gummi Bear clutches among them—that bear the moniker Charlotte Olympia and a spider’s web emblem, Charlotte Dellal made the transatlantic flight from London last week for a trunk show at The Room at Hudson’s Bay Vancouver. Before greeting fans and introducing them to her latest sea-themed spring collection “Overboard,” she clicked open her Brigitte Bardot-clad clutch for us to snoop through. In addition to a well documented heel fetish, the lady is mad about miniature things, and that includes nail polish, hairbrushes and her three adorable sons.

What’s in your bag, Harley Viera-Newton?


Harley Viera Newton

Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

What’s in your bag, Harley Viera-Newton? »

Last week, one of fashion’s coolest It girls took time out from spinning at Chanel, fronting a Gucci lookbook and collaborating with Dior Beauty to close Rudsak‘s 20th anniversary show during Toronto Fashion Week. A few hours before the show, we got to be ultimate creeps, rummaging inside her bag for daily go-tos. Amongst the items, we found the key to Viera-Newton’s signature look: long lasting beauty products. “Once I start DJing, I don’t really have time to touch up so whatever is on at the start has to stay on,” she said. Take note, working girls!

Rihanna’s new look: Is the patron saint of badassery going soft on us?


Rihanna January 2014

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Rihanna, otherwise known as the baddest b*tch on Instagram, is embracing a softer side for 2014. She’s been stepping out in more than a few mega classy spring looks as of late and while we’ll never not crave a little stripper steez, her softer side equally intrigues us. After all, any good fashion plate must shed her layers once in a while.

This weekend, Rihanna attended Roc Nation’s pre-Grammy party in the opening look from Altuzarra’s latest lady-for-everyday collection. The Spring 2014 outfit featured a silk striped button down blouse that was worn tucked into a three-quarter-length fold-over stripe skirt and paired with white Manolo Blahnik heels as well as an assortment of bling by Neil Lane, Roseark and Jennifer Meyer. Okay, so the top was unbuttoned down to her naval and the skirt was slit to her lady bits. It’s still quite a departure from this this and this (and this).
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Spring 2014′s top fashion week moments: The 25 shows, gossip, swag and trends we’ll never forget


Spring 2014 top fashion week moments

Photography by Peter Stigter

Count down Spring 2014′s top fashion week moments »

Compiled by Nancy Won, Randi Bergman, Zeina Esmail and Bernadette Morra

Fashion week is a little like Groundhog Day, isn’t it? Just as you get used to this season’s It bag, you’re thrust into the eye of another must-have storm. A month before we prepare to do it all over again, we look back at Spring 2014 and recount the best looks, most memorable moments and juiciest gossip from the front lines of fashion week. From Chanel’s selfie-primed runway space to Alexander Wang’s logomania, here are the 25 things you’ll need to know from New York to Paris and back again.

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Top 10 Fashion Influencers of 2013: We count down the biggest and best moments

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Top 10 Fashion Influencers 2013

Capping off a year in style always seems so, for lack of a better word, crazy. With just about a meme a minute and the web’s proclivity for hyperbole (we’re guilty), there seem to have been so many “best moments ever.” Many of those moments involved the 10 influencers on this list, which helps. But many of them, like this, this and this will just live in our mind for all eternity until we fixate on something else. Meanwhile, here’s who we think was at the top of their game in 2013.
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Black Friday 2013: Our constantly updated guide to the in-store and online sales you need to know about


Black Friday 2013

Photography via Ian Muttoo/Flickr

We may celebrate Thanksgiving at different times but as our American neighbours recover from this week’s turkey and fixings with a little retail therapy, we too will join in the shopping frenzy that is Black Friday.

The much-anticipated shopping day falls on November 29, 2013 and retailers are offering extended hours, not-to-miss markdowns, giveaways and special perks to get into the festivities. For those of you who want to avoid the crowds, Cyber Monday will follow when the deals hit the web for your at-home convenience. Like never before, shopping deals are available on both sides of the border with brands like Old Navy having a storewide fifty percent off sale and the chance for one lucky shopper to become a millionaire by the end of the day. Heyo! Cyber Monday 2013 will also prove launch day for M.A.C, as the cosmetics company is adding to the hype by launching a black lipstick dubbed “Hautecore” online only.

Now that you’ve browsed our 2013 holiday guide and your shopping list has started to take shape, this weekend will be a great time to tackle your gift buying. We’ve gathered the best deals, perks and services to expect before and during Black Friday and not forgetting Cyber Monday. We’ll keep updating our list so do check back.


Christmas Gifts For Best Friend: 61 amazingly stylish picks under $100

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christmas gift ideas for best friend


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When it comes to besties, Christmas shopping ought to be a cakewalk. But sometimes finding the perfect gift isn’t that simple. If your girl is anything like us, she’s mega discerning. A scented candle just won’t do and neither will mall crowds, so here we present 60 perfect Christmas gift ideas for your best friend, purchasable directly online.

Perfectly timed for the holiday season, two of fashion’s definitive It girls released books this season. If your best friend is a Man Repeller disciple, snag her the blogger turned writer’s first book, Man Repeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls. If the Brit scene’s more her thing, pick up It, a lovely collaged lesson in cool by Alexa Chung.

As per the season, the ultimate infinity scarf also makes the perfect gift, with Vocado’s thick knit version ranking high on our cozy scale. Another goodie: The Drake General Store’s Shared onesie makes the cutest accoutrement for modern day slumber parties. And because sharing is caring, CB2’s rocking iPhone speaker splitter allows you to both listen through the same device.
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