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What to wear for Pride Week: 16 rainbow-hued outfit options to celebrate this weekend in style


pride week valentino resort 2015

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World Pride Week may have technically kicked off last Friday, but judging from all the festivities happening right now in Toronto, the party shows no signs of slowing down, especially with the Celebration of Love Grand Pride Wedding taking place at Casa Loma this afternoon. While there may only be a few more days left of Pride Week, there really is no such thing as being too late to join in on the fun. To make sure you’re set when it comes to what to wear for Pride Week, we’ve rounded up 16 of the best rainbow fashion and beauty items from our favourite online shops, so you can show off your best Pride Week style for the festival’s final weekend. Luckily, rainbow-bright prints are a huge trend right now (case in point: the Valentino Resort 2015 outfit above). From silky bomber jackets and standout flatform sandals to rainbow glitter nail polish, we present you with our one-stop shopping and inspiration guide for what to wear for Pride Week. Read more »

Solange’s best beauty looks: A look back at the singer’s most memorable red carpet moments


Solange CFDA

Photography by Larry Busacca

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When you think of Solange Knowles best beauty looks, bold and bright shades immediately come to mind, right? In typical younger sibling fashion, Solange has made a name for herself on the red carpet by being the cooler, edgier Knowles sister. While Beyonce is known for her curve-hugging, metallic gowns and perfect, beauty pageant hair,  Solange usually goes for more risk-taking looks, like turquoise eyeliner and hot pink lips. In honour of her 28th birthday today, we’re taking a look at Solange’s best beauty looks ever.
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9 things you need to know about Angelina Jolie’s epic Maleficent makeup (prosthetics and all)


Maleficent makeup

Photo courtesy of Disney

There’s no question that we’re excited for the much-anticipated premiere of Maleficent in less than a week. Between viewing multiple movie trailers on repeat and shopping the limited edition M.A.C Maleficent makeup collection, it’d be safe to say we’re ready for the real deal on May 30th. While there are a few more days to cross off on the calendar, we add to the movie excitement with an exclusive Maleficent beauty scoop with Angelina Jolie’s makeup fairy godmother Toni G.

Having worked with some of Hollywood’s most beautiful stars, (she’s responsible for Charlize Theron’s beauty transformation for her Academy Award-winning role in Monster), the renowned makeup artist partners with M.A.C Cosmetics and makes beauty headlines, once again, bringing out our most-feared fairytale villain to life. From talking about the inspiration and process behind Maleficent’s makeup to tips and tricks on how to achieve the villainous look for everyday, we give you the beauty intel on everything you need to know about the eerie makeup looks from Maleficent. Read more »

Speed up your morning beauty routine with these 3 Beauty Panel tips



We’ve all been there: You ignored your alarm and now have basically ten minutes to get dressed and out the door on time. Oh, and somehow you have to squeeze some beauty time in there (#storyofourlives, right?). For the beauty junkies out there, this can be your worst nightmare. There’s no question that achieving flawless beauty on a regular day takes some time, so you can imagine how hard it can be in time crunching situations. So what do you sacrifice from your beauty regimen? Do you skip out on that perfect unblemished coverage or just go au naturel? Before you panic and run out the door sans makeup, this week we asked our Beauty Panel members to let us in on their secrets to help you speed up your morning beauty routine.

Challenge 63: How do you speed up your morning beauty routine? See the answers now! »

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How to wear outrageous lipstick: 2 Beauty Panel tips for working a crazy shade for everyday


outrageous lipstick intro

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: statement lip is the perennial trend in all things beauty. A look that works for both day and night, we can see why ladies everywhere are opting for this on-trend lip to up the glam factor day-to-day. While a punchy orange is one of this season’s beauty trends and a fave amongst the A-list, some stars aren’t following the norm and debuting more outrageous lip shades with Rihanna leading the pack. There is no doubt that Riri is a big fan of unusual lipstick shades (her most recent being green!), but many other celebrities are following suit including Joan Smalls who rocked a vibrant purple hue to last week’s Met Gala.

Challenge 62: What’s the craziest lip you’d wear? See the answers now! »

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[Sponsored] Fresh-faced for spring: 6 Beauty Panel tips for refreshing your skin


fresh aced look

Is spring finally here? While we may still be hoping for weather that lets us ditch our wintery layers, there’s nothing stopping us from getting our skin ready for the season. In practice, it may actually be smarter to get a head start on your spring skincare routine: new products always take a week or two to start working and frankly, it’s nice to wake up and start the day with light, fresh layers of skincare products and makeup. Dress for the weather you want, not the weather you have, right?

Well, this week, the Beauty Panel partnered up with Biotherm to do just that. Our beauty blogging experts spent the last month testing the Biotherm Aquasource skincare line, all in a quest to uncover the best way to get a fresh-faced look for spring. While makeup can certainly brighten any look, having a great base—your skin!—makes all the difference. It’s the reason why both fresh skin and the no-makeup makeup look made the list of our top beauty trends for Spring 2014. Makeup artists like Pat McGrath and Diane Kendal spent their time backstage prepping models’ skin with masques, serums, BB creams and moisturizers, which resulted in truly fresh-faced looks on the runway.

Challenge 61: How do you use Biotherm Aquasource to get a fresh-faced look for spring? See the answers now! »

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Is this 3D makeup printer the future of cosmetics? Probably not


3d makeup printer

Rochas Spring 2013 backstage photography by Peter Stigter

Okay beauty junkies, something exciting is making headlines this morning: a Harvard Business School student has created a 3D printer that can produce any makeup product in any colour you desire. It’s a tantalizing concept—which is likely why Mink founder Grace Choi is so set on “disrupting” the beauty industry with her 3D makeup printer. “Big makeup companies take the pigment and the [gel, powder] substrates and mix them together and then jack the price,” she explained in her presentation at this week’s TechCrunch Disrupt NY conference.

The Mink makeup 3D printer was created on the premise that the demand and desire for new makeup colours is what drives prices up in the cosmetics industry. Choi demonstrated how users will be able to swatch any shade they see online—from a beauty tutorial, Pinterest board, etc—and then print it on-demand into a tiny Mink-branded palette. Sounds like a beauty junky’s dream, right? Actually, we’re not so convinced. Read more »

We didn’t see this one coming: M.A.C is doing a Marge Simpson collab


MAC Marge Simpson collection

International makeup giant M.A.C Cosmetics, known for exceptional products and distinctive collaborations, have quite a unique collection in store for Fall 2014. After 550 episodes of the much-loved animated sitcom, The Simpsons, Marge Simpson will join the roster of stars with their own M.A.C collections.

Following past partnerships with some other iconic female characters, like Barbie and Archie’s Betty and Veronica, the M.A.C Marge Simpson collaboration will be comprised of limited-edition colour cosmetics in honour of show’s 25th season.

With hundreds of Simpsons episodes out there, we can’t help but notice that the long-standing television housewife rarely dons any makeup. Marge Simpson, known for her exceptionally tall blue hair, sticks to a largely minimalist look throughout the years, leaving us to speculate over the still-secret details of the collection. Read more »

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