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What to wear to Power Ball 2014: 12 outfit picks from stylish Toronto partygoers


Sahar Nooraei

12 suggestions for what to wear to Power Ball 2014 »

Toronto’s annual arty blowout is happening this Thursday, which means that the city’s partygoers are in serious prep mode. Even for those who don’t circulate often, Power Ball is a big deal. Every year, the Power Plant comes alive with installations, open bars and flashbulbs. As such, you can imagine the importance placed on wardrobing. If you’re going to this year’s event and still don’t know what to wear, here are 12 tips from some of Toronto’s hippest partygoers and some of those involved with this year’s festivities.

Tickets are still available at but by this time tomorrow they’re likely to disappear. Get ‘em while they’re hot!
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What’s in your bag, Linda Rodin?


Linda Rodin bag

Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

Go inside Linda Rodin’s bag »

It is an indisputable fact that Linda Rodin is the coolest 65-year-old woman in Manhattan; see her campaigns for The Row, J.Crew and the photo shoot in our May issue for further proof. We can only hope to be as awesome as the former model, stylist and now beauty entrepreneur—her facial oil Rodin Olio Lusso may be simple in concept, but highly stylish in execution. The silver haired, perennially fuchsia-lipped Rodin flew to Toronto last month for an event at Prologue Lifestyle, where her line is sold, and where she was monopolized by our staff in a welcoming, fan girl embrace. The next day, our nosy selves met at her hotel, where she showed off her newly purchased Zara flats and graciously allowed us to poke around her Marni purse. Read more »

Spring 2014 editors’ picks: 8 real-life buys inspired by our favourite runway looks


Spring 2014 Editors Picks

Forget sports: We’re all about a fashion fantasy draft. FASHION’s editors share their favourite runway looks and the real ways to wear them come springtime.

See the Spring 2014 editors’ picks »
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Top Fall 2014 Trends: 226 runway and street style photos of fashion month’s 10 biggest moments


Fall 2014 Trends

See the top Fall 2014 trend slideshow »

Your first time at any international fashion week will teach you a valuable lesson: You need a fur. And not just any Margot Tenenbaum style granny hand-me-down. A fur so intricately patterned, multi-layered and artificially coloured, that it has to be designer. Given its place at the apex of the top Fall 2014 trends, you’d think recessionary times were long gone—it’s virtually everywhere, from a hyper colour mink at Altuzarra to a fluffy red dress at Prada. Wear it with caution or as Dior prescribes, dangle it over your arm like it’s no big d. Let the fur fly, scruples or otherwise.

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Keep your eye on Shailene Woodley: Charting the style of this rising Divergent star


Shailene Woodley Style

Photography by Getty Images

A guide to Shailene Woodley’s style »

Move over KStew, there’s a new franchise face in town. If box office predictions are right: Shailene Woodley is about to become one of the biggest starts in Hollywood. As star of the upcoming Divergent, the 22-year-old actress is transitioning from a teen drama actress into a full-fledged A-lister. Known for her laid-back vibe and newly chopped hair, Woodley has been racking up red carpet marks in looks by Calvin Klein, Valentino and Jonathan Saunders.

For the past few months, Woodley’s been making the promotional rounds alongside studly co-star Theo James (a.k.a. Kemal Pamuk from season one of Downton Abbey). And while she describes her personal style as plain Jane, she favours relaxed statement making on the red carpet. Standout looks have included the bell-sleeved white Alexander McQueen dress and shoes worn at the Atlanta Divergent screening as well as the head-to-toe bodycon Jeremy Laing worn to the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards.
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Spring 2014 Accessories: 15 splurges we totally support

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See the Spring 2014 accessories »

Though we’re already ahead of our wants, currently coveting into Fall 2014 by way of fashion week, there’s a bright new season ahead and our shopping brains are already thinking bare legs and bright hues. To get you in the Spring 2014 shopping mood, we swiped 15 amazing buys just-added to e-tailers around the web. And while they sure are pricey, they’ll pay off in #OOTD spades all season long. Just think of the Instagrams!
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Milan Fashion Week: Fall 2014′s top 6 trends to know


Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2014

Photography by Peter Stigter

See the Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014 top trends »

Milan Fashion Week wraps today but we don’t have to wait till sundown to tell you the trends. Mother Nature was a heavy presence with some designers citing the elements as inspiration. Roberto Cavalli even ignited a giant ring of fire for the models to walk around (turning the tent into an oven, we might add). We also saw lots of fabric morphing and dark florals. Here’s what’s trending from the weekend’s shows:
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Spring 2014′s top fashion week moments: The 25 shows, gossip, swag and trends we’ll never forget


Spring 2014 top fashion week moments

Photography by Peter Stigter

Count down Spring 2014′s top fashion week moments »

Compiled by Nancy Won, Randi Bergman, Zeina Esmail and Bernadette Morra

Fashion week is a little like Groundhog Day, isn’t it? Just as you get used to this season’s It bag, you’re thrust into the eye of another must-have storm. A month before we prepare to do it all over again, we look back at Spring 2014 and recount the best looks, most memorable moments and juiciest gossip from the front lines of fashion week. From Chanel’s selfie-primed runway space to Alexander Wang’s logomania, here are the 25 things you’ll need to know from New York to Paris and back again.

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