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We didn’t see this one coming: M.A.C is doing a Marge Simpson collab


MAC Marge Simpson collection

International makeup giant M.A.C Cosmetics, known for exceptional products and distinctive collaborations, have quite a unique collection in store for Fall 2014. After 550 episodes of the much-loved animated sitcom, The Simpsons, Marge Simpson will join the roster of stars with their own M.A.C collections.

Following past partnerships with some other iconic female characters, like Barbie and Archie’s Betty and Veronica, the M.A.C Marge Simpson collaboration will be comprised of limited-edition colour cosmetics in honour of show’s 25th season.

With hundreds of Simpsons episodes out there, we can’t help but notice that the long-standing television housewife rarely dons any makeup. Marge Simpson, known for her exceptionally tall blue hair, sticks to a largely minimalist look throughout the years, leaving us to speculate over the still-secret details of the collection. Read more »

Introducing M.A.C Maleficent: See the entire evil villain-approved makeup collection now!


Maleficent MAC collection

See the complete M.A.C Maleficent collection »

M.A.C fanatics, your new obsession is here! The cosmetics giant is always good for going all out when it comes to collaborations, and the soon-to-launch limited edition M.A.C Maleficent collection lives up to our expectations. Designed to “delight the most demanding of dark sorceresses,” this colour cosmetics collection is definitely wicked: we’re talking blood-red shades of polish and lip colour, moody shadows and false lashes for dramatic flair.

Of the 14 products in the M.A.C Maleficent collection, we’re most intrigued by the Prep + Prime highlighter twist-up brush—sure to make anyone feel Sleeping Beauty-gorgeous after a long night out and about. Second to that is Penultimate Eyeliner, because when you’re designing an eyeliner inspired by someone clad in all black, the colour payoff is sure to be excellent. And finally, we’ll give you five seconds to guess the name of the aforementioned blood-red M.A.C Maleficent lipstick: it’s titled a very Disney-approved “True Love’s Kiss.” Read more »

How to fill in eyebrows: 4 techniques for blondes, brunettes and more


how to fill in eyebrows

Model photography and makeup by Dallas Curow

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Eyebrows have long been an over-groomed feature, having been waxed, plucked or threaded into oblivion over the last few decades. Recently, inspired by the natural features of celebrities such as model Cara Delevingne and starlet Lily Collins, full brows have made a full resurgence in the beauty zeitgeist. Read more »

Proenza Schouler for M.A.C: An exclusive chat with Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez about the beauty collab


Proenza Schouler MAC

Photography by Carlo Mendoza

See the entire Proenza Schouler for M.A.C collection »

They say that youth is wasted on the young, but Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez haven’t frittered theirs away. In 2002, at only 23, they launched Proenza Schouler, which has gone global. But in spite of running one of the most coveted labels in the world, they retain an air of boyish charm.

Seated in a suite in London’s Claridge’s hotel, both are in rumpled clothes and sneakers: Hernandez’s are New Balance, McCollough’s are Adidas. They’re here to discuss their partnership with M.A.C, a brand that has paved the way for designer makeup collaborations—Alexander McQueen, Rodarte and Gareth Pugh are a few it’s teamed with. “We don’t even think of them as collaborations,” says James Gager, senior vice-president and group creative director. “My attitude is these are just people who are part of our brand.” Given that M.A.C has been the beauty sponsor for Proenza’s shows since 2008, it’s a wonder it didn’t happen sooner. Read more »

Change your look fast: 5 quick makeup fixes


makeup quick fix

Photography: Model by Dallas Curow; Product by Carlo Mendoza

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When life gets busy, it’s easy for a makeup routine to become, well, routine. We fall back on our tried and true methods and take the easy route just make it out the door on time! Luckily, we’re here to help you out of even the deepest beauty rut with a few tiny tweaks that make a big impact.

From brightening up a bold lip to switching up your bronzer application, these quick makeup fixes will breathe some new life into your daily beauty regimen without stealing valuable time. Read more »

Beauty Fix: How to heal hair ruined by dry weather, a self-tanner that doesn’t smell (honestly!) and more


Beauty Fix

Every week our Beauty Fix columnist takes on your questions about makeup, skincare, hair and more. Have a beauty question we haven’t answered? Email us at

Nail polish often looks uneven because the natural texture of my nails shows through. Can I fix this?
The visual appearance of our naked nails is actually a significant indicator of our internal health, so it’s important to pay attention to what’s up when they’re bare. It’s normal to have ridges on your nails that run up and down lengthwise, and these are not a huge cause for concern. Buffing nails prior to applying polish may seem like a logical solution, but this can actually weaken your nails. A better solution is to use a ridge filling base coat, such as Joe Fresh Ridge Filler ($6, at Joe Fresh), in order to create a smooth, even surface for polish application. A quick coat of this before you apply your colored polish will balance everything out and make ridges a thing of the past. Read more »

Mikael D backstage beauty: Deconstructed beehives and luminous skin dial up the romance for Fall 2014


Mikael D Fall 2014 beauty

Photography by George Pimentel Photography

As runway light bounced off intricate embroidery at the Mikael D Fall 2014 show, the skin gleamed just the same. M.A.C senior artist Jane McKay drew inspiration from the opulence of Baroque textures and designed a fresh-yet-glamorous look. Radiance was an important element in the makeup: “It’s all about the play of light bouncing off the skin,” said Ricky Boudreau, M.A.C cosmetics trainer, who led the team backstage.

Models’ skin was moisturized with Strobe Cream and kept lustrous with a light application of Mineralize Moisture Foundation and Concealer. Boudreau softly sculpted the cheeks with Sculpt Powder and added an additional hit of illumination with an iridescent loose powder—“Silver Dusk”—applied around the eye, from brow to cheekbone. Brows were simply groomed with Brow Set in “Clear.” Finally, eyelids were drenched in bronzed gold tones and intensified with a set of MAC #33 lashes and multiple coats of mascara. Boudreau pressed a layer of “Half & Half” lipstick into the lips with his fingers for a neutral pout. Read more »

Beauty 101: How to match your lipstick and blush


how to match your lipstick and blush

Photography: Model by Dallas Curow; Product by Carlo Mendoza

See how to match your lipstick and blush »

Blush and lipstick are meant to live in harmony. Both products are intended to create a look of flushed, healthy beauty, and used together, they can brighten your appearance on even the dreariest days. But how do you match your lipstick and blush? To get the best results, it’s important to choose colours that complement and don’t clash with each other. But with never-ending choices, finding the right pair can be a challenge. Read more »

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