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Why we love flankers: A tribute to these fleeting fragrant sideshows


fragrance flankers

Photography by Carlo Mendoza (Styling by Rei Briedis For

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When I was 14, a friend and her family picked me up to go to a play. When I got into the car, her normally reticent 18-year-old (and thus super-intriguing) brother said to me: “Wow, you smell amazing.” I had recently received my first bottle of Issey Miyake’s L’Eau d’Issey as a birthday request—I liked the idea of a watery smell and felt a Japanese designer was terribly sophisticated—and was taken with spraying it into the air above my head and twirling under the mist.

This encounter cemented my decades-long love for the ’90s classic (and for being told I smell great), during which time I collected many of the variations of it that came and went on the local department store counter like colourful siblings in town for a short visit. On a given day, I’d pick a version to match my mood: Summer of 2005 or 2008 if it was warm outside, A Drop of Cloud (2009) if I was feeling pensive, Fleur de Bois (2010) to cultivate a much-needed air of mystery. Somewhere along the way, I actually stopped wearing the original, since each new one offered what I loved about it along with a new and exciting twist. Read more »

Top Fall 2014 Trends: 226 runway and street style photos of fashion month’s 10 biggest moments


Fall 2014 Trends

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Your first time at any international fashion week will teach you a valuable lesson: You need a fur. And not just any Margot Tenenbaum style granny hand-me-down. A fur so intricately patterned, multi-layered and artificially coloured, that it has to be designer. Given its place at the apex of the top Fall 2014 trends, you’d think recessionary times were long gone—it’s virtually everywhere, from a hyper colour mink at Altuzarra to a fluffy red dress at Prada. Wear it with caution or as Dior prescribes, dangle it over your arm like it’s no big d. Let the fur fly, scruples or otherwise.

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A Dozen Girls: Juergen Teller shoots Nicolas Ghesquière’s first collection for Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton A Dozen Girls Juergen Teller

Photography by Juergen Teller

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A new era dawned on the final day of Paris Fashion Week, with Nicolas Ghesquière’s first collection for Louis Vuitton rebalancing the high-design equilibrium offset when he ditched Balenciaga back in November 2012. For Ghesquière devouts, the 48-look collection of pared-back cool girl clothes was like lifeblood. For him, I imagine it was the sartorial echo of Kelis’s sarcasm-filled anthem “Copy Cat” (“Oh come here, copycat! You’re my puppet, you know I love it! You could do it, I did it already”). You know, the Parisian way of saying “Step off, b*tch.”

There’s no comparing yesterday’s show with Marc Jacobs’ glittering spring ode to showgirls, and while choosing between the two would be fashion’s Sophie’s Choice, it looks like someone did: Jeurgen Teller. The German photographer long associated with Marc Jacobs ads turned down the Spring 2014 campaign starring Miley Cyrus, and instead shot an off the cuff lookbook for Ghesquière’s Vuitton collection entitled “A Dozen Girls.” The photographs feature a sampling of the collection on models including longstanding Ghesquière favourite Liya Kebede. Like the show, the photographs are, in a word, flawless.
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Spring Beauty 2014: 109 photos of the top trends and must-have products this season


spring beauty 2014 trends

Photography: Runway by Peter Stigter; Product by Carlo Mendoza

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Ready to refresh your makeup bag? The beauty trends for Spring 2014 are all about colour, texture and letting your skin shine. Gone are last season’s moody berry shades, deep lips and velvet skin finishes. For Spring 2014, the top beauty trends include popsicle-orange lips, eyeshadows in every pastel shade under the sun and a whole lotta love for gold pigments. For those less inclined to pile on the product, good news: the no makeup makeup look is also trending this season. Read more »

Girl can’t help it: All of Miley Cyrus’s crazy Bangerz tour costumes


Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour Costumes

Photography by Kevin Mazur/WireImage

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Last Friday, Vancouver was treated to opening night of Miley Cyrus’s much-anticipated Bangerz tour. To nobody’s surprise, the concert’s visuals delved into XXX territory, including tongue prints, high-cut leotards and 24-karat gold leaf rolling papers on sale at the merch table. But hey, what else would you expect from the queen of twerk controversy?

Cyrus revealed the nine-piece wardrobe created by fashion BFF Marc Jacobs, The Blonds and Roberto Cavalli as previously reported, to name a few.

Sliding down an inflated model of her own tongue (natch), Cyrys kicked the night off in a custom two-piece red suit by stylist Simone Harouche accented with ostrich feather shoulder details. Accessorizing with a pair of white cowboys boots and a white Chanel mini cross body bag, the singer gyrated through a rendition of her song “SMS (Bangerz)” alongside a group of neon bears and balloons. Later, Cyrus swapped into a cannabis-covered deep-V leotard by The Blonds, keeping the cowboy boots but swapping the Chanel for a silver backpack by the brand.
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Red hair, glitter makeup and the model as muse: 4 beauty trends from New York Fashion Week


best models new york fashion week fall 2014

Photography by Peter Stigter

Some of New York Fashion Week’s best beauty moments have come from the models themselves—here are the faces that stood out backstage this season.

Seeing Redheads
Redheads always stand out but they’ve been extra visible this week. We saw tomato ketchup-redhead Natalie Westling at Vera Wang, Prabal Gurung, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Marc Jacobs—the 17-year-old skater told us she’d dyed it for the spring Marc Jacobs campaign, which she appears in alongside Miley Cyrus. (The red was covered up at the actual Marc Jacobs show, though, under one of the pale, “off-colour” wigs dyed to resemble an “old-lady rinse” by colourist Victoria Hunter of Whittemore Salon in New York, and cut by Guido Palau). Read more »

Roberto Cavalli releases costume sketches for Miley Cyrus’s upcoming Bangerz tour


Roberto Cavalli Costume Sketches Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour

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By now, we’re no stranger to wardrobe changes during a big ticket event. Big name equals even bigger outfits. Anne Hathaway changed eight times during her, somewhat tumultuous, Oscars hosting gig. Taylor Swift had 11 changes on her Red Tour, including one 4.5 second costume change. Madonna, the biggest name of all, broke the Guinness World Record in 2000 for most costumes changes in a film—85 in Evita. So when Miley Cyrus announced her upcoming Bangerz tour, we knew there was gonna be some serious wardrobe action.

Not one to shy away, Cyrus has enlisted the services of some of the most notorious designers around, each to outfit her for segments of the show. Marc Jacobs, a close friend of the singer, is said to have designed a few, and if his finale at Louis Vuitton is anything to go by, we know we can expect some in-your-face designs. And we mean that in the best way possible. Cyrus has also tapped the design duo behind The Blonds, of Beyoncé’s ‘boob suit’ as well as her own New Years Eve gold suit, as well as some archive pieces from legendary designer Bob Mackie, the man behind all those infamous Cher outfits. So far, lots of designers with oodles of shock factor.
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Spring 2014′s top fashion week moments: The 25 shows, gossip, swag and trends we’ll never forget


Spring 2014 top fashion week moments

Photography by Peter Stigter

Count down Spring 2014′s top fashion week moments »

Compiled by Nancy Won, Randi Bergman, Zeina Esmail and Bernadette Morra

Fashion week is a little like Groundhog Day, isn’t it? Just as you get used to this season’s It bag, you’re thrust into the eye of another must-have storm. A month before we prepare to do it all over again, we look back at Spring 2014 and recount the best looks, most memorable moments and juiciest gossip from the front lines of fashion week. From Chanel’s selfie-primed runway space to Alexander Wang’s logomania, here are the 25 things you’ll need to know from New York to Paris and back again.

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